Sunday, July 2, 2017

Progress Report 7/2/17 - 52 Minis Weeks 24-26

Catching up! My work and class schedule has thrown a wrench into blog posts and painting. While I haven't been posting photos of progress I have been working on a big summer project for an upcoming Blood Bowl event in September. 

The first Legends Cup! Participating with other coaches to build some of the teams of legend from Blood Bowl to play against one another in a theme heavy tournament. Participation in the event was done by invite only so I feel pretty lucky to have made the cut. I was assigned the Goblin team known as The Greenboyz. 

Not much fluff out there for this team outside of a short mention in White Dwarf 101 and a little bit in the new Death Zone Season 2 supplement. I'll get more into the team fluff as things progress... in the meantime here is a test mini for a potential paint scheme of the team. The existing fluff makes no mention of the team color scheme so I have been giving freedom in that regard. 

For this scheme I wanted a medium/dark tones skin with a bright neon green cloth and blue additions. Then a bit of white and metal. I'm liking the 90's era GW paint scheme I ended up with but I am currently working on a slightly different direction (hint - it's lots of green). 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Progress Report 6/9/17 - 52 Minis week 22 & 23.

It's almost summer! Spending time finishing up my last class for the semester before I return again in the fall. It's been a bit grueling...

Speaking of grueling I haven't managed to get photos of any painted minis this week or last. I did paint some! I even played with them in a narrative campaign/tournament event last weekend.

Lists were 500pts, no Monsters, Behemoths, Artillery, or Battalions/etc. Here is what I brought:

Allegiance: Chaos
Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80) - General
Lord of Plagues (100)
10 x Plague Monks (70) - Foetid Blades
10 x Plague Monks (70) - Foetid Blades
5 x Putrid Blightkings (180)

This was a tough list to build as I wanted a general Nurgle theme and the General used in this first event is the one we need to use for the future escalation games. That meant no Daemon Prince, or GUO, or Plague Furnace this time around. I decided after some playtesting to go with the Plague Priest as I can give him a mount at the next level. 

Game 1 was vs the not-space-not-pirate Dwarfs. It was a nasty gunline. I was almost totally tabled by the end of Turn 2. I managed to get into close combat and kill one unit. Ended up with a Minor Loss and 2 models on the board. 

Good luck getting over there Plague Monks!
Lots and lots of shooting and D3 damage. 
It was not a fun game. I had a hard time keeping my cool and staying positive as this is exactly the kind of beardy Warhammer bullshit I had hoped I was past dealing with in my life. Oh well.. I guess not. 

Game 2 was a much cooler scenario that involved chopping down trees to build a bridge to the objectives across a river. I played against Khorne Bloodbound and thought... alright we're gonna do some fighting! Nope. Giant blob of reavers quickly made a bridge and teleported over it to hold the objective and keep my forces from making it across. 

It's not looking good for Nurgle!

In a last ditch effort I ran the unit of Blightkings across the river to kill the Slaughterpriest general and contest the objective. Of the 5 crossing the river only 1 made it to shore on a roll of 4+ each. Glorious battle commenced! Sixes were rolled and the Slaughterpriest and Blightking Champion were down to 1 wound each! Who would win!? 

Nobody. Because the forces of Khorne retreated from the fight and stalled out to win. A lame ending for me and a Major Loss to close out the day.

Looks cool but was extremely frustrating to play.
So my first AoS event experience was not a very positive one. We'll see if I continue in the event as the points increase. I'd like to but I also have a big Blood Bowl project under way for the first Legends Cup! More to come on that soon. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Progress Report 5/28/17 - 52 Minis week 19 through 21.

Those who lurk on this blog may have noticed my absence the past three weeks. It's been an eventful time but the majority of the past month was taken up with my best friend Udo who was in post cancer-surgery recovery. After coming through fine from the surgery we got the bad news... the cancer had moved to his lungs. He had just days to live. I spent as much time as I could with him before having to say goodbye. I miss him terribly.

RIP my hairy buddy
We're getting through each day but it has been tough. We knew Udo was getting old (he would have turned 11 this year) but we weren't expecting to go from healthy to dead in just a few short days. If  you have a hairy loved on of your own be sure and give them some pets and love. You won't regret it. 

I began collecting and painting miniatures (and blogging here) just shortly after we got Udo as a puppy. It's the end of an era! And while I will be happy to not have his long hair stuck in each and every mini I paint or assemble I would gladly trade that it for some more time laying around the house together. 

Spent time after Udo's passing rearranging the house. Flip flopped our bedroom and studio space and moved all of the miniature and gaming things into the studio. It's not a massive space but it now has all of my art supplies, PC, and minis in one place. I'm hoping it will lead to massive bouts of creativity! So far it hasn't but I think that is to be expected. 

Here are a couple minis for this update. I didn't finish 3 and one of these was already mostly done (and not totally painted by me) but I wanted to get them posted here. 

First up we have another Chaos Warrior of Malal. Not in love with this paint job though it gets the job done. 

And then there is this thing. I'm not going to give away too much yet... but let's just say I have my work cut out for me in the coming months for a new Blood Bowl event coming up in September:

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Progress Report 5/7/17 - 52 Minis week 18

First week without classes! Yah! Spent it doing some work around the yard, playing some games with folks, and playing music. Oh and I got these Preservers for This Is Not A Test painted up too.

These are some grunts. They will likely get torn apart by mutants, cannibals, or other thrifty wasteland survivors. But at least they will do it in style!!

Here we have the leaders of the warband - two of them in Power Armor. Getting things handled!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Progress Report 4/30/17 - 52 Minis week 17

Done with my classes for the semester! While I wasn't completely happy with my final projects I did have some fun making them and they fulfilled the requirements of the assignments. Now to get back to the task of painting and assembling my ever growing miniatures collection for the summer months. One mini at a time!?

This time out we have another Nurgle Chaos Warrior looking for love and hugs. And heads. I'm happy enough with the look to keep it going on the remaining 14 minis at this point. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Progress Report 4/23/17 - 52 Minis week 16

It's spring! I mean it has been spring for some time but it's warm and the sun is out and things are growing. Spent some time this week working on a few landscaping projects. They take a lot more physical labor than the terrain landscape projects littering my hobby room. 

Didn't manage to spend much time painting minis as I was working on my final projects for the semester. Here's a peak at a WIP multimedia drawing:

And here is the one mini I did get painted for the week - my test paint job for my This Is Not A Test Preservers warband named after X Files characters. Maximum nerdage! Not sure which one this is yet. 

Went for the slightly Fallout look. Probably too shiny but I figured those with the tech type stuff try to keep it looking good (and working). I might muck them up a bit still. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Progress Report 4/16/17 - 52 Minis week 15 (oh Rat!)

Finishing up my current school semester and work is keeping me pretty busy right now. This week I only managed a little bit of painting. Here is a mostly finished (not the base nor the scroll) Plague Monk test model for my Pestilens AoS force.

Decided to go for the classic gross greens and browns for my rats. Partly so they will fit in with the Nurgle Daemons and Chaos force I am also building up. I might go for a brighter bruised purple look for the Plague Priest characters... I haven't given their backstory much of any thought.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Progress Report 4/9/17 - 52 Minis week 14

Another week... another mini! This was a busy one but I did manage to get in a bit of Nurgle painting and gaming both. First up I have a test mini for my Nurgle Chaos Warriors. This one doesn't have a name yet.

I wanted a dirty look but not too over the top with gross. I also wanted to add a bit of lighter color to get the miniatures to pop out. Didn't take too long and looks pretty good I think. Happy to get input!

Had the chance to put them on the table yesterday and got a couple quick AoS 500pt games in with Furry. Mostly just learning our units and the game for an upcoming escalation/narrative campaign to be held this summer at the FLGS. 

My list was:

Lord of Plagues (General)
Chaos Warriors w/ Mark of Nurgle  and Greatblades/Greatweapons x 10
Plague Drones x 3

Going in to the game I wanted to see how the fast moving Drones would fare, how the Chaos Warriors would stack up against a unit of 5 Blightkings (same cost), and if the Lord was worth taking as my General over a magic using Hero. 

First game as a capture and hold objective scenario. I sent the Plague Drones up to claim the middle objective and they were quickly met and engaged by Furry's Lord on Dracoth.

I didn't expect them to make it long or do much damage but they managed to hold out and eventually killed the Lord on turn 2 after only losing 1 model from the unit. Fly power! 

After taking out the Dracoth mounted enemy the remaining flies were met by the Lord of Plagues who decided to take the fight to the Sigmarites inbound on their position. 

Charging in the Lord of Plagues made short work of the followers of Sigmar. Even with just 3 attacks the Rend -1 and D3 damage made short work of them. He's a gross little Ogre!

Leaving the terrain the same we set up for game 2 which was another objective capture and hold type scenario. This time I wanted to get the Chaos Warriors into combat to see what they were made of!

Get ready boyeesss! We've got fliers incoming!

Back in the middle a mighty scrum kicked up with the Plague Drones taking on the Lord of Dracoth again and this time it looked like they might die to the razor sharp claws of the beast... though a couple lucky saves kept them in the game. 

Meanwhile everyone else piled up below them to hit each other to death. Swinging a mighty 20 times with their Greatblades the Nurgle Warriors dealt 10 wound though the Sigmarites managed to save against almost all of them even with the Rend -1. The Lord of Plagues kicked the rest of them down and the game was won.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Progress Report 3/31/17 - 52 Minis week 12 & 13 (Dog Bowl V)

I've been very busy with the work and school and homework and not really sleeping schedule though not so busy I can't update this here blog!! This time around you get two weeks in one!

Last last week was a fun bit of time painting the Nurgle Slugbeasts. Here are they in their not quite done glory (still need to add some gloss to them):

I had fun painting these squirmy old slug monsters. I hope they perform well on the table as they slime my enemies....

Speaking of performing well... it's that time again! Time for Dog Bowl! This is the 5th year I have run this event with Furry and if it's like every other year it will be a great time. I happy coaches seem to enjoy the "underdog" boosting rules for the tournament and I am happy to see them playing teams that often get no love in the "competitive" scene.

This year we also decided to do a fun little thematic Bloodbowl 7s match set in the Realm of Chaos. Depending on how it is received we might expand upon this for next year.

Hmm... I wonder what these two Chaos Warriors could be for? It seems they have something on their minds...

Oops! Or should I say Rats!?

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Progress Report 3/19/17 - 52 Minis week 11

A stressful week! Spent most of it sick and very tired. After much rest I went back to work... or tried to before I got a flat tire on my car!! Argh!

Needless to say I got very little done of the hobby front. But I did manage to get one Dwarf adventurer painted!! Here's Boozehammer 2.0

Drunk, angry, and ready to hit things with a hammer until they behave. Just the way a Dwarf warrior should be! 

Speaking of warriors I also spent some time building some Avatars of War "not Nurgle Chaos Warriors".

The command - "musician", standard bearer, and champion
Group with axes and blades
And the ones with the bashy bits
Overall I like the looks of them. I did add a few GW bits here and there to help tie them in more with the rest of my Nurgle forces. The kits were not easy to put together and have legs, torso, arms x 2, head, and then weapons. It was very challenging to get the two handed weapons lined up with the arms and much swearing was done in the process. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beer Review - Dark Horse Brewing CoffPA

Dark Horse Brewing Company - CoffPA 

Beer Type: American IPA - 6.50% ABV

Appearance: Dark Horse style (modern era) artwork on the label here. A crooked tree and some coffee beans. Beer is a dirty potato water color and kinda hazy with a thin off-white head.

 I can smell a lot of malt and some coffee with just a bit of hops.

First Drink:
 Coffee up front is quickly surpassed by pine and citrus hops but then mellows out to a nice roasted malt/coffee finish.

 Medium body with a bit prickly carbonation.

Last Drink:
 Bitter flavors coming out now in the coffee/dark malt roast. Also something a bit orange?

 I really wasn't sure what to expect of this beer and I am pleasantly surprised! I could have a few of these no problem.

 A limited edition beer that was a part of their IPA 12 pack. Not sure how often this one gets brewed.

4 out of 5. Nice complex flavors with both coffee and IPA touches.  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Behold... Stronghold TV!

The Stronghold (formerly the Ogre Stronghold) is growing! A great place for Destruction minded AoS players to gather. Now we have a channel to go with it! Beware... my voice was used in the making of this video.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Progress Report 3/12/17 - 52 Minis Week 10

This week was spring break. I had hoped to get lots of painting done but it turned out to be a very busy week of work and my evenings filled up with other activities. I managed to get a little bit of painting done but it was just finishing up some Nurgle models I had yet to complete. 

It's the first day of Spring and this lot is bringing things back to life... in the Nurgle way!

The herald. Bringing back the funk with his collection of bells, guts, and mummified heads!

His back  up band leaders, aka the command group. Heads a plenty! 

Roadies. Can't they just clean up their act a bit? This puts my total at something like 20.

And a group shot just for fun. They look gross, funny, and monstrous which is pretty much exactly what I wanted. The bases are not 100% finished and I have yet to add the final goo and gore which will come after I seal them up. Thinking about playing some form of Nurgle in a local escalation/narrative campaign in the works so I figured it was time to crank these guys out.