Saturday, September 11, 2010

Progress Report 9/11/10 - Blood Bowl on the brain.

Been playing lots of Blood Bowl, better yet I won my last two games with the Bultimore Bullies! Awesome! My next game is against a bashy Nurgle team though which doesn't have me feeling too hopeful. 

Speaking of Nurgle... our league has a "Open" which is basically our rookie league for the real deal. By playing games in the Open you can develop a team without the frustration of playing the entire season (like I had last season with the Bullies). I currently have two teams in the Open - The Bloody Marys (Amazon) and the Nurgland Germs (Nurgle).

I have played one game each with both teams and they couldn't have been more different. With the Bloody Marys I played a super bashy Chaos Dwarf team which killed one of my players on the second turn and proceeded to stomp all over me for the remainder of the game. It wasn't fun. With the Nurgland Germs I played against a pretty standard Undead team, stood my ground and stymied my opponent for the entire game (almost scored though!).

For the Bloody Marys I purchased a Nun Gridiron team from Shadowforge. They just arrived today! 

Look for more on the models and their assembly in a future post. I've also spent a bit of time last week slapping together a Rotter and Pestigor for the Nurgland Germs. They have a bit of paint on them but I am still finishing up some details (and messing around with new techniques). 

Tried making the bases look all swampy, rotten, and nasty. Might have to spring for some real water effects instead of the diluted PVA glue I used on those miniatures. Overall I am happy with how they are turning out although the Pestigor is my least favorite. I'll muck him up some more and nobody will be the wiser!
Still messing around with the paint scheme for my Ogres as well. Here is the latest and "greatest" for the Bullies.

That's it for now! Hoping to get a beer and/or book review up here soon and I have been toying with the blog layout as well. If you find something messed up or broken please let me know. Adios!


Helm said...

GAH NSFW LINK! Maybe not the site's homepage but...

Anywho, did you do any research on companies that made alternative bloodbowl models? Obviously with shadowforge, but I was wondering if you knew of any more.


Randroid said...

Oops .. sorry I never looked at anything aside from the Gridiron models.

You wanna see really NSFW look at the Orc Gridiron team ... shudder.

Good list of alternate models here:

Helm said...

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Helm said...

...and by that I mean the list of alternate Blood Bowl models not those Female Orcs. Holy crap...

You might be able to play a heavy psychological game with those things.