Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Battle Report: Beer Gut Tribe vs. Skaven 9/30/08.

Bare bones post. Just got home from my game tonight which was postponed from last week. It was a 1250 point battle against Skaven with one of our "new" regular players DANNY (you may remember him from my last Battle Report as the Chaos Mortals player). DANNY played a Skaven list crafted by our regular skitter skitter general, and did not create his own list. This may have contributed to my downfall, but overall the game went south from the beginning for the Beer Gut Tribe.

My list was as follows:
Bruiser @ 171
- Heavy Armor
- Brace of Handguns
- Wyrdstone Necklace
- Luck Gnoblar

Butcher @ 150
- Skullmantle

Butcher @ 155
- Bangstick

Bulls x 3 @ 127
- Bellower

Bulls x 3 @ 127
- Bellower

Gnoblar Fighters x 20 @ 40

Gnoblar Trappers x 10 @ 60

Leadbelchers x 2 @120
- Bellower

Leadbelchers x 2 @120
- Bellower

Maneaters x 2 @ 180
- Heavy Armor
- Brace of Handguns

Total: 1,250 Points (of 1,250)

The plan was to throw my Trappers in front of his Warp Lightning Cannon while sticking the Fighters in front to get the zap coming from his Warplock Engineer's Warp Lightning and Storm Demon. Meanwhile the Leadbelchers would negate the flanks on both sides, attempting to get into a position to get some good shots on the more expensive blocks of troops (Plague Monks, Rat Ogres, etc). The Bruiser and Bangstick Butcher were to head in with the Maneaters while the Bulls staggered up the sides to get some flank charges.

That was the plan. Lucky for DANNY things rarely go to plan when relying too heavily on Gnoblars. The great maw was not pleased with the BGT, and almost all of the inital rolls in the game were quite bad. As I don't feel like reliving the terrible beating I received at the hands of the sneaky ratmen, here is a quick recap of the "highlights" from the game.

Turn 1
  • Both the Gnoblar Trappers and Fighters bickered and sat motionless, ruining phase one of the game plan.
  • Butchers manage to buff one unit with Toothcracker while all other spells (including the Bangstick) fail or are dispelled.
  • Bruiser and Maneater make 6 shots at a screening unit of Night Runners, hit 5 and kill 4 but the unit passes its Leadership 6 check and stays in the way.
  • Skaven Warplock Engineer unleashes Warp Lightning hell on a unit of Bulls with the Skullmantle Butcher (the one that should have been screened by the Gnoblars), dealing a total of 7 wounds and killing two Bulls while leaving 1 wound on the Butcher (kuckily the unit passes it's panic check and sticks around).
Turn 2
  • Trappers don't bicker but the Fighters continue to fight over shiny objects, again failing to screen any of the Ogre units.
  • Trappers throw 20 sharp objects at the nearby Night Runners blocking an Ogre charge, hitting only 4 times and wounding none.
  • Butchers continue their failure spree but manage to get a Trollguts off on the large unit of Characters and Maneaters (all other spells are dispelled or fail outright).
  • Leadbelchers decide it is their time to shine, first unit rolls a total of 8 shots (gets 5 hits, 3 wounds) while the second unit promptly Misfires before making its 8 shots (6 hits, 4 wounds).
  • Meanwhile the Bruiser and Maneaters shoot ineffectively at the nearby Plague Monks and miss every single shot.
  • A unit of Slaves charges and runs down the trappers (meeting their flee distance exactly, even through difficult terrain).
  • Night Runners charge the Characters and Maneaters, unleashing their assassin who is promptly crushed in a challenge by the Butcher.
  • Night Runners lose combat and are mowed down in the pursuit, but the Ogres are too close to the Plague Monks to get a Bull Charge on the next turn.
  • Meanwhile the badly damaged Bull and Butcher stave off the Warp Lightning onslaught while chasing off another large unit of Slaves.
  • Leadbelchers manage to stave off additional charges with their Fear and stand still to reload.
Turn 3
  • Characters and Maneaters charge the Plague Monks, challenging with the Butcher.
  • Butcher deals 2 wounds which are saved by a 4+ Ward Save.
  • Plague Monk champion (how did the champion have a Ward Save?!) deals no wounds and the challenge is null.
  • Meanwhile the Bruiser and two Maneaters deal and addtional 4 casualties and only take 1 wound back (on a Maneater).
  • Characters and Maneaters lose the combat by 1 point (a banner), and roll a 10 for Leadership.
  • They flee 6" and are promptly mowed down.
  • At this point I quit.
And that was that. I took some pictures but I don't feel the need to post them here after a loss like that. The bottom line, I rolled really poorly. This seems to be a theme for me. Terrain placement went my way, I got to go first, and I still blew it. Here are a few things I would have done differently if I had to play it again.
  • There were two forests on the board for the Trappers to deploy in. One was near 4 units of enemies (Clan Rats, Slaves, Giant Rats, and Night Runners), while the other was only near a unit of Rat Ogres (and near impassable terrain in the form of some rocks). I should have deployed near the Rat Ogres, waited for them to head into the woods (their path forward and to their sides were blocked). The unit would have stopped outside of the Trappers who would have been able to move out around the Rat Ogres, throwing Sharp Stuff at their flank.
  • I should have placed the Leadbelchers closer to last. I placed them first in an attempt to keep units off my flanks, but DANNY responded by putting trash units in their range or simply outnumbering them. They had no worthwhile targets and had to shoot at things like Clan Rats and Slaves.
  • Taken a banner. Well maybe. I would probably have been better off with a Fistful of Laurels though. I really hate losing the entire game because of one bad Leadership role.
Overall it was a crappy end to a fairly crappy day, and another loss on my record (which is already pretty bad). I don't think the list that was played against me was especially kind, but I also don't think the list I put forward was really ideal in this situation. I ran two Butchers in the hopes of dispelling the Warp Lightning and still ate one huge blast of it, while trying to dispel it with all of my dispel dice (4 dice!!). I am either really unlucky or the universe is plotting against me.

Back to the drawing board ...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Progress Report - 9/22/08.

Negate. Negating. Negated.

ne·gate [ni-geyt, neg-eyt], verb, -gat·ed, -gat·ing.

–verb (used with object) deny the existence, evidence, or truth of: an investigation tending to negate any supernatural influences. nullify or cause to be ineffective: Progress on the study has been negated by the lack of funds.

I have been negating this gnoblog! This gnoblog has been negated!

Two factors have come into play against my "regular" postings (aside from the usual life stuff like eating, working, drinking ... oh wait that part is covered here).

1. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. First it was the Preview Weekend, followed by the Preview Weekend+, quickly challenged by the might of the Open Beta, which led directly into the Headstart Program for the Collector's Edition (which is a mighty fine box of game if you have not seen it yet).
2. Actually, there wasn't really a second thing.

In my time away from the Beer Gut Tribe I have looked into creating a 40K Witch Hunters army, a Gnoblar Horde list, a Ulric themed Empire army, and I am still in the process of putting together Slayers for my Slayer Army. But alas, my time with the BGT has been woefully slim.

No longer! I have an epic update chock full of poorly lit and photographed pictures for all of you still stumbling upon this blog! These "riches" are yours to do with what you will. Without further rambling from me ...

First up is my Gorger. I have had this fellow for awhile, but I just recently got around to green stuff'n his MASSIVE GAPS. I took that time to construct a weedy little snack from the Giant sprue, which is directly under his foot. A simple conversion that turned out pretty good. It will look "better" when it is painted of course. Apologies for the shoddy lighting ...

Next up we have my Hunter. This is another Ogre who was sitting around for quite some time, waiting for some green stuff TLC for himself and his kitties. I posed his club a bit different from the other Hunters I have seen out there, which makes him harder to rank up in the "normal" pose. I like the way he looks though, almost more menacing this way?

Here is his "arty" profile shot (warning: nothing "arty" about this shot).

Next up, my Paymaster Maneater who is currently filling the role of my Bruiser. I need to get some real Tyrant/Bruiser models or craft my own, but I keep putting it off (haven't gotten past 1000 points yet). Nothing special here, just show and tell.

Okay, now we are getting to the better stuff. Here are my three Yhetees. I am still not totally sold on this unit, and I was having difficulty fitting them into the "fluff" (theme) for the Beer Gut Tribe. I decided they needed to be drunks. There, that wasn't so hard now was it!?

Basically the BGT heads into the mountains and recruits these "rednecks" who only care about 2 things: DRINKIN' and FIGHTIN' (the BGT cares about 3 things, they like money too). They bring with them all of the nastiest, skunkiest beer and liquor they have, and give it to the Yhetees in return for their help in combat.

Its a pretty good deal for everyone involved! Here you can see the middle Yhetee with his cask of ale (they are very protective of their swill, to the victor goes the spoils!).

And last, but far from least, we have the new and improved Bangstick Butcher!

I was unhappy with my initial attempt at converting this fellow, so I attacked him yet again to practice my green stuff'n, and to make him look better. I grafted on one of the extra arms from my Butcher model (which I haven't completed), and made him a new apron (with a sort of Leatherface/stitched together vibe).

Overall I am quite happy with the results. I am still learning about green stuff, and I did a much better job of keeping my fingerprints off the finished product (although I can see some on those pictures, gah!).

And that is all I have for today! The Beer Gut Tribe will be going up against the cowardly Skaven for the first time tomorrow, so there should be another update very soon (assuming WAR doesn't suck away my soul). Until next time ...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Battle Report: Beer Gut Tribe vs. Warriors of Chaos 9/4/08.

I'm sorry gnoblog. I lied to you. I said I would post some pictures of my works in progress in this next entry. I had every intention of doing so, I even spent several hours over the long weekend working on my models! Sadly, I can't find my digital camera. It is around here somewhere and I hope to have it located soon. My next entry will have pictures, honest!

In the meantime I have a short update and a not particularly robust Battle Report from my game against Warrior of Chaos (aka DANNY) Tuesday evening.

First .... THE LIST!
Bruiser @ 177
- Great Weapon
- Heavy Armor
- Brahmir Statue
- Fistful of Laurels

Butcher @ 155
- Skullmantle

Butcher @ 150
- Bangstick

Bulls x 3 @ 115
- Bellower

Ironguts x 3 @ 154
- Bellower

Ironguts x 3 @ 154
- Bellower

Gnobs x 20 @ 40

Gnobs x 20 @ 40

Without my camera I wasn't able to get any pictures of the game, but here is a very basic MS Paint version of the map terrain and unit deployment.

I deployed my units in a staggered formation with the bait units in the front and the heavy hitters in the back. My goal was to flee from any charges DANNY might make on the Gnoblars and Bulls, setting me up for a front and flank charge in response. That sort of worked out, but not quite as I was hoping.

Turn 1 Short Thoughts Recap!

DANNY won the first turn. He marched forward with his infantry blocks and rolled up with his chariot. Meanwhile the cav moved into a "hey, I am in your flank" position. The Beer Gut Tribe (BGT for short) sent the Gnoblars rushing in. Bulls marched 12" up the right, between the rock formation and a hill. Irongut units moved up just enough to cast Gut magic (GM). Offensive GM killed 2 marauders, and defensive GM buffed the two in range Ogre units.

Turn 2 Lets See What I Can Remember Collection!

DANNY delcared a charge with his horseys into the first Gnob unit. They flee 12" behind the Ogre lines and near the table edge. The horseys fail their charge and sit helplessly in the field. Remaining units move up into a turn 3 charge range. BGT moves the Bulls into a flank position on the Marauders, while the Irongut units stay put and blast away with GM. A few more dead warriors, and the main unit passes their first Ld roll at a -4. Gnoblars throw sharp stuff and kill 1 marauder. The other Gnoblar unit rallies and turns around to face the enemy. Hah!

Turn 3 Is Where It Starts To Get Fuzzy Ideas!

DANNY charges the the other Gnoblars (2) with his Chariot and Marauders. They flee, causing the charge to fail. Both units roll to a stop outside of the Gnoblars, leaving the Marauders wide open to a flank charge from the Bulls. The horseys move further down the edge of the flank to line up with the large Ironguts unit. BGT strikes back by charging the Marauders from the front and flank. They lose combat and start to run. Bulls pursue while the Ironguts and Butcher hang back. The Warrior block is forced to flee with a Brainrobbler, running backwards 7" towards the trees. Gnoblars move up to cover the command unit's flank and intercept the horse charge.

Turn 4 Ah Hell, I Am Just Making Stuff Up Storytime!

DANNY fails to rally his Warriors, and charges the Gnobs (1) with his horseys. The Gnobs flee, leaving the horseys standing directly in front of the control unit full of big (hungry) Ogres. Mmmm .. horsemeat! Meanwhile the Marauders keep running for the table edge and the Chariot slams into the Gnoblars on the right (2), killing them in a pursuit off the table edge. The BGT runs over and eats the horses while the Bulls chase the Marauders off the map.

Turn 5 It Is Kind Of Scary How Much Of This I Remember Flashback!

DANNY rallies his Warriors and turns to face the oncoming Ogre horde! The BGT sends the remaining Gnoblars to face the returning Chariot, putting themselves in front of it and throwing rocks (dealing 1 wound). GM takes off a few more Warriors.

Turn 6 Is When The Game Ends Prophecy!

Danny runs over and kills the remaining Gnoblars, while the Warriors move up and into a better position to take the encroaching Ogre Bull charge. BGT rushes the Warriors who manage to pass 3 consecutive Fear tests (including the one at -4) and hold their ground. Close combat ensues, but the large control unit falls 1/2" short of the charge and is left out of the flank. The Butcher and Ironguts kill the Warrior's Chosen (and army general) while the Bulls manage a few wounds of their own. The BGT almost lose the combat by 2 points, but win and chase down the warriors in their pursuit.

And that was the game! The final outcome was ....

A MASSACRE! (1600 points BGT, 80 points Warriors of Chaos)