Sunday, June 15, 2014

Progress Report 6/15/14 - Mordheim!?

Mordheim?! Yes... the city of the damned. My destiny... 

With the potential arrival of some skirmish play in the coming months I decided to throw together a starting Undead warband for campaign play. Behold!! 

Faithful readers may recognize the Necromancer and Dire Wolves from my WHFB VC army. I am giving these guys some much needed repaint love in this process to make them suitably dark and dank for the streets of the cursed city.

From the top you have one Vampire to be, three hulking Dregs with clubs, a Necromancer, some Ghouls, and a couple Dire Wolves. No names or backstory or anything cool yet. Just getting them ready for play. Next up a whole slew of terrain!? Perhaps sometime in July...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Progress Report 6/14/14 - The plague (of unpainted minis).

It's June! So far it has been a very busy month for me but not so much on the painting or gaming fronts! Been working on a side business that is food related and selling some stuff at a market in my town. Also headed to Austin, TX for a week in just two days where I plan to eat a lot of tacos, drink some beers, and maybe play a game or two. 

In the meantime there has been talk of getting a Mordheim game started between a few Blood Bowl folks since that has pretty much died off. Also getting ready (mentally) for Zlurpee Bowl X next month as well as painting and assembling Deadzone minis. 

I also got my "paint and trade" Maneater mini in the mail... behold! He makes me want to model an entire unit of Maneaters focused on heavy drinking but I may not get to that for awhile.