Saturday, April 14, 2018

Weekly updates - #13-16 (Dog Bowl VI)


Nothing to see here. Haven't spent any time playing games or painting/assembling/converting minis. Take a look at this sad scene from my dusty work space as proof:

Just a pile of partially base coated plague infested ratmen looking for love. I want to paint them! I do! I just can't find the motivation and I can't remember the last time I actually played a game of Warhammer. Probably about this time last year?!

Speaking of last year... that was when we had Dog Bowl V. Furry and I have been doing this version of the Kalamazoo Bloodbowl tournament for six years now! In fact Dog Bowl VI is happening today! I even managed to get a bit of paint on the trophies for this year that my friend Mark prints for me. Check them out!

Who will win? Will the game store hosting us actually have a place for us to play? Will it be fun? All this and more will be answered next time out...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Weekly updates #8-12 - 3/17/18

Nothing new to report. Haven't played any games, haven't worked on any minis, and haven't painted. Have only been working on class stuff, learning digital arts and tablet times, and trying to make it through the last few weeks of winter. Not exciting!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekly update #7 - 2/17/18

Writing this post in week #8 as I was out of town having fun and away from the computer last week for 5 days. I did manage to get just a little bit done on the hobby front though. Just a couple basecoat colors on some pestilent rats. 

These minis would be a lot more fun to paint if I hadn't primed them in something terrible which rejects layered paint on top. I'm hoping I can use this to my "advantage" to make them look extra gritty and diseased. We'll see if I can keep my cool throughout the whole lot. I still have an entire Virulent Horde to assemble and paint after this lot! 

And of course I finally got some primer on the Nurgle lot from last week. Looking forward to getting these fat flyboys on the table to see what they are capable of!

While I was away from home I played a few rounds of this game I picked up on a whim last month. 

It's basically a single player solitaire game played with a tarot deck and dungeon crawl/rpg elements. Pretty fun! The basic rules are easy to pick up and I managed to "win" on my third game after getting all of the treasure hordes and making my way back out of the dungeon alive. The original game rules are free for download so check it out if you are interested. You can play the basic set with just a deck of cards. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Weekly Update #6 - 2/10/18

Didn't get any games in this week! Between working on the weekend, fighting off sickness (thanks Papa Nurgle), and a whole bunch of snow it just wasn't possible. That being said I did chop off a few heads in For Honor on PS4. Finally gave the game a go and it's got a lot of interesting game mechanics going on. Mostly just a brawl with various sharp objects but still takes a considerable amount of skill. 

While snowbound this weekend I did manage to get the finishing touches down on the Pusgoyle, Ole Horny Snail, and yet more Plaguebearers. 

Really hoping to get a game in with some of these pestilent creeps soon though the next couple month involve a lot of traveling away from home. Which means no access to minis to paint nor build nor pal around with! Here's hoping I manage to be able to paint when I come back to it in a few weeks. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Weekly Update #5 - 2/2/18

Nurgle is pleased.... there is some kind of plague scouring this town. The fly flu! Or FLIES part DEUX? However you want to label it we got fly problems around here. 

Well not a problem exactly. Putting these two Pusgoyles together was pretty easy. Maybe the easiest kit I have assembled from GW in quite some time. They really improved on the regular fly minis I have already built. Those were quite fiddly, especially the wings. These wings were set in just one way and nicely secured. Still some work to do on the bases but I am waiting to finish assembling the other two Pusgoyles I purchased. The fly lords will not be stopped!

Speaking of not being stopped...

More Gloomhaven in the bag. This time out we had to fight bears, imps, and earth demons. It was pretty tough but Sledghe is now level 3 and quite adept at smashing things. Especially hounds!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Weekly update #4 - 1/25/18

Nurgle! New Nurgle minis are really fun and I am excited to add them to my miniature forces. I picked up the new book and a couple boxes of Pusgoyle Blightlords. Just the name alone is worth it!

But before I can break them out of their plastic grey prisons I figured I should first finish building my horned gardener. A cool little model but I wanted to reduce/redirect the goofy eye powers and thus...

In the background you can see a few new Plaguebearers including a slight conversion of the standard. More about those guys next time out. I also managed to get a game of Gloomhaven in last week. Our 7th and 8th adventures out and Sledghe the Inox Brute is almost level 3!

Didn't manage to take down these two Inox Bodyguards though.... but the rest of the party did!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekly update #3 - 1/16/18

Where did that last week go? 

Really interesting colors out there in the wild
Spent most of it camping in a cabin here in MI. Got out and enjoyed the cold and snow then spent more time getting warm back in the cabin. It was a relaxing and peaceful time but did little to get any painting done. 

Did manage to get a bit of paint on some of the Malal force I have had on my desk off and on since last year. Really just want a reason to paint up these old Chaos minis with a few I added. Here is a Dragon I made out of a toy conversion. 

Here it is with a Chaos Lord on top made from another toy conversion. It was once white/glow in the dark. Now it is very dark. Grimdark even.

And here is some other guy pointing at something in a menacing way. Maybe he is picking  out toppings for his favorite chaotic sub sandwich? I tried to cover one half of his face with "tattoos" but I don't know that I was successful. 

Today I broke down and ordered a couple of the new Nurgle GW models. Specifically the fat guys flying on fat flies. And the new Rotbringers book. I also caved and backed the HATE Kickstarter because...

1. Adrian Smith
2. I like the comic and own that
3. Violence and skulls
4. Post apocalyptic low fantasy cannibals

I vow now that I will not buy any other minis this year (unless I do because you never know what you might come across and I have a taste for Oldhammer goodies).