Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tavern Talk - Looking Back

Time for another edition (the final one for this year) of Tavern Talk courtesy of the Trading Post! This time around Kuffy asks:
"So, another year ends.  As we wave bye to 2010, I wanted to get your thoughts on your hobby throughout it.  What are your proudest achievements?  Where did you fail?  Just how has your year in Fantasy been?"
I have a detailed list of my resolutions from last year that I will be going through later this week, but just as a quick run down of my biggest failure and achievement for the year...

EPIC FAIL: Planning on painting and finishing my VC army this year and not getting a single model painted after moving from Austin, TX to Michigan. I played a few games with the army this year (in fact I didn't lose a single one of them) but I just didn't find the "spark" I needed to get this done.

EPIC WIN: Starting Blood Bowl and finishing up one team (the Nurgland Germs). I know of at least two BB tournaments I will be attending in the coming year so I see this as a good way to continue my tabletop competitive efforts while I work on building a WHFB scene here in my hometown. Also... Blood Bowl is a lot of fun to play!

Overall I would say my year in Fantasy has been a mixed bag but in the end I came out a stronger hobbyist with a love and appreciation for more games. Fantasy started off strong with a good showing in the WHFB team tournament at Adepticon 2010 before quickly dropping off due to lack of players/interest here in my local gaming scene. While there are more players and interest now I have a hard time getting myself motivated to play the game again. Hoping a new force (WoC) will get me pumped up enough to dive back in head first with the Fantasy action!

How has your year in Fantasy been? Any major success or failures you'd like to share? 

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