Friday, October 15, 2010

Progress Report 10/15/10 - Still bowlin'

Blood Bowl still has a firm grip on my tabletop time (which has been rapidly dwindling over the past few weeks) with the completion of the second KUBBL season and my attempts at getting the other person who lives in my house to play it with me. Managed to finish the construction of my Nurgle BB team (the Nurgland Germs) and here is a crummy pic for those into that sort of thing:

The Rotters are just made from VC Zombies while the Pestigors come from the old Beasts of Chaos Ungor/Gor herd box. The Beast of Nurgle is made from Chaos Spawn and greenstuff while the Warriors are converted from the Human models that come in the BB starter box. The hair on the table comes from my hairy dog Udo (and damn if it isn't everywhere).

The Bultimore Bullies finished up their season with a somewhat respectable 3/0/5 (of course one of those wins was a forfeit but who's counting) and falling out of the playoffs in the first round. Oh well. The team is developing nicely and I have started to figure out a few "tactics" that work most of the time so perhaps next season will go better?

In WHFB news... nothing really. Haven't managed to really do anything at all for the next issue of the Bellower nor have I played a game of 8th in a month or more. Hoping to remedy that this weekend as my local gaming store has started up an escalation league that I intend to play in. I am thinking of giving some time to the WoC now and have got a 500pt list in mind that I need to build for. The big problem is finding the time/funds to get the models done which may be my undoing in this and forcing me to go with a VC list instead. One thing is for sure... making a 500pt WoC list that has anything useful in it is quite difficult.

This month is pretty hectic for me but I will try to get some meatier updates posted soon! Heck, I haven't even thought about posting over at the Trading Post and I am supposed to be one of their contributors!!


inanecourage said...

The Nurgle team is looking amazingly gross. Hope you can follow through with the painting!

Randroid said...

The ones I have done so far look pretty nasty. I am having fun with the chaotic "sloppy" gross paint styles I get to use on them.

Helm said...

Those guys look great! Looking forward to the painting!