Sunday, December 19, 2010

Progress Report 12/19/10 - BB Orcs continued...

Orcs! Managed to get a few additional Orcs assembled for my Orc BB team the Trailer Orc Boyz this week. In the back you'll see four Black Orc Blockers (the one with the blade on his hand is my team captain), then the two Lineorcs, with my one Blitzer in the front. I added some face guards to the Lineorcs, and the Blitzers will have a spiked shoulder pad and Black Orc gauntlet to show their faster moving and additional smashing capacity on the pitch. 

Only played one game of Blood Bowl with the Germs this week - crushed a Vampire team 2-0 leaving me with 3 wins and 0 losses so far this season. My two hardest division opponents are next in line.. we'll see if I can manage to make this season a complete shut out or if the fast moving Dark Elves and Underworld teams will manage to beat Nurgle back. 

Got more page layouts for the next issue of the Bellower done as well. Just a few more articles to go and we'll have another issue in the bag and out before the end of the month! This one has been hard going... I hope it gets a little easier in the next few issues. Not sure I can manage to devote as much time to it while still finding time to work on my own hobby stuff. 

Picked up my two Hellcannons from the FLGS this week. I'm not looking forward to cleaning and assembling those bad guns... might be a project for the new year. 

Look for a few Christmas beer reviews this week!


inanecourage said...

Orcs are still looking great. Really progressing well. I'm amazed at how much they look 'Bloodbowl', given that they contain no actual Bloodbowl parts.

Randroid said...

Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised with the amount and variety of the bits in both the kits I got. If I had the WHFB Orcs too... who knows!!?