Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Bellower - Issue #3 out now!

It's here! The third issue of the Bellower! This one was quite the beast to put together but I think the overall finished product is worth a once over. Feel free to share your comments and critiques - I love hearing what other folks think about the "publication". 

If you feel the need to spread some Ogre related tactics, battle reports, pics, art, or if you have created your own Ogre language .... send 'em to me! We need more content and more contributors!


mywargaming said...

Hi Randriod

Great edition of the Bellower. Love the section on Magic Items. Got to agree the Rune Maw is our best item.


Randroid said...

Thanks Mark. Glad you enjoyed the new issue! If you ever have anything to contribute just let me know.

inanecourage said...

Nice work. We had a similar issue with the edition changeover with Skavenblight Gazette, which is why the last issue was a little light. Just rolled with what was done before the release, and work from the new edition onward. It sucks when they sneak it up on you like that.

slipwing said...

This is great! As a new Ogre general I find this very useful and I am looking forward to more issues.

Randroid said...

Thanks for the kind words! If you have suggestions for future issues I would love to hear them.