Sunday, December 4, 2016

Progress Report 12/4/16 - Pestilence spreading

Picked up a large base for my new GUO and decided to purchase the Start Collecting box of Skaven Pestilence as well. Why? Probably some form of illness I have that has me buying and building and priming miniatures instead of painting or playing with the ones I already own. Also I have always wanted to collect and paint them and have been waiting for a reason. That reason is here with my AoS Nurgle force! What better allies could a pox spewing rat man ask for??

Plague Monks with some Nurgle bits added.
Plague Monks with more normal (and a few other) bits.
And the rest of the staff wielding Plague Monks. 
I haven't touched the Plague Furnace or Plague Claw Catapult yet but I look forward to seeing what comes of building those. I'll likely magnetize the rats to use off of the warmachines as well. After I built these 20 Plague Monks I remembered I had a treasure hidden away in an old blister pack...

Plague Lord Skrolk 
The lovely Plague Lord Skrolk! No idea when or where I got him but I love the look of this mini. It's all ratty, nurgl(itch)y, and just oozes character. Looking forward to painting him up! Next purchase will be some Censor Bearers which I also really want to paint. This time around I purchased the last Nurgle named hero I didn't currently own:

Based him on a bigger base so I could use him as a Blight King or Nurgle Lord/etc. Pretty creepy sculpt! I'll have to be in a particular state of mind to paint this one up. Speaking of creepy things to paint I managed to get the big boss man put on a base as well:

Who you GUO call?
I was thinking of adding some more loud "NURGLE" bits to him but decided I liked the gross simplicity of this Max Mini sculpt. You can see he is quite the big boy (Plague Monk added for scale) and he is a solid chunk of resin as well. Good for self defense if you need to knock someone on the head during or after a game I guess. Speaking of knocking heads check out these bad ass ladies I also got from Max Mini for use in TNT:

Do what the say and nobody will get hurt (much).
I  may still add a few bits and details to make them more "Wasteland" looking but overall I am very please with their look. Thinking about using them for an all female Raider warband with a few others from my collection.

That's it for now! Hoping to get paint on a few minis this week in between classes and working but if not this week I have a bit of time coming up for the holidays and plan on getting a lot of productive painting completed on my many projects. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Beer Review - Noble Brewer Nevermore Chocolate Porter

First beer review on the site since April of 2015?! Heresy!!

Noble Brewer - Nevermore Chocolate Porter

Beer Type: American Porter - 7.50% ABV

Appearance: 22oz brown bottle with the standard Noble Brewer label. Beer is a dark brown/black with a solid tan head that clings to the glass.

Big bitter chocolate aroma followed quickly by dark fruits and ending back on chocolate/hot cocoa.

First Drink:
Dark chocolate on the tip of the tongue is quickly smacked with roasted malts and dried fruit flavors.

Velvet smooth with a slightly sticky finish.    

Last Drink:
Getting more of the fruit from the chocolate now almost like chocolate cherry flavors. Can taste more of the ABV now as well.      

A big drinker and not something you will be pounding by the glass. A nice sipper.      

Noble Brewer features notable home brewers and their beers. This was originally brewed by Greg Tucker and was part of the Fall 2015 seasonal lineup. Had a couple in the cellar I just finished off for this review!      

5 out of 5. If you love chocolate and you love dark beer you'll dig this.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Progress Report 11/28/16 - Happy tanksgivin' to all!

We have supped. We have shlupped. We have gamed. And we have gained (a bit of weight from all the beer and milk fat). In the end we have learned a lot about love (like don't steal rad zombie kills from your life partner because they get kinda heated about it).

Caravaneers hiding from Rad Zombies
Bring out the Alpha Mutant they cried!
Rad Zombies loving hanging out near holes in the ground.
Alos near nasty old radioactive pipes.
How'd we get into this situation wondered the Preservers.
Let's take the fight to the dang zombies!
In the end a little flamethrowing action managed to take out these two. 
In short that is how I spent the past few days of this holiday. As I don't eat meat, nor care about AMAZING DEALS, I cooked a bunch of food and ate it with folks I care about. Then we played a bit of This Is Not A Test on the table I am currently building out (see above photos). And in between we watched all of the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (which I used most of the Return of the King to also build my Blood Bowl 2016 box). 

Pie, coffee, and Blood Bowl minis to assemble. Fun times!
Pizza made with Tanksgivin' leftovers. So good!
But before that there was a great building... of things!

A collection of newly based minis. Quite the eclectic mix!
And what game would be complete without ZOMBIES?!
Earlier this year I picked up a collection of prized pewter history from a life long collector who was selling off some of their collection. It was for a good cause, and I have a collection (disease) of my own, so how could I pass up such shiny baubles?! Like these random Undead mini!

Just a smattering of different Undead type creatures I felt compelled to own (and hopefully paint). No particular "need" or specific "use" for them. Although you can never go wrong with Werewolves and Flesh Golem types! 

And one set of minis I have been coveting for some time... A Thanquol and Boneripper set! And who is that in the middle? Why Gotrek of course!! Sadly I didn't find a Felix to go with him but no matter... we've got the start of a beautiful friendship here already. 

And who showed up for a little Nurgle love? Why this bad boy of course! Coming soon to a table near you (if you live and play near me that is).

The GUO you always wanted....
More Nurgle and pestilent fun to come so stay tuned! Until next time...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post Underworld and Blood Bowl 2016 Musings.

About 20 days ago I attended Underworld Cup 2016. I decided to bring my Ogres due to the unique nature of the tournament (adding skills to players each round, additional initial points for purchasing the team, additional first round skills for Ogres) and also because I wanted to crush heads and get the Most Casualty award for the tournament. 

The roster I brought was simple - a hint of Block, a smidgen of Break Tackle, and a nice dash of Pile On. And of course the "twin towers" with Guard and Stand Firm. A few other fun choices like Side Step and Frenzy rounded out the mix. 5 Ogres, with a full roster of Snotlings and one Chainsaw Star Player to round out the mix. All in all I felt good about my chances to win a game, thump skulls, and have fun. 

In the end I came in with 2 wins, 2 ties, and 1 loss in the 5 rounds. I lost the Most Casualty award by 1 - winner came in at 26 and I had 25. The fact that I managed so many CAS vs some very bashy teams made me happy. Overall though it was still a great showing for the Ogres! Here are a few photos I took of the rounds though I can't recall the specifics of any one game in details now.

Game 1 vs Goblins
Game 2 vs Norse
Game 3 vs Chaos Dwarves
Game 4 vs Chaos Dwarves
Game 5 vs Norse
Speaking of Blood Bowl... did y'all see that new edition that came out! It's not perfect (in fact they took some very well tested and written rules and messed them up a bit) but it is pretty slick. I was originally not planning on picking up the new box but I did on a whim. Thinking of painting up the two teams included to give away as a gift. Or maybe sell? Who knows.

In the meantime here are some photos for those who want to see more! 

Blood Bowl 2016 Orc Team

Overall I dig the style of these sculpts. Sort of a cross between the Blood Bowl video game look and the more modernized Age Of Sigmar Orruks look. They could probably be converted to play in that game pretty easily with some minimal modifications.  

Blood Bowl 2016 Human Team

Not as chuffed on the Human sculpts though they do look better in person. Their poses are much more static when compared to the Orcs and they are just a bit bland overall. Probably less you could do on the conversion front with these models.  

I had a question on scale from another community so I thought I would post a quick scale photo of the new models as well for reference:

Left to Right you have: Deadzone Human, BB2016 Human, BB2016 Orc, Black Orc BB conversion, GW Wight King, and This Is Not A Test Linebreaker Human. As you can see the Human scale is closer to 32mm or a beefy human body type. 

While there has been some initial interest in getting a local league going with the new edition like many things it might be just a fleeting fad with little long term support. I'll be doing my best to get something going (because I love league play!) but only time will tell if Blood Bowl 2016 is the relaunch Blood Bowl needed to inject new life and new players into the great game.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Headed Off To Underworld Cup 2016!

It's November! That means it is time for the Underworld Cup!! Due to work obligations I have not been able to attend since Coach FlyingDingle took on hosting the event with new rules. But this year is different! I can finally bring my Ogres into a potentially competitive environment for them with plenty of build gold and a nice boost in development at the early stages of the tournament.

You can find rules for the event here.

Essentially you start with a 1.2 Million GP build and get to add 90k in skills and extras each round. Each player can only get one upgrade per round. Outside of that you are pretty much free to do what you want! My Ogres start with an extra 100k for their build (so 1.3) plus an additional 50k to spend on skills before Round 1 (so 140k total).

After a few botched attempts at roster creation here is what I settled on for Round 1:
Click to embigify
First thought it... was do Ogres love? Being strong! So +ST is a must. Also they like to hit stuff and help each other hit stuff so we needed some hitting skills and a bit of Guard tossed in. Snotlings don't need anything but to get in the way and not get stomped. Unless you bring a Chainsaw to the field... in which case you probably won't get eaten (right away).

So what does Round 2 look like? See for yourself:
Push button make big
Gonna need to be able to hit people better! Also maybe we'll try and pick up the ball?

Then it is on to Round 3:
You can do it! Click here!
Hitting things is fun but what we really want is dead things (to hit and eat)! Ogres!! Let's fall on em!?

We get up in Round 4:
Don't make me type things here...
We get up and we also get tricksy with a bit of Side Step to go with our Frenzy. Oh yeah and we can also move around a bit more with some Break Tackle in there for funsies.

Round 5 it all goes to pot:

More +ST!! More movement!! More crushing skulls rarrrggh!!?

And there you have it. My goals with these rosters and upgrades is simply one of having fun playing with my Ogres. Nothing fancy. If I can win a game or two and get a bunch of CAS in the process I would be a very happy Irongut. What will become of the matches?! Perhaps I will let you know the next time I update...