Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Progress Report 9/30/15 - Septembarrrr.

September is here! No wait... September is gone!! 

Another month lacking in gaming and updates. Spent most of it working for the man or working for myself. Did manage to play one game though... Rum & Bones by CMON came in the mail early on in the month. What can I say? It's a very slick looking game. The miniatures are far superior to any other board game I have seen. So much detail and fantastic poses.

But how does it play? Fast and furious once you know the rules.In my one and only game I managed to quickly take the lead by being very aggressive and storming my opponent's ship. 

Things were looking good for the undead pirates until they accidentally summoned the KRAKEN (with a roll of 2 on 2d6 at the end of the turn above).

Yeah. The KRAKEN ate most of my pirates before vanishing back into the depths the next turn. Oh well... someone has to get eaten right!? In the end I managed to sneak out a victory but it was a close fought thing with that damned KRAKEN coming back another round before being beaten to death by angry crewmen.

Short review - easy to learn, quick to play, plenty of strategy and variety, nice risk vs reward mechanics. A great 2 player game with plenty to offer. Check it out!