Friday, September 2, 2016

Progress Report 9/2/16 - Headed out to Chaos Cup.

It's that time again!? Chaos Cup!!! This year I am bringing Dark Elves and I even managed to finish painting them. It was a slapdash bit of a job. Partly because I didn't have the urge to paint these models and partly because all of their details are so damn small!! Still they turned out acceptable which is what I was aiming for. 

Here we have the two Runners and one Assassin 
Followed by 3 Blitzers (though one will be playing a Line elf this time out)
And the only reason to play Dark Elves - 2 Witch Elves! 
Finally we have the remaining 3 Line elves
I played one practice game against Furry's Chaos Dwarfs and we tied 1-1. Things I need to remember for the tournament this weekend: Shadowing on the Assassin, asking if my opponent will follow the block on the sidestep pieces, and that even the Line elves have AG 4!! 

For 6 games I am hoping for 3-2-1 but would settle for wins and ties to outnumber losses. I'm not looking for another Wooden Spoon award from Chaos Cup (already got that one in 2014).  

I also painted up another member for the Chaos Cup Legacy Team - a Thrall! 

A Reaper Bones mini I cut a lot of stuff off. I think he looks alright. 
Now it's time to pack up and hit the road for another fun Bloodbowl event with fine folks!