Friday, December 31, 2010

Who reads this?

Been posting a lot but I haven't been getting much feedback. Has me wondering who reads my rambles besides myself? I enjoy chronicling my descent into miniature madness but what do other people like about this blog? Inane Courage gave me the idea to delve deeper...


There we have the most popular page views by post of all time for this blog (click to enbiggen). #1 is my fictional Army of Malal post (probably for the images) while #2 is my review of the first Nagash book. After that it is posts about rumors and various other news related tidbits. Nothing too fancy. 

And here we have keywords searches (all time again) - nothing too shocking here, just reaffirmation of the most popular page views (although I find it interesting that a sprue pic post is up there).

And finally we have my best reference links (of all time... for now) with BoLS taking the #1 spot. Plastic Legions comes in #2 (thanks for adding me to your blog roll!) and the rest is a trickle of self promotion from WHFB forums.

There you have it. People who read my blog want to know about Malal and Nagash book reviews. Sorry to disappoint you all with my boring WIP pics and crummy paint jobs but I can't post about your favorite topics all the time.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Bellower - Issue 4 Out Now!

It's done! The fourth issue of the Bellower (the Ogre Stronghold webzine) is now available. You can find it here.

From our "press release"...
In this issue:
- Cover art by Hammertooth
- From the Gut by Randroid and Barney
- Ask Aunty Doreen by Aunty Doreen
- The Feeding Grounds: 8th Edition Overview by Sandals, Rocdocta, Lexy, Avian (We Iz Orcs) and Malorian (The Orc Tactical Team Podcast)
- Butcher's Cauldron: How to Paint Blood by Jarhead
- Tactics For Tyrants: Gut Magic Tactica by Entreri Bloodletter
- Gastronomic Rumblings From the Butcher's Pot: A Question of Why by Eric J
- Tales of Conquest: Ogre Kingdoms vs. The Empire by Mercules
- It's a Trap! by Ultra-Mega Bob
- Blood Bowl Ogre Team Overview by Chance and Pauly from Three Die Block
- Armies of the Stronghold: Feastmaster Tribe by DonTheDime and Barney
Thanks to everyone who helped out on the new issue (if you are reading this) and thanks in advance for checking out the new stuff! As always I would love to hear any and all feedback, praise, suggestions, or ideas for contributions for future issues you might have.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Progress Report 12/28/10 - Messing with my new light box.

So what sort of holiday swag did you get? I got a light box and some brewing supplies. Still messing with my camera settings and lighting but I think these pics are certainly better..

My Beast of Nurgle (Sucksore) from the Nurgland Germs. The color is almost spot on with the actual miniature's paint job but I am still having some trouble with the lighting and overall graininess of the image. Gotta read up a bit and figure out how to make that go away.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tavern Talk - Looking Back

Time for another edition (the final one for this year) of Tavern Talk courtesy of the Trading Post! This time around Kuffy asks:
"So, another year ends.  As we wave bye to 2010, I wanted to get your thoughts on your hobby throughout it.  What are your proudest achievements?  Where did you fail?  Just how has your year in Fantasy been?"
I have a detailed list of my resolutions from last year that I will be going through later this week, but just as a quick run down of my biggest failure and achievement for the year...

EPIC FAIL: Planning on painting and finishing my VC army this year and not getting a single model painted after moving from Austin, TX to Michigan. I played a few games with the army this year (in fact I didn't lose a single one of them) but I just didn't find the "spark" I needed to get this done.

EPIC WIN: Starting Blood Bowl and finishing up one team (the Nurgland Germs). I know of at least two BB tournaments I will be attending in the coming year so I see this as a good way to continue my tabletop competitive efforts while I work on building a WHFB scene here in my hometown. Also... Blood Bowl is a lot of fun to play!

Overall I would say my year in Fantasy has been a mixed bag but in the end I came out a stronger hobbyist with a love and appreciation for more games. Fantasy started off strong with a good showing in the WHFB team tournament at Adepticon 2010 before quickly dropping off due to lack of players/interest here in my local gaming scene. While there are more players and interest now I have a hard time getting myself motivated to play the game again. Hoping a new force (WoC) will get me pumped up enough to dive back in head first with the Fantasy action!

How has your year in Fantasy been? Any major success or failures you'd like to share? 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have a very...

Beer Review - Bell's Christmas Ale

Bell's Brewery, Inc. - Bell's Christmas Ale

Beer Type: Scottish Ale

Appearance: 12 oz brown bottle featuring a lone christmas tree in a yellow field of grain. The beer poured a nice amber color complete with a big off-white head that left plenty of lacing.

Smell: Sweet and sour first, then followed by some citrus hops and a bit of malt.

First Drink: Some strong alcohol flavors come at you in the front, quickly followed by some bready flavors sprinkled with hops and a bit of bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Pretty smooth for the amount of carbonation in the bottle. The overall body was somewhere in the "medium" range.

Last Drink: A lot more of the bitter comes through as the beer warms and sits on your tongue. It isn't bad but it sort of overwhelms and nuances the beer might otherwise have.

Drinkability: Nothing too crazy, pretty easy going down, and it is fairly affordable when in season. I liked it a bit better on tap but the bottle is a decent drink.

Notes: Hometown (Kalamazoo) brew for the holidays? Reminds me more of an IPA than a christmas ale (or scottish ale).

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5. A splash of the season but not the best of seasonal local brews.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Progress Report 12/19/10 - BB Orcs continued...

Orcs! Managed to get a few additional Orcs assembled for my Orc BB team the Trailer Orc Boyz this week. In the back you'll see four Black Orc Blockers (the one with the blade on his hand is my team captain), then the two Lineorcs, with my one Blitzer in the front. I added some face guards to the Lineorcs, and the Blitzers will have a spiked shoulder pad and Black Orc gauntlet to show their faster moving and additional smashing capacity on the pitch. 

Only played one game of Blood Bowl with the Germs this week - crushed a Vampire team 2-0 leaving me with 3 wins and 0 losses so far this season. My two hardest division opponents are next in line.. we'll see if I can manage to make this season a complete shut out or if the fast moving Dark Elves and Underworld teams will manage to beat Nurgle back. 

Got more page layouts for the next issue of the Bellower done as well. Just a few more articles to go and we'll have another issue in the bag and out before the end of the month! This one has been hard going... I hope it gets a little easier in the next few issues. Not sure I can manage to devote as much time to it while still finding time to work on my own hobby stuff. 

Picked up my two Hellcannons from the FLGS this week. I'm not looking forward to cleaning and assembling those bad guns... might be a project for the new year. 

Look for a few Christmas beer reviews this week!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Review - "Nagash the Unbroken" by Mike Lee.

Holy cow! It has been way too long since I last reviewed a WHFB related book on the blog. Today's review is the next in a series from the Black Library - this one being the second book in the  Nagash "Time of Legends" books. Look for more book reviews here soon! 

"Nagash the Unbroken" by Mike Lee

The second in a series of three book, "Nagash the Unbroken" begins shortly after Nagash was soundly defeated by the combined forces of Nehekhara in "Nagash the Sorcerer". Stripped of his terrifying power, and desperately seeking refuge from the burning rays of the sun, Nagash encounters a pack of hunting rat-creatures who carry a small magical stone. After ingesting the stone (and some of the rat-creatures) Nagash is once filled with a burning torrent of magical energy. Following the trail of the (now deceased) rat-creatures and the scent of the magical stone, Nagash soon finds himself in the hills and mountains of Cripple Peak where the rest of this tale unfolds.

Just as "Nagash the Sorcerer" made great leaps forward and backward in time, so too does "Nagash the Unbroken". Sometimes jumping around as much as 50 years! A majority of the book is spent focused on Queen Neferata, Arkhan the Black, and Lamashizzar, Priest King of Lahmia, who seeks the secrets of immortality hidden away in the books of Nagash he has removed from the Black Pyramid. While this secondary plot it intriguing I often wished the story would jump back to Nagash so I knew what he was up to. While there is less narrative jumping back and forth here overall, it can still be confusing and seems somewhat unnecessary.

While the nobles torture Arkhan and search for new magical venues of immortality, Nagash retreats deep within the mountains where he slowly rebuilds his strength, finds new undead allies (in the ancient tombs and barrows of the barbarians who live there) and re-encounters the cowardly Skaven. While Skaven play a big role on the book cover and even in the text on the back of the book, their overall part in the story is quite brief and mostly revolves around Nagash's hunger for his new addiction to warpstone, which gives him far more power than ever before.

Overall I found this book to be more of the same - an enjoyable look into Nagash's past and an interesting view into the "old world" of Warhammer's "history". While less confusing, repetitive, and boring than the first book the story does seem to meander a bit before ending abruptly on a "cliffhanger" to set up the next book in the series. If you enjoyed the first book or have any interest in Warhammer lore, warpstone fueled necromancy, or the undead you will likely find a thing or two to like here.

Verdict: 7.5 out of 10. A fun, fast, and entertaining read that avoids some of the missteps of the first book while keeping many things the same.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Whispers of the blood god...

Khorne has been whispering sweet murder musings in my ear over the past few weeks. This has led me to come up with a list that incorporates the WoC models I currently have with a couple of new additions. Very straight forward, punch you in the face style gameplay but I think it could be fun...


LORDS: (403)
Chaos Lord - Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut, Halberd, Helm of Many Eyes, Dragonhelm, Talisman of Preservation, Favor of the Gods, Diabolic Splendour (403)

A down right nasty example of Khorne's chosen sporting 6 ASF S6 attacks (with another 3 S5 from his mount), a 4+ ward save (2+ vs flaming attacks), a 0+ armor save, and a few nasty Chaos tricks to boot. He'll live in the unit of Chaos Knights for one hard hitting Khorne-powered steamroller.

HEROES: (314)
Chaos Sorcerer - Infernal Puppet, Talisman of Protection (135)
Exalted Hero - Mark of Khorne, Fury of the Blood God, BSB, Halberd, Shield (179)

The Sorcerer isn't "fluffy" in the list but he will be modeled in a way that matches the Khorneyness of the army (hahahah). He will actually be the puppet - a sort of head and torso being controlled by one of Khorne's chosen and there simply to protect his forces (and manipulate the miscast table for extra fun.. especially when the Hellcannons misfire). The BSB is a must in an all Frenzy bonanza such as this and a nice opportunity to use the Fury of the Blood God gift in a fluffy and functional way. The BSB will deploy in the Warriors while the Sorcerer will live in with the "Marauders".

CORE: (683)
Chaos Marauders x 39 - Mark of Khorne, Musician, Standard, Champion (176)
Chaos Warriors x 24 - Mark of Khorne, Halberds, Musician, Champion, Standard, Lichebone Pennant (459)
Chaos Warhounds x 8 (48)

Two big fat units of nasty fighty things. I skipped the flails on the "Marauders" as I will be using Beastmen instead and I don't think the flails look good on them. If only they had the additional hand weapon option...

The Warriors are pretty basic but I wanted them to have the Halberds as a way of really dealing some serious damage to incoming heavies, plus a little magic protection in the form of the MR1 standard. Hmm... I should look into how MR works in a unit for 8th (as the BSB has MR2 already and I might be able to use those 15 points on a character elsewhere).

SPECIAL: (440)
Chaos Knights x 8 - Mark of Khorne, Musician, Standard, Blasted Standard (420)

Common 8th edition WoC tactics say... DON'T TAKE KNIGHTS!! To hell with that I say! Sure they aren't quite as impressive as they once were, but used in the right way this unit can still deliver one hell of a punch. I've given them the 5+ ward vs shooting banner to ensure that most (if not all) of them make it through til the Turn 2 charge that will get them into CC. Overall this unit could probably be seen as a Chaos Lord delivery system.

RARE: (410)
Hellcannon (205)
Hellcannon (205)

Yup. I went there. The Hellcannon is just so damn cool and the only thing cooler than one Hellcannon is TWO! I played a one day tournament last year (or was it at the start of this year?) with Goatboy's WoC models and I had a blast with two of these guys running around the field. Unpredictable, deadly, and fun to field. Yes it can suck to be on the receiving end of a Hellcannon but I am counting on most players learning how to deal with the evil bastards. 

Total Points: 2,250 (of 2,250)

So there you have it.. my "all Khorne" Warriors of Chaos list that features both Magic and Shooting. I like the idea of a Khorne army twisting these two hated things to their advantage and best of all I only have to buy another 4-5 models to make this list a reality.

It's been quite a while since I had much WHFB content here and even longer since I wrote a new army list (for 8th no less). If you have critiques and/or feedback I would love to hear from you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Orcs & Goblins - New book March 2011

WAAAAAGGGH!! From GW today...

Incoming: Orcs & Goblins

For years uncounted, before even the Empire existed, and Men were little more than barbarous and primitive cave-dwellers, the Orcs & Goblins have haunted the mountains and deep forests of the world. Extremely aggressive and savage creatures, Orc & Goblin tribes rarely suffer a peaceful moment in their unending lust for battle and inexplicable urge to pillage and despoil.

Once roused to war by a powerful or charismatic leader, a greenskin Waaagh! on the march can rapidly snowball into a seemingly endless tide of rowdy Orc and Goblin warriors, scuttling creatures and lumbering monsters as neighbouring tribes flock to join the gathering masses, or capitulate in defeat. The haphazard nature by which Orc & Goblin armies are mustered results in a huge variety of unruly mobs of squabbling warriors and a wide selection of creatures both great and small. Such huge diversity ensures that greenskin armies are by far the most unpredictable to face in battle.

March 2011 will see the release of Warhammer: Orcs & Goblins, an essential guide to fielding a greenskin host on the tabletop, and a veritable font of knowledge detailing the complete rules, background, artwork and enormous range of miniatures available to a budding Warboss.

To support this exciting release, we will also be unveiling a genuine feast of new miniatures that would sate even the most ravenous Troll. All will be revealed in time, but keep up to speed on developments by checking out White Dwarf and the What's New Today blog on the website. If you haven't already done so, make sure you sign up to the Games Workshop newsletter to learn of any news as soon as it is released.

With this in mind, if you have ever fancied starting your own legion of greenskins, or are looking to ensure that your tribe is the biggest and nastiest around, remember that the Orcs & Goblins are already blessed with a plethora of multi-part plastic kits. The selection of fantastic sets below are the best way to get your army up and running, safe in the knowledge that they will not be replaced in March. So, gather up some Boyz and grab your favourite choppa because now is the time for WAAAGH!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Progress Report 12/5/10 - Merry Krampus day!

Merry Krampus! 

Hope you managed to scare some little kids and shake some chains today! I had to settle for shaking chains at a puppy but he was a bit frightened so I suppose it counts...

Life has been a bit nuts! Working in a retail store before/after/during the holidays can be quite stressful. I had hoped to mitigate this stress with extra hobby time and possibly attending a Blood Bowl event but life and work had other ideas. Sadly I missed out on the Underworld Cup in Kenosha, WI, which turned out okay as one of the co-commissioners from our local Blood Bowl league took him the first place trophy! Congrats to Beaux and his (not painted like the Power Rangers) Chaos Dwarfs for getting it done.

While the Nurgland Germs didn't manage to make it out to the Underworld Cup they did secure a win in their first game of the new KUBBL III season against a hard hitting Norse team - beating them 2-0. No casualties were score by the Germs but Rendclap the Pestigor scored two touchdowns, leveling him up to gain access to Sure Hands. With a previous +AG boost under his belt this is one dirty diseased beastman that even Krampus could love.

And with that quick recap I will leave you to your own tabletop debauchery with this quick little glamor shot of the fully painted Nurgland Germs in all their glory:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Beer Review - Red Chair IPA

Deschutes Brewery - Red Chair IPA

Beer Type: American IPA

Appearance: 22 oz. brown bottle featuring an illustration of a red chair on the label. Shocking! tan/gold with blue and white lettering. Poured a sort of copper/amber color with a big off-white head that laced the glass quite nicely.

Smell: Wow! A lot of aroma here. Something herbal, something citrus, and something toasty. Smells quite good!

First Drink: Not as much initial flavor as the aroma would have you believe. The first thing I taste is some sour hops and sweet malt.

Mouthfeel: Easy on the carbonation, nice medium body with a smooth finish.

Last Drink: Something a bit earthy coming through along with what might be a mild berry flavor?

Drinkability: I really, really like this brewery and this beer is certainly one I will be drinking again in the future... if I have the chance!

Notes: There is a distinct lack of the bitter finish I would usually associate with an IPA present in this beer. It is replaced with a more upfront and lasting bitterness that makes this pretty easy to drink.

Verdict: 4.25 out of 5. A nice change of pace from the more hoppy IPA brews out there.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy t-day!

I'm thankful to have made it through a really hectic few months of work. I'm thankful for a fun group of gamers to play both Blood Bowl and WHFB with in my town. I'm thankful for having the funds and time to paint tiny little miniatures and relax. And most of all I am thankful to all of you for reading my inane ramblings.

Have a great holiday and if you're in the mood to do some shopping tomorrow you might want to check out this list of deals courtesy of The Hopeless Gamer.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Progress Report 11/22/10 - Quick little WIP pic.

I survived the first of three turkey days and I managed to slap together a couple Orcs to boot! Only two more days and 14 or so more models to go...

Black Orc Blocker on the left with your average run of the mill Lineman on the right. Pretty happy with the options on both of these sets and I look forward to playing around with them more to make a couple Throwers and some Blitzers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, sunday, sunday!

Stopped by the local game store today to see what the WHFB Sunday folks were getting up to and discovered a slew of new armies and generals playing the game! There must have been 14 people in the store playing Fantasy when just a month or two ago there was only a handful (4 or 5 of us at the most). This is most exciting!

I didn't manage to get in any games as everyone was finishing games in the store's first escalation league (which I wasn't able to participate in due to work and life restrictions) but I did meet some new folks and learned a few things about 8th ed as well. 

For instance... did you know?
  • Units fleeing in subsequent turns no longer flee towards the nearest table edge - they continue moving forward until they run into something or run off the board.
This one was new for me... just one example of how I really need to play more 8th ed especially if I am going to attend any tournaments or events in the coming months. 
In the meantime I picked up a couple boxes of models for my next Blood Bowl project:

I'm not crazy about the standard BB Orcs so I will be making my own out of these boxes of 40k Ork Boys and WHFB Black Orcs. For what team you ask? Why for the Trailer Orc Boyz of course!!

This week is going to be really hectic with lots of work and long long days. I hope to get some WIP shots of the Orcs up as well as some pictures of my (mostly) painted Nurgland Germs. Until next time...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tavern Talk - Rituals

As you may (or more likely may not) know I am a contributor to the Trading Post... or I will be once  I add something to the site. And to make things worse I haven't managed to contribute to any of the "Tavern Talk" articles that have been posted there to date.

Lucky for me a new question just come up! 

Kuffy asks:
"As we all know gamers are creatures of habit.  This extends into the realms of our gaming, whether it be how we treat our dice to how we prepare for a game.  Some place their dice with the 'six' up to "inspire" good luck, while others will not roll the same dice twice in a row.  Some gamers have mascots for their armies - either a specific model or even a cuddly toy.  So the question posed is; what are your gaming rituals?"
Rituals are something I try to avoid in my day to day life. I already have OCD tendencies and I find myself getting stuck in "my ways" very easily when I encourage such things. Having said that... gaming has always been one area of my life where I have allowed myself some small obsessive pleasures, most of which relate to dice:

  • Switching out my dice:  I like to have multiple dice available (the same type and design is best) to switch out as needed - typically when a particular dice is "misbehaving" and rolling too low or too high too often.

  • Changing die facings:  This one is very closely related to my first ritual but usually comes before I switch to a different die. When placing my dice on the table I like to turn them so the 1 is not face up and the 6 is showing. Sometimes I will just turn it so the 1 is not facing up and call it a day.
  • Replacing dice:  If I was honest with myself (and had the disposable income) I would probably buy a new set of D6s every few months or so. As it is now I tend to just rotate through the several sets of different colored dice I have (although I do really want a set of Game Science D6 dice).
  • Using themed dice: I like the colors of my dice to reflect some attribute of the models I am using or the game setting. I don't like goofy symbols so it has to be the color of the dice or the pips that get this across.

  • Only one color at a time:  The dice I am using have to be the same color unless I have no choice at all. When I played more tabletop RPGs I spent many hours getting together new sets of dice that all matched - D6, D8, D10, D12, D20.
That's probably enough... I don't want to get too carried away detailing my own descent into gaming OCD madness and I think you get the picture. How about you? Are there any particular gaming rituals you preform before/after or during the games you play?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beer Review - Full Sail Pale Ale

That's it!! I haven't been adding enough beer reviews to the site - mostly because I have a hard time finding "the right post" to include them on. Not anymore! Starting now I will be putting them up as there own separate entries. I'll try to get a new one up each week but I there won't be any hobby information with them. This week we have a "classic" beer from an equally "classic" brewery...

Full Sail Brewing Company - Full Sail Pale Ale

Beer Type: American Pale Ale

Appearance: 12 oz. brown bottle with the tell tale Full Sail label - tan/gold with blue and white lettering. Light amber in color with a thick off-white head and some slight lacing.

Smell: Something grassy and green with some sweetness to it. Can't really smell much hops.

First Drink: Really sweet but not in a cloying way. Initial sweetness gives way to a bit of malt and some banana/citrus flavors.

Mouthfeel: Not as smooth as I normally like, a bit of carbonation gives this a bite.

Last Drink: A little more of the hops comes through at the end and as the beer warms but not nearly as much as I would expect from a Pale Ale.

Drinkability: Easy to drink but not a lot going on here.

Notes: This beer has a pretty loyal following but I doubt I will be going back to this one when I want a pale. Reminds me a bit of the Alaskan Pale Ale I had last year but I liked that one a little more.

Verdict: 3.25 out of 5. Not bad but not outrageously good either. A good pale for those who are afraid of hops perhaps?

Links: Beer Advocate and Full Sail Brewing Company.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progress Report 11/11/10 - Changing weather.

Sunday's BRAWL was a bust for me and the Nurgland Germs. In classic tournament form I went straight from a win in my first game to a low scoring tie directly to a loss in the championship game on table one. Ended up 5th overall with a 1-1-1 showing. On the plus side I did get a shot of my partially painted models on the BB pitch!

Beast of Nurgle and his babysitting Rotter buddy. 

First match was against a bash heavy Orc team coached by Rusty - the majority of which had Block and Mighty Blow. I managed to sneak in with a TD to win the game and avoided any long lasting casualties. This game was my one and only win for the day. 

Second match was against my up and coming arch-nemesis Thom and his team the Maynooth Gits (the Underworld team that beat my Ogres in the KUBBLII playoffs). It was a hard fought game on both sides, and a lucky turn 8 score from Thom kept the Germs from taking the win.

That put the Germs in a tie for overall points for the day and having to face down coach Beaux and his dirty Cantina Killers - a Chaos Dwarf killing machine. The game strarted off uphill and stayed that way the whole time. The Germs didn't manage to do anything at all. It was a classic case of two teams so unevenly matched the only way the lower value team can win is great luck or star players. I don't have great luck, nor good luck, and star players were not allowed... so a loss was had by all (my players).
The good news is the Germs have skilled up enough to be a pretty decent starting team for KUBBL III which starts next month. All the Nurgle Warriors have Block and two of the Pestigors have Wrestle which makes them excellent in a safety capacity. We'll see what happens...

In the meantime I am still trying to get the team all painted and ready to go. I've been slowed down by work and a puppy but I did manage to apply some water effects to their swampy bases.

This is the first time I have ever used water effects on a miniature and overall I am quite happy with the results. Once I finish adding some small details I will seal the model and get some photos of the finished results. Until then...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Progress Report 11/6/10 - Preparing for a BRAWL.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I no longer have access to quality image editing software. In the meantime I am trying to make due with GiMP... the results have been less than spectacular. 

The colors aren't perfect but they are as close as I could manage with my current experience using this program. I've added a few highlights since this picture was taken but overall I consider him pretty much done. Going to be taking him and the rest of the Germs to a small one day "tournament" style event against other KUBBL teams (called the BRAWL). Should prove interesting!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Samhain!

I love October so the 31st has always been a bittersweet day for me. Halloween is my favorite holiday but November has always been a bit of a downer. Lucky for me there is the Celtic holiday of samhain (or samhein - pronounced SAH win)!

Drinking, dressing like dead things, and setting fires has always seemed like a good idea at this time of year. Speaking of drinking and burnt things... how about a nice fall seasonal?

Magic Hat Brewing Company - Odd Notion (Fall 2009)

Beer Type: Belgian Dark Ale

Appearance: 12 oz. brown bottle with a black Magic Hat label and a skeleton on it. Beer is dark! Really dark brown with some red hues and a biege head.

Smell: Lots of burnt stuff. Almost like a barbecue. Dark, roasted, sweet, smells.

First Drink: Just as dark as the smell with a heavy earthy flavor, quickly followed with a sweet malt or chocolate milk flavor.

Mouthfeel: Not as heavy as I would expect from the smell and color. More of a medium body that goes down smooth.

Last Drink: A hint of whiskey now, perhaps some dried fruits, and a lot more smoke. Odd ...

Drinkability: This is a Fall seasonal I am drinking in the Winter and it still tastes amazing. Wow!

Notes: Quite unlike any beer I can name and the flavor is one I will remember. Thanks Magic Hat!!

Verdict: 4.25 out of 5. Too bad this is a one time seasonal brew, I could get used to drinking this.

Links: Beer Advocate and Magic Hat Brewing Company.

Hope you too can enjoy the end of October with a good drink, good company, and safe journeys.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Progress Report 10/29/10 - Crappy ipod pics and stuff.

Ahhh! Spent all last week on the road and not painting models or playing games!! I'd love to show you some of my progress but all I have to take a picture with at the moment is my ipod. Here are the results of that...

That's totally worthwhile right? Surely you can see all the gross and nurgly details on these Blood Bowl Rotters? Please forgive the crapulence and I will try to get some better pictures added soon.

Speaking of Nurgle... I have decided to give the Bultimore Bullies a season off to rest while the Nurgland Germs give KUBBL a much needed dose of infection. I am hoping to use this time to paint the Bullies as I have the majority of the Germs already done (or close to it). I played a game with the Germs against a Vampire team and lost 0-1 on the last turn of the second half. There is a lot more story there but I don't feel like recalling the sad details that led to the loss... just know it was a truly epic game (probably one of the best I have ever played).

Did I ever share the really cool Nurgland Germs team logo I pieced together? Well here it is!

That's all I got for now! Just downloaded the new Blood Bowl Legendary Edition for PC and I hope to have a review of that up here soon. I started a digital version of the Bullies and so far they are 2-1-1 with a starting roster that included 6 Ogres and no rerolls. Pretty awesome!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Progress Report 10/15/10 - Still bowlin'

Blood Bowl still has a firm grip on my tabletop time (which has been rapidly dwindling over the past few weeks) with the completion of the second KUBBL season and my attempts at getting the other person who lives in my house to play it with me. Managed to finish the construction of my Nurgle BB team (the Nurgland Germs) and here is a crummy pic for those into that sort of thing:

The Rotters are just made from VC Zombies while the Pestigors come from the old Beasts of Chaos Ungor/Gor herd box. The Beast of Nurgle is made from Chaos Spawn and greenstuff while the Warriors are converted from the Human models that come in the BB starter box. The hair on the table comes from my hairy dog Udo (and damn if it isn't everywhere).

The Bultimore Bullies finished up their season with a somewhat respectable 3/0/5 (of course one of those wins was a forfeit but who's counting) and falling out of the playoffs in the first round. Oh well. The team is developing nicely and I have started to figure out a few "tactics" that work most of the time so perhaps next season will go better?

In WHFB news... nothing really. Haven't managed to really do anything at all for the next issue of the Bellower nor have I played a game of 8th in a month or more. Hoping to remedy that this weekend as my local gaming store has started up an escalation league that I intend to play in. I am thinking of giving some time to the WoC now and have got a 500pt list in mind that I need to build for. The big problem is finding the time/funds to get the models done which may be my undoing in this and forcing me to go with a VC list instead. One thing is for sure... making a 500pt WoC list that has anything useful in it is quite difficult.

This month is pretty hectic for me but I will try to get some meatier updates posted soon! Heck, I haven't even thought about posting over at the Trading Post and I am supposed to be one of their contributors!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Die Block - Ogre Blood Bowl team overview episode.

Really busy this week but I wanted to share this with any Ogre and Blood Bowl fanatics reading the blog:

Ogre Blood Bowl team overview episode! Listen all the way through for a little shout out surprise ...

Coming here soon - book reviews, new model pics, and other ramblings. Isn't that exciting!?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Gamesday 2010 - Ogre Kingdoms news summary.

Shamelessly ripped off from Hragged over at the Ogre Stronghold:

Arguably the biggest news coming out of Games Day this year was the grand unveiling of 'Warhammer Forge', the fantasy equivalent of Forge World.

The folk at Warhammer Forge have been working on some very interesting projects, so let's take a look at a few of the things revealed that may be of interest to Ogre Kingdoms fans

Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos

- The first of several campaign books set at some point in the future of the the Warhammer world, possibly in an alternate timeline (could be depending on how we react to it).

- Focuses on what Rick Priestley describes as "the story of how Chaos destroys the world", a Chaos incursion of massive world-ending scale.

- The Tamurkhan book is the first of two books that will feature the expansion of Nurgle into the West, starting with an invasion into the Ogre Kingdoms, then moving through the realm of the Chaos Dwarfs, through the Worlds Edge Mountains, then into the heart of The Empire. More books will deal with the expansion of Tzeentch into the south, Slaanesh into the East and Khorne into the North (the plan is to release two books a year over the next 5-6 years).

- Book contains content for Chaos Nurgle, Ogre Kingdoms, Chaos Dwarfs and The Empire players, with artwork by Adrian Smith.

- Tamurkhan is in the form of an Ogre (he can take the form of creatures he kills, he's really a big maggot or is made up of lots of small maggots).

- When the forces of Nurgle enter the Mountains of Mourn, some Ogres will fight against them while others will join them.

- They won't be shy about killing off well-known special characters during this campaign. Even the likes of Teclis or Karl Franz aren't safe!
- Due for release in February-April 2011.

New Ogre Miniatures

- Chaos Ogre (this was available to purchase at Games Day and was priced at £18, but it will eventually be available to buy online via the upcoming Warhammer Forge website).

- Nurgle Ogres (two displayed at Games Day, another one to be revealed).

- Apparently a Mammoth with Ogres on it was mentioned at one of the Games Day seminars, with promises of lots of big monsters coming next year (not sure if these will be from Warhammer Forge or Games Workshop).

Thanks to various people around the Internet for all the info and photos!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Warhammer Forge - WHFB ForgeWorld sister company unveiled at UK Gamesday!

From a recent GW press release - looks like us Fantasy players will have a new way to frivolously spend our money!! Woo hoo!!?

Warhammer Forge Exclusively Unveiled at Games Day UK
Veteran games developer Rick Priestley and Forge World sculptor Mark Bedford have spent the past few months masterminding a brand new project, a long-awaited foray into resin products and detailed expansions for Warhammer, The Game of Fantasy Battles.
Warhammer Forge unveil a veritable horde of work-in-progress resin kits as well as early layout copies of the first in a series of lavish expansion books for the very first time at Games Day UK.

You’ll be able to see the staggering range of resin models that have been created over the past year, and Mark Bedford and his intrepid in-house sculptors Keith Robertson and Steve Whitehead will be available all day to answer any and all questions you have. These intricately detailed models are some of the finest yet produced in resin, adding an incredible depth and breadth to the existing Warhammer range.

Rick Priestley will be on hand to explain his future plans, and Book Production Manager Paul Rudge and Graphic Artist Sam Lamont will be displaying a dizzying array of their incredible work-in-progress example pages from the first Warhammer Forge book, and some phenomenal artwork from Games Workshop artistic stalwart Adrian Smith, as well as everything from single page vignettes to concept sketches and full-colour cover art.

The Warhammer Forge Studio team will be located right next to the Forge World Design Studio stand in the Arena – a map of Games Day can be found here.

You’ll be able to quiz the whole Warhammer Forge design team on the future of this exciting new range, and as an added bonus two of the resin kits on display will be available as advanced pre-releases from the Forge World Sales Stand in strictly limited quantities – details of exactly what these are will be unveiled at Games Day, so don’t miss the Warhammer Forge Studio Stand!
Excited?! I hope to see a slew of new models to be announced in the next few weeks. I can't afford to buy any of them but it won't stop me from looking! How about you?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Progres report 9/19/10 - Nuns and fun.

Here are the Nuns (which will be playing the part of Amazons) for my Blood Bowl team all based and primed.

Started getting the base coat down for the skin and habit on the catcher there. Not looking forward to painting black and white on the same model for the first time but I figure it will be a quick way to learn!

Not much else going on in the world of Warhammer and Blood Bowl. Planning out the next issue of the Bellower, working on painting my Ogre BB team, and playing the occasional game of BB as well. Haven't gotten in any games of 8th ed WHFB since last month, something I am hoping to rectify this week. In the meantime we have one of my other favorite hobbies (and recently much neglected here on the blog)... beer!

Full Sail Brewing Company - Full Sail Pale Ale

Beer Type: American Pale Ale

Appearance: 12 oz. brown bottle with the tell tale Full Sail label - tan/gold with blue and white lettering. Light amber in color with a thick off-white head and some slight lacing.

Smell: Something grassy and green with some sweetness to it. Can't really smell much hops.

First Drink: Really sweet but not in a cloying way. Initial sweetness gives way to a bit of malt and some banana/citrus flavors.

Mouthfeel: Not as smooth as I normally prefer, a bit of carbonation gives this some bite.

Last Drink: A little more of the hops comes through at the end and as the beer warms but not nearly as much as I would expect from a Pale Ale.

Drinkability: Easy to drink but not a lot going on here.

Notes: This beer has a pretty loyal following but I doubt I will be going back to this one when I want a pale. Reminds me a bit of Alaskan Pale Ale but I liked that one a little more.

Verdict: 3.25 out of 5. Not bad but not outrageously good either. A good pale for those who are afraid of hops perhaps?

Links: Beer Advocate and Full Sail Brewing Company.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Progress Report 9/11/10 - Blood Bowl on the brain.

Been playing lots of Blood Bowl, better yet I won my last two games with the Bultimore Bullies! Awesome! My next game is against a bashy Nurgle team though which doesn't have me feeling too hopeful. 

Speaking of Nurgle... our league has a "Open" which is basically our rookie league for the real deal. By playing games in the Open you can develop a team without the frustration of playing the entire season (like I had last season with the Bullies). I currently have two teams in the Open - The Bloody Marys (Amazon) and the Nurgland Germs (Nurgle).

I have played one game each with both teams and they couldn't have been more different. With the Bloody Marys I played a super bashy Chaos Dwarf team which killed one of my players on the second turn and proceeded to stomp all over me for the remainder of the game. It wasn't fun. With the Nurgland Germs I played against a pretty standard Undead team, stood my ground and stymied my opponent for the entire game (almost scored though!).

For the Bloody Marys I purchased a Nun Gridiron team from Shadowforge. They just arrived today! 

Look for more on the models and their assembly in a future post. I've also spent a bit of time last week slapping together a Rotter and Pestigor for the Nurgland Germs. They have a bit of paint on them but I am still finishing up some details (and messing around with new techniques). 

Tried making the bases look all swampy, rotten, and nasty. Might have to spring for some real water effects instead of the diluted PVA glue I used on those miniatures. Overall I am happy with how they are turning out although the Pestigor is my least favorite. I'll muck him up some more and nobody will be the wiser!
Still messing around with the paint scheme for my Ogres as well. Here is the latest and "greatest" for the Bullies.

That's it for now! Hoping to get a beer and/or book review up here soon and I have been toying with the blog layout as well. If you find something messed up or broken please let me know. Adios!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Bellower - Issue #3 out now!

It's here! The third issue of the Bellower! This one was quite the beast to put together but I think the overall finished product is worth a once over. Feel free to share your comments and critiques - I love hearing what other folks think about the "publication". 

If you feel the need to spread some Ogre related tactics, battle reports, pics, art, or if you have created your own Ogre language .... send 'em to me! We need more content and more contributors!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Progress Report - 8/27/10 (now with crappy lightbox)

Look! It is a model with some paint on it! I found a little bit of time to work on my test Ogre for the Bultimore Bullies and that is the result. Still needs some highlights and details, and I am probably going to add some blood and gore to the Ironfist and maybe around the mouth as well (this player is named Ardgut Bloodgulper). I took this picture in my crappy cardboard and foil "light box" and I have to say the results aren't too shabby. Almost makes me look like a competent painter!

Played my first game of the KUBBL II season this week and lost to a High Elf team. I just couldn't keep them from dodging around me. Even with half their team being knocked out they still managed to score on me. In the end it was only a 0-2 loss so I suppose it could have been worse. I scored 4 casualties in the game, one of which came from a Snotling. I need to get an Ogre or two with Tackle to help deal with all the high Agility and Dodge teams in my division. Next week is a good ole fashioned bash-up with an Undead team.

I've also been toying with starting an Amazon team in our KUBBL Open League (kind of like a semi-pro league). I plan on ordering the Nun team from Shadowforge which can be used for Amazons or Humans or ... ??? I really like the models, and playing something different from Ogres should be fun. 

On the WHFB side of things I am getting ready for a short campaign that is going to kick off at my game store - trying to decide between running Ogres, Vampire Counts, or assembling enough WoC for the 1,500pt requirement. I expect to see a lot of High Elves and Skaven as the campaign is to support the new players coming into the scene thanks to the Island of Blood so perhaps Ogres wouldn't be the best choice. 

Speaking of Ogres, I am frantically trying to finish up the third issue of the Bellower to get it out this month (probably right down to the wire - sometime early next week). Even with a major drop in contributions I think the issue will still have something for everyone. Not what I had hoped for but overall I think it will do. In fact... I need to start the final layouts right now!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms in 8th edition - Podhammer and me.

I've been meaning to get to a post about Ogres in the latest edition of Warhammer, but Trent “Hammer” Denison has beat me to it with a post of his own on his blog Stop, Hammer Time. Read his thoughts, come back, and I will lead you through my own thoughts on my favorite fatties (with a bit of commentary on Trent's commentary). 

All set? Okay, here we go... to put it simply Ogre Kingdoms in 8th edition WHFB are better all around. Don't believe me? Well let's go over some of their major weaknesses in 7th and see how they stack up this time around:
  • Small army size: Yes your armies of Ogres will likely still have less units in 8th but the overall effectiveness of each unit has increased with abilities such as Steadfast and Stomp attacks, not to mention easier access to ranks for you Ogre units. You'll probably still be outnumbered but without the Outnumber rule to doom you to static CR death you have a better chance to winning each fight you encounter.
  • Magic and shooting attacks: In some ways the bullseye on your Ogre heads has gotten even larger when it comes to these attacks but we have new ways of dealing with them - mainly Gut Magic! Access to a Slaughtermaster greatly increases the effectiveness of your Gut Magic while also increasing your magic defense by virtue of his +4 to dispel attempts. Throw in buffs that stack and you have a chance at building some really nasty Ogre units. Also, in most cases you will be able to get into close combat on Turn 2 which is where Ogres are safest from these types of attacks.
  • Out and out speed: Remember the funny little game of chicken you always had to play with your Ogre units when facing down a line of cavalry? Well not anymore! Now that both units move 2d6" you stand a much better chance of slamming into that unit of knights before they ram headlong into you. Better yet, with a longer charge range possible for your enemies you are more likely to get off a devastating Bull Charge as well (since they won't always have to be as close to get their infantry charge off).
  • Maneuverability: Another huge deficit for Ogres in 7th edition, the addition of the Swift Reform rule has made Ogres much more maneuverable overall in 8th edition (also making bellowers even more mandatory for each unit). Being able to quickly reform and then move is a massive boost to the wide frontage most Ogre units bring to the table. Learn to love it, and use it as often as needed!
  • Lack of static CR: In 7th edition it was quite hard for Ogres to play the static combat resolution game. With the addition of smaller ranks in 8th it has gotten a little easier. Throw in the necessity of a BSB, and scenarios that reward units with standards, and suddenly your Ogres have a little bit of static CR of their own to throw around. It's not the greatest out there but it is certainly better.
  • Average to low leadership: The changes to BSBs in 8th makes even the crappiest Gnoblar capable of so much more! With a Tyrant and BSB in your list (and likely a Toothcracker or two making their units Stubborn) you face a much lower chance of failing most any leadership test that comes your way. A great thing for an army who was previously so prone to panic checks ruining a close game.
  • Low Weapon Skill: Not a lot can be done about each Ogre's crappy WS stat - the good news is the new stat to have is Ini and Ogres suck at that too! Instead of complaining about not being able to hit anything you can complain about not having a chance to hit anything even after you charge in! But seriously, the addition of support attacks from back ranks of Ogres, and the Stomp Attack for all Ogres, has greatly increased the effectiveness of all Ogres. Still not the best, but absolutely better.
So there you have it, a few of the biggest weaknesses the Ogre Kingdoms had in 7th edition and how things are looking up after the release of 8th. I mentioned at the start of this post that I would leave a bit of commentary on Trent's thought regarding Ogres, but let me get one thing out of the way before I start. 

I think Trent is often the best part of Podhammer, especially when it comes to list building and creating interesting synergies. For example - I blatantly ripped off his Warriors of Chaos Exalted Hero on a disc and changed it a bit into my own beloved build (see my Malal army for more details). While I respect his opinion on matters related to this game my thoughts on the state of the Ogre Kingdoms are just a bit different. I'm not going to repost everything on Trent's blog so if you are wondering what the hell I am talking about you should go read his post first.

On Tyrants - flying 4+ ward save builds are fun and all but as the heart of every Ogre army I find he is much more valuable near the center of the force. His leadership is needed to make the BSB really shine, and his ability to crush most RnF troops is an added bonus when dealing with more attacks coming in from basic infantry. I also think that in general the GW is a waste of time. I much prefer the CLS for it's boost to WS and Ini. Combine that with a potion or a Bullgorger (or two) or even the Giantbreaker big name and you have one mean fat summabutch.

On Slaughtermasters - Grut's Sickle? No. Just no. With a 4+ to cast and a basic casting cost of 3+ what the hell could you possibly need that +1 to a spell for? Not to mention the cost of a Bull putting each use at a meaty 11 to 12 points. If you want a crappy +1 to a spell just take the equally worthless (but cheaper) option of Tooth Gnoblars.

On Hunters - yes they are still not as good as they should be. I would consider taking one if he could be the BSB, but the changes to the battle standard bearer have made it almost mandatory for all lists to include which means less points available for the poor Hunter. I think he may still have a place in some lists but I haven't found one for him in mine (yet).

On Gnoblars - 40 Gnoblars is still just that; 40 Gnoblars. The changes to thrown weapons have greatly decreased their effectiveness, and while Steadfast is cute it won't matter much when your opponent is killing 20+ a turn with their own attacks. Not to be overlooked, but I certainly won't be putting 3 units of 40 in my lists. Kudos for mentioning the awesomeness of Trappers!

On Bulls - for slightly less points you get what is basically the same as a unit of Ironguts. Add in light armor and ironfist and you have a much more resilient Ogre that is still cheaper. If you want the high strength attacks there is always Bullgorger. Don't overlook the original in favor of their flashy brothers in blub.

On Ironguts - attacks coming at Ogres tend to be high strength which usually negates one of the big advantages these guys have in heavy armor. Striking last isn't that big of a deal (since they are base Ini 2 anyway) but their crappy WS still makes it hard to hit elite infantry. Good shock troops but I don't see much advantage to ranking these guys up (with the exception of their higher Ld and ability to carry a magic banner). Without characters backing them up the Ironguts are just a bunch of Ironwimps.

On Yhetees - they are still crap. You are absolutely right. 

On Leadbelchers - overall I would say there is even less reason to take these guys in 8th. With the changes to reforming units it makes it much harder to keep these guys in a position of power. Their role in 7th was to support with flank charges and deal with incoming flank threats. Swift reforms make this much easier for Ogres without spending the massive point cost for a Bull with a crappy cannon. I don't see them living in my lists very often.

On Scraplaunchers - you say it is too many points for a chariot, and too many points for a stone thrower, but what about a unit that is both!? Not to mention the large blast template with S3 and KB!? I am pretty sure most armies would kill for something like that. Imagine the Empire with a weapon that was S3 and KB. Sure it can be unpredictable but if you are already planning on taking 3 units of 40 Gnoblars I think you know how valuable something like the Scrappy can be. With horde units being more prevalent I say don't leave home without it!!

On Gorgers - they are bad and have only gotten worse in 8th edition. Most things will be able to quickly reform and blast them off the table before they ever get into combat. With more attacks coming in once it does make it T5 and 4 wounds will only last so long. Now if it had Thunderstomp...

On Maneaters - certainly not as strong a choice as they once were, I think there is still some value to be had here. Take a small unit, add a character or two in front of them, and BAM ... instant ItP, Stubborn, and awesome support attacks. If you are running a solo (non-flying) Tyrant try throwing one with a GW or CLS behind him for laughs. 

On Slavegiants - don't be so quick to overlook this choice. He still has the highest Ld in the OK army, and with the addition of Thunderstomp he can really wreck small units of infantry. Worst case you take one to give your main unit of Ogres a break from being shot to bits by artillery for a turn or two and benefit from the Giantbreaker big name.

Besides the things listed here I agree with the rest of Trent's overview, and I too would say the Ogre Kingdoms fall somewhere between a Tier 2 and Tier 3 army. Hopefully a new book this year will put them firmly in the top tiers eating the small fleshy ones!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The summer WHFB webzine roundup!

Hey! A post!?!

So as of late I have been really bad about posting when a new WHFB webzine has been released and what I think of it. I figured now would be a good time for a quick "roundup" post with a few details on what has come out recently! Here we go... (in no particular order)

The Doom Seeker #5

While this webzine originally started as a Slayer-centric publication it has morphed over time into something a bit more general that is mostly focused on the hobby aspects of Warhammer. The layout is looking much better with every issue (aside from a few personal pet peeves) and this issue starts out strong with an article/interview about Garagehammer - a WHFB podcast. You'll also find some info on the Araby fan-made army book, info on 8th edition, fiction, terrain creation, and more. 

Overall: Three out of five naked Slayer butts.

Skavenblight Gazette #9

Ahhh rat-things!! The mad rats over at Skavenblight Gazette have the best ad featured in the Bellower and they put out a pretty good webzine too. This latest issue isn't quite as lengthy (or flashy) as some of their past efforts but the overall layout and content is still top-notch. With articles on Fantasy Roleplay, painting tips, and Rat Ogres how can you go wrong! Check it out.

Overall: Four out of five screeching giant rats in your pants. 

The Word of Hashut #9

If I had to pick one WHFB webzine I most look up to when it comes to creating my own it would have to be the Word of Hashut. Really great layout and design and the content is usually very focused, interesting, and well put together. This issue is lacking in a few areas (as Willmark had some challenges in his life - best of luck buddy!) but for a second year anniversary issue you could do far worse. Features here include a brief time line of CDO, tons of great model pics, regular staples like excellent Shadow and Flame comic, new units, fiction, scenarios, blood bowl, battle reports... the list goes on and on. Even though the Bellower ad featured in the issue is an old one (I kid Willmark, I kid!) this zine is still worth your time and attention.

Overall: Four and a half stunty slaves out of five.

The Invocation #5

Last but not least we have a bit of undead goodness from the folks over at the Carpe Noctem forums. This fifth and latest issue is everything you may have come to expect of The Invocation starting with a quick overview of changes to the Vampire Counts army in 8th edition, how-to guides, background, a really long piece of fiction, tournament/battle report, and more. Kudos to the Disciple of Nagash for stepping up the overall visual quality and layouts of this webzine, it has really come a long way in the past few issues. Hop out of your graves and see for yourself!

Overall: Four out of five moldering zombie heads.

Well I think that about covers it for the "usual suspects". I'd love to hear what you think about any or all of these WHFB publications and YES the new issue of the Bellower should be out "soon". Getting things together for issue #3 has been quite a chore but we're getting a little closer each day. Honest!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Progress report - nothing doing 8/7/10.

Why hello there neglected blog and neglected blog readers!

Summer still has me stewing in a variety of work and personal activities, none of which relate directly to my tabletop hobbies. I do have a strong desire to paint and work on the construction of my WoC army, and I just added a sixth Ogre to my BB team, so there is a good possibility of more interesting updates to come soon.

In short here is a quick progress report for the past few weeks:
  • Played several games of 8th edition with my Ogre Kingdoms and won every one of them. While my current playing field has limited variety (only Empire, Skaven, Warriors of Chaos, and Bretonnians at the moment) the lists are still pretty damn hard. Still working out what my "normal" 2,500 list would be but currently we play a lot of 1,000 and 2,000 point games so it hasn't been as important.
  • Played a few games of 8th edition with my Vampire Counts and lost about half of them. I find it much harder to keep my general alive with the increased amount of attacks coming at him and/or the severe miscast penalties when rolling double 6's. Had a lot of fun but not as many wins as I have had with my Ogres. One thing I have learned is the Black Coach and Grave Guard are both much better in 8th edition.
  • Lost my first game in the KUBBL I Squiqbowl with the Bultimore Bullies. Managed to get enough in my treasury to hire my sixth and final Ogre but the game was just yet another loss for my disheartening Ogre team. I find myself piling on the ball and knocking people down only to have it somehow squeeze past me to some random receiver near my end zone. This has happened in almost every match so I am not sure how to deal with it? Snotlings can't manage to keep anyone in place with their S1 and Titchyness. Leaving an Ogre in the backfield extremely hampers my offensive line and doesn't guarantee they will be where they are needed when they are needed (with their crappy agility and movement). Perhaps next season will be better?
That about covers my gaming and hobby time for the past few weeks. Additionally I have been fretting over the very empty Bellower layout for issue #3. I have a few things to slap together but I am very much on my own for content and help putting the finishing touches on the next issue. Our team really needs some new blood so if you have a creative hankering and love the Ogre Kingdoms please get in touch with me. There is plenty of stuff to write/illustrate/diagram/model/photograph so creative folks of all types are welcome!

Until next time ... have a beer review!

Stone Brewing Company - Stone Thirteenth Anniversary Ale

Beer Type: American Strong Ale

Appearance: 22 oz. brown bottle with a number 13 and a classic Stone devil inked on the glass. Poured a dark red/black/brown color with a thick off-white head with lots of lace.

Smell: Dark sweet breads, pine hops, and more sweet stuff. This smells damn fine.

First Drink: Huge rush of hops quickly followed up by the sweet "brown" flavors of roasted malt.

Mouthfeel: This is a beer with the capital "B". Thick bodied with just the right carbonation and a really nice smoothness after the first sip.

Last Drink: More citrus and banana flavors coming though now. I can taste the 9.5% ABV as well.

Drinkability: Really good but not a session brew - unlikely to happen anyway as this is a special edition beer and I have only seen the one bottle of it.

Notes: Man. This is a really good beer and its a far cry from the now typical style I have come to expect from Stone. If this is what I have to look forward to I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Verdict: 4.75 out of 5. Well crafted, full flavored, and it left a lasting impression. Here's to another 13 years of Stone brews!