Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, sunday, sunday!

Stopped by the local game store today to see what the WHFB Sunday folks were getting up to and discovered a slew of new armies and generals playing the game! There must have been 14 people in the store playing Fantasy when just a month or two ago there was only a handful (4 or 5 of us at the most). This is most exciting!

I didn't manage to get in any games as everyone was finishing games in the store's first escalation league (which I wasn't able to participate in due to work and life restrictions) but I did meet some new folks and learned a few things about 8th ed as well. 

For instance... did you know?
  • Units fleeing in subsequent turns no longer flee towards the nearest table edge - they continue moving forward until they run into something or run off the board.
This one was new for me... just one example of how I really need to play more 8th ed especially if I am going to attend any tournaments or events in the coming months. 
In the meantime I picked up a couple boxes of models for my next Blood Bowl project:

I'm not crazy about the standard BB Orcs so I will be making my own out of these boxes of 40k Ork Boys and WHFB Black Orcs. For what team you ask? Why for the Trailer Orc Boyz of course!!

This week is going to be really hectic with lots of work and long long days. I hope to get some WIP shots of the Orcs up as well as some pictures of my (mostly) painted Nurgland Germs. Until next time...

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