Wednesday, July 31, 2013

KUBBL 5 - Week 3: The Devastators get Devastated.

Actually got in two games this week as I have a bit of catch-up play to do. This week's game was against Coach T Rex and the Detroit Devastators. It was the first time we have played together and I was really looking forward to going up against this team. I have a hit or miss record against Human teams and with massive inducements for Coach T Rex it really could have been anyone's game. The KRB gameplan going in? First eliminate the Ogre, then work our way through the Strip Ball and Guarding pieces until we only have a few others to crush. Here is the KRB going into the match:

Rolled doubles for Maim Fist'r after the win against the Lads. Initially thought about going for Dodge to make him a truly obnoxious force but with him being a league casualty leader I felt Jump Up would be better for his next skill of Pile On. So that's what I did!

Detroit Devastators kicked off to Khorne R'Backs to start the game, feeling confident in their Wizard, tons of rerolls, multiple Apothecaries, and Bloodweiser Babes on the sideline. The kick landed in the corner after nearly bouncing out of bounds but was quickly scooped up by Bitescum for a pass to the Sure Hands of Gorefoul. Caging up the Khorne R'Backs came out of the gates swinging, dealing a few badly hurts right away and immediately knocking several players into the KO box (including rookie Ogre Doc Savage  “Titan” ). While waiting as long as they could in an attempt to bait the Detroit Devastators Wizard into attacking the Khorne R'Backs finally scored on turn 7 of the first half to go up 1-0.

Detroit Devastators took the ball back and made a quick pass for SPP before calling it a half.

Khorne R'Backs then kicked to Detroit Devastators who performed a nice hook and ladder play in an attempt to break away from the sheer killing madness the Khorne R'Backs were bringing to bear against them. A drunken Wizard fizzled his spell but this did not dissuade the peppy Stretch Johnson as he made a long pass out of traffic and to his chosen receiver down field. It might have worked too if not for the nimble reflexes of Spittleslash who snatched the ball out of the air as it was sailing to an open Catcher in the Khorne R'Backs backfield. With this the Khorne R'Backs were able to regain control of ball and possession of the pitch, spending round after round trying to tear apart the Detroit Devastators before finally scoring on turn 8 of the second half.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

KUBBL 5 - Week 2: Two weeks late is not late enough for ELF VIOLENCE

Yup. Time for ELF VIOLENCE. Courtesy of this week's matchup between the KRB and the disgusting Dark Elf flavored GrymmLurke Lads. This is the second season for the Dark Elf variety of the Lads and they are shaping up nicely. He's managed to spread around the SPP and skill up some of his Linemen, Blitzers, and Runners while not taking a heavy toll in the bash game. UNTIL NOW?!

The combination of Claw+Mighty Blow should make swift work of the AV8 Elf paste in pants and I expect up and coming KUBBL legend Bloodgutter to make a very special appearance and decapitate a pointy eared head or two. Don't believe me? Check out this write up on Bloodgutter over on the Spiked Ball and see what they have to say!


GrymmLurke Lads received the first kick off and got a quick snap. Bitescum makes a two dice two headed cage busting blitz with a reroll but only gets two pushes and two more pushes for his trouble. GrymmLurke Lads score on turn 2.

Khorne R'Backs get the return kick and proceed to drive their meatgrinding bus down the field sending most of the GrymmLurke Lads to the KO box and score on Turn 8 even after coach Max blasts 3 of 5 caged players with a Wizard's fireball.

Khorne R'Backs receive the kick after a perfect defense is rolled but Gorefoul drops the ball on his pass. While the GrymmLurke Lads attempt to pressure the lose ball a few failed dodges and GFI keep them on their backs. After some positioning by coach Max the Khorne R'Backs are able to retrieve the ball and chain push Wobbledog into scoring position with his MV7 and two successful GFI for a two turn Chaos score.

GrymmLurke Lads receives the ball again but quickly loses it due to failed dodges and GFI giving the Khorne R'Backs the opportunity to capitalize on their mistakes. Spittleslash breaks away from the GrymmLurke Lads and manages to run down the clock for the last turn score finishing the game 3-1 for Khorne R'Backs.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Progress Report 7/14/13 - A mini a day keeps something away.

I wish I could paint a mini a day. I could come close maybe... if I spent less time reading, playing boardgames and roleplaying games with people, working, cooking, etc. I've been regularly painting for at least 15 minutes a day for the past few months and that has been grand. Now I just need to settle in for a few painting marathons and I will be well on my way to being done with this list:
  • Finish painting Blood Bowl team I am taking to Chaos Cup 2013 (top secret shhhh)
  • Paint a Witch Elf for the Chaos Cup 2013 Legacy Team (started - see below)
  • Paint up more minis for Player Characters in the RPG campaigns I am in (again - see below)
  • Keep painting the Goliath gangers for the SKULLKRUSHAS
  • Finish painting the two other Blood Bowl teams I have started (Elf and Flings)
  • Paint all the scenery I have built and build more
  • Work on my gaming table
So much to do! So little time!! Oh well. Tis the life of a nerd hobby fanatic I suppose. On to the photographic evidence of my time (well?) spent!!

D&D 3.5 group shot with the in-laws. That's me on the right (Hinson the Halfling Rogue).
From another D&D 3.5 group - WIP basecoats and some highlights of Quarion the Elf Sorcerer.
Yet another D&D 3.5 figure - WIP basecoats on Jojak the (kinda) Paladin.
Sloppy basecoats for the Witch Elf I will be adding to the Chaos Cup 13 Legacy Team.
That's a lot of hair!!
Ganger Juve #2. I think this guy has a name but I can't recall it at the moment.
Pretty happy with how he turned out though I was going for a darker skin tone.
Two Juves down, a whole damn gang of Goliath to go!!

Oh yeah... a lot of those minis come from the huge amount of stuff that came in this little guy a few weeks back.

So many minis!!! First impressions... well there is some downsides to this Bones stuff. My figures had quite a few mold lines and a lot of bent out of shape bits. I guess that is the price you pay for a cheaper fig but cleaning them up and rebending bits has been a huge chore. Also, maybe you aren't supposed to prime these minis? They don't take to it well and the minis I have primed from this batch have a tacky/sticky feeling to them for a week or so before they cure. They also react a bit odd to paint when the primer is still in this state. Initial review... value 10/10, quality 7/10, quantity 10/10, variety 7/10, overall 8/10.

Well that's enough for now. Off to start my first adventure in a third (!!!) RPG campaign. This time it's Pathfinder (aka D&D 3.5+). Until next time... 


Monday, July 8, 2013

KUBBL 5 - Week 1: Time for amphibian blood...

It's that time again! Time for a new season of Blood Bowl in our local KUBBL league. Brought back the Khorne R'Backs for their third season and as you can see they are developing quite nicely...

A few teams decided to go all out on bounties on the KRB even though they didn't actually play against the team in any meaningful way... the joys of being a bashy team I suppose!?

For a full run down on the local league action check out The Spiked Ball - a blog run by one of our co-commissioners  Furry. He has some crazy season predictions that mostly allow for the KRB to crush all opponents and take the whole bloody enchilada. We'll see how that goes as the blood thirsty minions of Khorne face off against the agile alien amphibians of the Lethal Leap today! Our record going into the match is quite telling... 3-0 on TD and 12-1 on casualties. Let the good (head) times roll!!


Blood was spilled but the frogs managed to sneak by once early in the game for a turn 2 TD and then capitalize on a bad pass to break away headed into the second half. The KRB fought back and brought out the big +AG guns and answered back with two TD of their own to tie up the game and gave themselves time to crush the opposition even among the army of apothecaries and babes on the sidelines. Final result 2-2 with KRB dishing out  a hefty 7 causalities  (3 coming from one player - Maim Fist'r) while sustaining no damage themselves.