Monday, April 27, 2015

Beer Review - Odell Brewing Loose Leaf Ale.

Odell Brewing Company - Loose Leaf American Session Ale
Beer Type: American Blonde Ale - 4.50% ABV

Appearance: 12 brown bottle and another nice artistic Odell-style label of a forest and river. Beer is a light pale yellow color and a nice little off white head that left lacing.   

Smell: Some straw and malt and something a bit sour smelling? Not getting much else.        

First Drink: Sour/bitter almost lemon flavors followed by biscuit and just a touch of hops. Not too much of anything really.   

Mouthfeel: Light! Very light. Super light?     

Last Drink: Not getting much I haven't tasted already.         

Drinkability: It's got session in the name, and I could kill a six pack easily, but I have had better session beers!          

Notes: A good beer but far from the best I have had from Odell.         

Verdict: 3 out of 5. Didn't disappoint nor does it wow.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beer Review - Odell Brewing St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale.

Odell Brewing Company - St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale

Beer Type: American Pale Ale - 6.50% ABV

Appearance: 12 brown bottle with a classy Odell-style label of a saint of hops/grain printed on it. Beer poured a hazy-straw yellow color with a thin head that faded quickly.   

Smell: Bit of piney hops and bready malts. Not too sweet smelling. Pretty mellow aromas.        

First Drink: Bitter up front followed by a nice sweet orange malt flavor with a bitter hop finish. Yum!  

Mouthfeel: Medium body but nice and smooth going down.     

Last Drink: The sweetness is coming out more now with a flavor that is a bit like honey. Also getting more of the hops bitters throughout.         

Drinkability: Pretty darn interesting flavors for a pale ale!          

Notes: I have been a fan of the Odell beers for awhile now and this one does not disappoint. Pretty sure this is a seasonal brew.         

Verdict: 4.25 out of 5. Good flavors and easy going down. What more could you want out of a session beer? 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Progress Report 3/30/15 - A building a day keeps the foam away.

Remember when I said I was going to post some photos of my Mordheim game last week? Yeah well that game didn't happen as I was absorbed back into the giant all encompassing produce beast known as my "job". But! I did manage to get in a couple quick games earlier this week against a nasty little group of Possessed and I even managed to snag a couple shots too. 

First match was a Treasure Hunt. The Undead got it on the first roll of 2D6.
Second match we used the same board setup for a Wyrdstone Hunt.
Even with a nasty Possessed running to the top with two shards the Undead came after him.
Innocent bystanders filmed the Possessed last seconds before being taken out by Corin the Vampire.
Two games and another two victories for Corin's Heroes! As a Vampire he is getting quite nasty with boosts to his Initiative, Weapon Skill, and Wounds! He also has Sprint and Lightning Reflexes and found a Lucky Charm in his last exploration of the cursed city. Can he be stopped? Will the rest of his Dregs stop dying every game!? We wait to see...

In other Mordheim news I worked on building up a broken siege wall with rubble strewn about. I also failed to take very good WIP shots but here is where I started out. 

Have since added a bunch of debris and random detritus scattered outside the broken wall as well as base coating it all for more paint! More WIP photos to come...

Then I slapped together another bit of rubble (I will get to full building soon I promise!) since I had some stuff laying about and wanted to get it out of the way.

Bricks in giant chunks? Check. A bit of wood and some weapons? Sure! Now where did those other parts of the ruined building go? Hmmm...

And finally I spent a little bit of time today putting together my "dogs" for the Witch Hunters and whatever other game requires some beasts in it. I used these LoTR wargs because they are cool and cheap! Everybody wins. 

Plus you can see the progress I made on that ruined wall in the background! I doubt the dogs made that mess though.

Speaking of messes I figured my pal needed some actual mutants for his Possessed warband (though the Deadzone minis are doing a decent job of standing in) so I slapped together a couple out of bits I had lying around. I am quite pleased with the results! 

May still add a bit of greenstuff to give them a more "finished" look but I think for a quick hack job they turned out quite nice. 

That's all there is for now! Will return later in the week with more WIP photos and perhaps even a finished piece of terrain? Who knows!?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Progress Report 3/23/15 - Slow build to a quick decline.

Almost  a month since my last update. Most of that time has been spent working at my new job but in the times when I am not sleeping or working I have been steadily building up my Mordheim terrain and minis for our current gaming fixation. 

First up I needed some Zombies to add to my Undead warband - Corin's Heroes. 

Then I jumped on to the terrain making train and got started on my first Mordheim terrain... an abandoned watchtower (with dirty watering hole). 

Started with some foamcore with the paper removed for the top.
Then I sculpted some sculpy around a carboard tube.
Beastman for scale with the roof on.
Added some pink foam stone for the tower top.
The view from above the tower.
Based it on this old lid with a space left open for water effects.
Should look nice once I finish painting it!
I have a few other terrain pieces in mind but next up I will probably just make some various rubble and ruin piles before I tackle another full on building.

Bitten by the bug I have also started work on another warband... the Witch Hunters! First up we needed a couple of Flagellants. I made these out of a few different bodies and heads and zombie bits I had laying around with some small greenstuff additions. I think they turned out nice!

Then we needed a Witch Hunter Captain to lead the warband and I just happened to have one sitting around for a few years now. A great model so no additions needed aside from a skull on the base of course. This is a miniature I got from Gorgon Studios at Adepticon 2010. 

Next we needed a Warrior Priest and I had this gut sitting in my Bones box who fit the bill quite nicely (even if he does have a little too much hair). 

And while rummaging through the Bones I found three different yet similar Witch Hunters to join the warband. Still working out their backstory but I think they are three sisters who all have their own reasons to be hunting out those who are tainted. 

And finally a couple of Zealots for inclusion later on down the road. A pack mule sort and a really excited young lad (who is from the Middenheim range for Mordheim I think?).

Just need to get a few dogs built and based on this one is well on the way... leaving me room to work on the Possessed one next! 

Also managed to get in two additional games of Mordheim this week and I hope to play one or two more today! Photos and details on those to come later this week... I promise!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Progress Report 2/25/15 - Mordheim ho!

It has been a busy few weeks for me as my new job has kicked into high gear with the grand opening of our store (which happened today!). Sadly this has left me very little time for painting or playing games. But I did manage to sneak in two games of Mordheim this week with crushingly fun results!!

Played two games (which will count as the first towards a progressive campaign in the works) here at the Drinkin' and Modelin' gaming basement (which is still under construction). I had a 4'x4' table and Furry brought over the terrain he had been working on. The results were good and the games began!

Game 1 - Randroid's Undead vs. Furry's Witch Hunters

This game started off strong for the Undead with the Surprise Attack scenario and the Witch Hunters being the warband who were surprised. Not sure what they wanted with all the Wyrdstone but my intrepid band of Undead (names and backstory shall be coming soon I promise) snuck up on them and launched a viscous attack against the unsuspecting Witch Hunters. After turn 1 they were already making Route tests but failed to fail which failed to end the scenario. After taking some additional troops out of action the Witch Hunters stubbornly fought back and refused to leave before taking the life of one Dreg and beating the crap out of a couple Ghouls. The game finally ended sometime between turn 9 and 10 when the Witch Hunters Routed voluntarily to avoid being snacked on by the hordes of Undead advancing on their positions. Here are a few shots of the action (in all their blurry glory):

Nice doggy! Fiddles the Dire Wolf gets his snack on.
Surrounded by Ghouls this Flagellant will go down swinging.
Vampire and Dreg meat shield attack from the rear.
"Just take'n a peek..." said this Dreg before getting shot in the head.
Casting necromantic spells has never been so fun!

Game 2 - Randroid's Undead vs. Beaux's Skaven

Damn dirty rats! This time it was a good ol' fashioned Wyrdstone Hunt in the ruins with 3 hunks up for grabs among the power hungry warbands. The Skaven quickly scattered and used their superior speed and agility to claim 2 piece of the Wyrdstone while the Undead slowly made their way up behind cover in an attempt to avoid the shooting onslaught which came their way. While the Ghouls headed up the flank the Vampire and his doggy friend Fiddles rushed the Skaven warband leader and gave him a whack before taking his Wyrdstone. The game ended up Turn 6 after the Skaven failed a Route test and scurried off with the last remaining chunk of the glowing green stone. And here are a couple shots I grabbed during the action:

Sneaky Skaven up in the top of the building with their Wyrdstone.
Kinda like "Where's Waldo" but with rats!!
"Just go running out there... you just got a toughness boost!"
Grozman the learned Necromancer hangs back with his Wyrdstone.
"He is up on the wall! He is invincible!!"
Rats with sharp sticks keep the Ghouls at bay.
Had quite a few increases including boosted WS and Ini stats for the Vampire leader. He is quickly becoming quite the force to be reckoned with! Toughness boosted Dreg and Ghoul make up for some of the lack of "punch" and we might just get a few Zombies added to the roster before the next time the Undead hit the streets.... gotta keep 'em guessing!