Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progress Report 11/11/10 - Changing weather.

Sunday's BRAWL was a bust for me and the Nurgland Germs. In classic tournament form I went straight from a win in my first game to a low scoring tie directly to a loss in the championship game on table one. Ended up 5th overall with a 1-1-1 showing. On the plus side I did get a shot of my partially painted models on the BB pitch!

Beast of Nurgle and his babysitting Rotter buddy. 

First match was against a bash heavy Orc team coached by Rusty - the majority of which had Block and Mighty Blow. I managed to sneak in with a TD to win the game and avoided any long lasting casualties. This game was my one and only win for the day. 

Second match was against my up and coming arch-nemesis Thom and his team the Maynooth Gits (the Underworld team that beat my Ogres in the KUBBLII playoffs). It was a hard fought game on both sides, and a lucky turn 8 score from Thom kept the Germs from taking the win.

That put the Germs in a tie for overall points for the day and having to face down coach Beaux and his dirty Cantina Killers - a Chaos Dwarf killing machine. The game strarted off uphill and stayed that way the whole time. The Germs didn't manage to do anything at all. It was a classic case of two teams so unevenly matched the only way the lower value team can win is great luck or star players. I don't have great luck, nor good luck, and star players were not allowed... so a loss was had by all (my players).
The good news is the Germs have skilled up enough to be a pretty decent starting team for KUBBL III which starts next month. All the Nurgle Warriors have Block and two of the Pestigors have Wrestle which makes them excellent in a safety capacity. We'll see what happens...

In the meantime I am still trying to get the team all painted and ready to go. I've been slowed down by work and a puppy but I did manage to apply some water effects to their swampy bases.

This is the first time I have ever used water effects on a miniature and overall I am quite happy with the results. Once I finish adding some small details I will seal the model and get some photos of the finished results. Until then...

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Kuffeh said...

Unlucky with the games dude. I like the minis though, they do look rather rotten and the water effect on the bases is a nice touch.