Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms - new army book rumors part 2.

More "heard it through the grapevine" information about the next Ogre Kingdoms book. I am really starting to think we'll see a new book this year!

"Hunters will be able to take an upgrade so they become a moving bolt thrower. How this combines with the dragging monsters thing i do not know."

"Sabre tusks will be able to be taken in packs of 5 or more."

"Bull charge will work the same as minos (almost a given I know) with no minimum distance."

"Scraplauncher no changes, maybe a slight points tweek."

"We WILL see rhinox riders. Same rules and points as the forge world rules more or less with small tweeks on both. He could not say how."

I am hoping for a Rhinox mount option for characters, or at least the Tyrant. The new Hunter changes sound good, and we've been kicking around the idea of Sabertusk Packs for a few years over at the Ogre Stronghold.

As always, take these rumors as you will!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Library announce new Warhammer Fantasy series - Warhammer Heroes.

I suppose this may be old news to those paying attention (or anyone who isn't me), but I just read about the new Warhammer Fantasy book series starting this year from Black Library. This new series is called "Warhammer Heroes" and the books in this series will feature stories written about some of WHFB's special characters. From the BL blog:

"The Warhammer World has the most incredible, rich history, full of wonderful heroes, villains and epic events. What better than to devote a whole series of books to characters we already know and love? But how will this series differ from Time of Legends, I hear you ask? Well, while Time of Legends deals with people and events that formed the Warhammer World, this new series focuses on contemporary heroes, characters who still stride the battlefields today, in our imagination, and as models on the tabletop."

"When we read Chris Wraight’s story Premonition, one of our short story competition winners way back in 2007, we knew we had found a very special talent. He has an intrinsic, sensitive understanding of the Warhammer background, he’s great at characterisation, and always comes up with good plots. Chris’s name was on our shortlist for authors to write for the Warhammer Heroes series, and when he sent us in his proposal – a set of stories about Ludwig Schwarzhelm, the Emperor’s Champion – we loved it. In fact, we thought it was so good that we decided it was perfect to launch the series with."

"The Empire army is the core of what Warhammer is about; knights are the core of the army; and special characters such as Ludwig epitomise the knightly ideal. Sword of Justice takes that special character and turns him into a living, breathing person, full of fire and glory; a dangerous man, a man who will never give up, who will never fail to discharge his duty to the Emperor and the Empire."

"The story of Ludwig, and his arch rival Kurt Helborg, will continue at a later point in Sword of Vengeance. The subject of the second novel in the Warhammer Heroes series could not be more different – Black Library stalwart C L Werner is penning the tale of Wulfrik the Wanderer, the exiled Chaos warrior."

Most exciting! While the first books sounds like it will be an enjoyable read I am far more excited to read a tale about one of my favorite Warriors of Chaos special characters Wulfrik the Wanderer. I also really like the new book design for this series:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Progress Report - mass delays due to mass effect.

Painting progress has slowed down due to the timely arrival of Mass Effect 2 and moving preparations. I signed a lease for a massive 2 story, 3 bedroom house (with attic and basement) - located directly between a huge old cemetery and an abandoned asylum. At least I have somewhere to live/store my models when I move!

I wanted to post something that would be appropriate for my new life as a " victim soon to be killed by the axe murdering pyschopath" so here are some pictures of my first Gorgerspawn!

I added the third arm, tail, and hook blade/tentacles. My Gorgerspawn (and Skrag) models come directly from the Great Maw which is close to/inside of the Chaos Wastes. Spending time there has given them a few ... additional features.

I didn't take any photos from the back of the Gorgerspawn but he has some growths sprouting from his shoulders. They look quite gross the way I have painted them. I love it! The victim on his base is the running man from the Giant sprue - slightly repositioned and repurposed (as lunch).

I also finished my first (of two) unit of Gnoblar Fighters. I had some help painting these from my missus. We went for the red shirts as an homage to the classic cannon fodder of Star Trek. I like the look of these guys all ranked up and painted and I might go back and give them some more detail and extra finish (right after I finish another unit of 20).

Aside from these two units I also completed a Paymaster Maneater model which I use as a Bruiser, and my one Ogre standard bearer. I will try to get pictures of those added as soon as the sun comes back out. I'm now working on my Skrag model, 20 more Gnoblar Fighters, touch ups for all my Ogres (especially the bases), and my Corpse Cart for the VC. Lots to do!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms - new army book rumors.

I am not one to normally put much stock in rumors but the word of a new book coming out for Ogre Kingdoms has been coming up quite a bit on the net recently.

Came across a few choice bits from WHFB regular tipster Avian that have me quite excited:

In a topic about what "quick fixes" the OK army needed:
"Well, at least they are getting a couple of improvements in the not too distant future."
After mention that a bump to toughness 5 would never happen:
"No indeed, but a lot of other things will happen, including a few things that sensible people have dismissed."
And when pressed for more details Avian leaves us with this:
"Look for better equipment, the option to fight in a new formation and significantly fewer restrictions."

"Shame about the changes to fear."

"I'm quite excited, both with regards to timing (though I'll have to juggle painting my chaos AND ogres while changing diapers) and the book contents. And the models."

Remember when the Ogre Kingdoms were new?

There has been word that the new OK book will hit sometime this year although a specific date has not been mentioned. With the advent of 8th edition (probably the reference to changes in Fear above) likely in July, and Orcs and Goblins with that release, it seems we could be looking at the end of the year.

There is also the possibility of May as there is currently nothing announced publicly for release after the Blood Angels book in April.

Only time will tell - but I am getting quite pumped up for new Ogre love. I'll leave you with a few other highly unofficial rumors:
"Feel free to drop a ship of salt on them as my source likes to mix facts with fiction when telling me this stuff but most should ring true."

"First of all there will be a new book this year. But don't hold your breath as we are looking towards the end of the year."

"Hunters will be able to take up to 4 sabretusks, this will let them break ranks. Also been told he will get the option for a giant cave bear style pet instead of sabretusks. The idea of being able to pull monsters towards himself after a successful shot was also brought up but he has no idea how far he will be able to pull it."

"Leadbelchers will have a unit champ who can shoot grapeshot when charged."

"Gut magic will get alot nastier. Did not say how."

"Big names will become like Vamp bloodline powers and not have to be taken from magic items allowance."

"Finally a vastly improved magic item list, with a few different banners worth taking. (Rumour of one that turns ward saves of any enemies in combat into reg saves)"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gold and Glory - Issue #3 available for mercenary work.

Do you love fighting for a living? Are you a fan of the lost and overlooked armies of WHFB? Then perhaps you should take a look at the latest issue of Gold and Glory - the Dogs of War themed WHFB webzine.

Grab your pikes and charge it here!

This latest issue is a bit sparse content-wise, and the layout is quite spartan as well - making use of one background and standard text block with model photo design. This issue focuses on making use of the Duelist unit with some tips on DoW army building, and questions from the forum. It appears that Willmark (the layout/editor fellow) from Word of Hashut will be taking over this webzine as of issue #4. I really hope the look and quality improves as I have a soft spot in my heart for the Dogs of War and like reading about them.

If you are interested in contributing they are looking for staff and help!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In between painting hobby update ...

Wow! It has been a few days since I last updated. I have been quite busy looking for a place to live, painting models, and playing Warhammer. Mostly painting.

Been playing a lot of games lately with tournaments every weekend this month and the local escalation league going as well. Trying to cram in as much gaming as possible before I leave this kick-ass scene. Next one is this Saturday which will be a 2,250 event. I will be bringing my Ogres, using an intentionally "bad" list to see how I do. My intention is to try out some of the commonly used items/tactics Ogre generals seem to like but I normally avoid. We'll see how it turns out ...

I don't know when I will have the time to get a lot of painting done again in the future (as I am in between jobs) and I have a few events coming up that require painted models (which are currently just primed).

I've also decided to keep track of how many models I purchase vs. paint this year in an attempt to get all of my unpainted/unassembled models done before I buy more. It's called "the pledge" and you can see my current status on the side bar to the right.

As of this writing I have - Bought: 0 and Painted: 20.

I am in the process of finishing another 20 models, plus a few Ogres and Gorgers/spawn, and I have yet to buy anything! We'll see how long I can keep this up.

In other (good) news I placed 1st in a local Team Tournament here in Austin last weekend - bringing home both Warriors of Chaos and Beasts of Chaos regiment boxes for my next army project. While the urge to build them is strong I refuse to work on them until I finish my Vampire Counts and Ogre Kingdoms!

Speaking of which, I think the paint on my models is dry. For those who crave more entertainment I leave you with this beer review:

Deschutes Brewery - Cinder Cone Red

Beer Type: American Amber

Appearance: 12 oz. brown bottle with a variation of the classic Deschutes label and a mountain/volcano. Beer poured a burnt orange color with a thin head that quickly faded with some slight lacing.

Smell: Plenty of sweet caramel malt with a bit of roasted malt as well. Something a bit floral and "spicy" comes through but I can't say what it is...

First Drink: Just like the aroma, this beer is sweet followed quickly with some hops, a bit more caramel flavor, and ending on a bitter note.

Mouthfeel: Full bodied and a bit creamy, the overall sensation is a bit dry though.

Last Drink: The bitterness carries that same indistinct "spicy" flavor as the aroma. Must come from the hops they use in this brew.

Drinkability: There is a lot of things going on in this beer. It features a complex level of flavors that I find both confusing and refreshing.

Notes: This is one of Deschutes seasonal offerings, only available from April to June.

Verdict: 3.75 out of 5. Good beer, but the bitter note is a bit strange in such a sweet beer.

Links: Beer Advocate and Deschutes Brewery.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Review - "Curse of the Necrarch" by Steven Saville.

More books to review - this time around we have a Black Library release from 2008. Next up will be a review of the first in the Nagash trilogy "Nagash the Sorcerer" by Mike Lee.

"Curse of the Necrarch" by Steven Saville

"Curse of the Necrarch" is a vampire counts related one-shot novel set in the Warhammer Fantasy old world. Where as the "Vampire Wars" series focused more on the major vampire counts bloodlines, this book tells the tale of two lost souls and their quest for redemption (of a sort).

The book begins with a last stand outside the walls of Kastell Metz as the heroic Felix Metzger readies himself and his loyal knights for one last epic battle against the hordes of undead which have ravaged the nearby countryside. As you might imagine things do not go well for Felix leaving the forces of evil triumphant and in control of Kastell Metz.

Flash forward 500 years - the dead once again rise from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living. The necromantic force behind this threat, known only as Radu the Forsaken, has made it's home in the highest towers in what remains of Kastell Metz. Aided by his two apprentice thralls known as Casimir and Amsel, Radu seeks a lost artifact of great power. An item thought to have once belonged to the great and powerful sorcerer Nagash!

Meanwhile in the town of Grimminhagen, Reinhardt Metzger is on the verge of retiring from his position as Knight Protector. But the years of potential peace awaiting Metzger are thrown aside when communications from the outlying villages and neighboring towns cease. Soon Metzger, and his long time friend Kaspar Bohmen, set out to discover the cause of the disturbance. They soon learn that the dead once again walk the land and narrowly avoid their own death to bring this message back to the town of Grimminhagen in preparation for the coming invasion.

The story is easy to follow, and Steven does a good job of keeping things moving at a brisk pace, focusing on the important details without accounting for every small description. The inherent treachery of the vampire thralls makes for an interesting dynamic within the forces of the undead, while Metzger's pride and "I am too old for this" attitude rarely overstay their welcome. If you are looking for a good fantasy action novel you could do far worse than this book. I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in rotting undead Vampires, or the Vampire Counts of the WHFB old world.

Verdict: 7 out of 10.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Progress Report - Painted Vampire Counts models.

It has been awhile since I updated my poor blog with photos of painted models, and since I have been painting up a storm as of late I am here to rectify this problem! Behold! Painted miniatures!!

First up is my completed unit of Dire Wolves. I bought and painted 10 and I don't plan on buying or painting any more of these! I am not a fan of this model although they do look better with paint on them (of course).

I think they look pretty dead.

A slightly different angle to make out the gribbly bits better.

And for completion's sake - the moldering rears.

Those with a keen eye (or creepy randroid-centric blog memory) will notice the terrain under their rotting paws - that is a display board I recently threw together for my armies. I got tired of not having anything for the events I go to. This one is a sort of "neutral" rocky/grassy theme for all my WHFB armies. I need to sand and stain the edges but otherwise I consider it "done". I plan on adding army specific pieces of terrain that can be used as objective markers to make it look more "themed" for each force.

Next up we have six mostly finished Black Knights. They still need some highlights and the weapons and armor need to be dirtied up a bit but otherwise I consider them good.

Fear the undead skeleton dudes!!

The skeleton horses look a bit goofy.

I gave up on trying to make the horses look ethereal as it wasn't turning out the way I had hoped. I might go back and give it another try but for now it is on the back burner.

Speaking of ethereal...

One unit down, one to go.

For those who made it through the entire post I have one last picture - the WIP state of my Vampire on foot (one massive undead brute).

Not 100% sure what I am doing with this fellow. The shield in particular is giving me headaches but I am still throwing colors on the model. What do you think? Does it look decent?

I am working on some Zombies at the moment and after that it will be more Black Knights and Skeletons. The undead horde never ends!

Comments, critiques, kudos, and suggestions are welcome and encouraged as always.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Let the (Ogre) good times roll?

A bit of a random post today as I wanted to collect the Ogre related news and information I have into one post. It is all good news, something I don't mind getting more of!

First up - the new Waaaghcast episode is out. It is an Ogre Kingdoms army review episode featuring .... me! I've been listening to the show for a couple months now and when Joe and Chuck said they were looking for help to review the OK book I jumped at the chance to run my big mouth.

You can download the episode here or head over to the site for links and more information on the show. I have experience rambling on the airwaves but this is my first time on a podcast ... go easy on me (which starts at around 26 minutes in).

Second - I got my first ever (well second if you count 'Ard Boyz) tournament placement yesterday, coming in third at a fundraiser for Capital City Carnage. Three tough but fun games against three good opponents and placing third is probably the third best thing to happen to me this month. As a prize I took home a box of the old pewter Bloodletters which I actually quite like and I am sure they will find a home in either my Warriors or Beastmen armies (if and when I get those going).

If you are in or near the Austin area, or you are just looking for a really good WHFB event to attend, I highly recommend Capital City Carnage. It is a great tournament held in a big and comfortable location downtown in the heart of Austin, TX. I would love to come back and participate again this year but with my future being a bit ... open ended ... I doubt I can make that happen. Don't miss out like me!

Third but not least - a lot of positive feedback coming in for the first issue of the Bellower. As of yesterday the first issue had been downloaded 1,287 times and it also appeared on the WarSeer news page.

I've included a few bits of the feedback I have seen (and trust me the team takes it all into consideration):
Very well put together I must say. Wonderful artwork, great writing with a sense of humor, and I even loved the little adds for the other e-zines currently running. I think the best part was the ‘Ask Aunt Doreen’ section, much like a dear Abby, but really funny. There’s an original story inside, a look at one of the members armies, some pros and cons to Ogres and much more great material. The only thing I’d like to see more of or different would be a battle report (as common as they are) and some more modeling/painting advice or tutorials. Very well done guys, and I can’t wait to see the next one.

I haven’t really poked around the Ogre Stronghold but it looks like a well designed site, and from the intro of The Bellower, sounds like a wonderful community.
Something I always enjoy is reading the fanzines out there for various factions, or for any Warhammer experience, really. I've really liked reading The Stronghold's Bellower, an online magazine devoted to the hotness that is the Ogre Kingdoms. Check out the the almost 1200 point Special Character in there (with his mammoth), and some great artwork.

Babel Fish translation:
Graphically beautifully made, even if naturally in the file size settles, but contentwise it gives not as much, as most E-Zines (mostly however still more than the White Dwarf…). But they are in vain and worth a view for players of the army concerned at least.
Not sure what that means exactly but it sounds good?

So there you have it, three things which equal good times for me and my Ogres. I managed to get some painting done last week but it was mostly my Vampire Counts - expect some new pictures this week (if the sun comes out).

Friday, January 8, 2010

Beastmen advance orders up on the GW site - new Beastmen sprues.

Well here we go - more Beastmen pics and info (this time it is official). From the GW site:

"There are a host of awe-inspiring new additions to the Beastmen range, which are all available to advance order from today.

Warhammer Armies: Beastmen is a 96-page army book with new background, rules, units and special characters. It replaces Warhammer Armies: Beasts of Chaos and - for the first time - shows the Beastmen as a completely stand alone army (just like Warriors of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos).

The Doombull and Gorebull are some of the mightiest leaders of the warherds. The Bloodcallers, Fathers of Rage, their blood-lust frenzy is so infectious that they pass it on to any unit they lead.

The Minotaurs are the shock troops of the warherd. Strong and tough with multiple Attacks, the sheer force of their charge inflicts damage on the enemy.

Ungors are spiteful, twisted beasts. What they lack in horns and stature, they make up for in malevolence, bitterness and cunning. Equipped with short bows they become Ungor Raiders, skirmishing and scouting ahead of the main herd.

Gors are the backbone of a Beastmen warherd. They form the bulk of any battleline, but their primal hunting instincts also mean that they can also flank, encirle and ambush the enemy during battle.

Bestigors are the biggest warriors of the Gor-herd, marrying heavy armour with double-handed axes to mighty effect.

Razorgors are the bigger, angrier cousins of the Tuskgor. Not only can they be used in herds to batter heavily armoured opposition, when harnessed to a chariot they become a truly fearsome weapon.

Ghorros Warhoof is a gnarled and ancient champion of the Centigors. The fact that he is renowned - even among Centigors - for his violent, drunken rages, is a sobering fact, indeed.

Malagor, the Dark Omen, Crowfather, Despoiler of the Sacred, Harbinger of Disaster. In a world riven by superstition, portent and Signs, Malagor is one of the most feared of the Beastmen - a living image of doom, damnation and the End of the World. His unholy magic power grows and grows throughout the battle spreading fear among his enemies and increasing the battle-frenzy of his allies."
Loads of pictures available on the GW site so be sure and check them out. Personally I am most interested in the new sprues so here they are! Click the image if you want to see the sprue larger and in more detail:

Minotaur sprue 1

Minotaur sprue 2

Minotaur sprue 3

Ungor sprue 1

Ungor sprue 2

Gor sprue 1

Gor sprue 2

Bestigor sprue 1

Bestigor sprue 2

Bestigor sprue 3

Disclaimer time - the above images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. I have used these without permission. Don't sue me!

So what do you think? One thing I have noticed is the massive price for some of the models. $40+ for the new Doombull!? What is it made of gold!?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beer Gut tribe 2,010 list for the Capital City Carnage Fundraiser.

Oi! My first tournament of 2,010 is coming up this Sunday - a 2,010 point fundraiser event for the Austin IGT known as Capital City Carnage. Sadly I won't be able to participate in the actual CCC tournament (May 1st and 2nd) so this smaller event is as close as I will get this year.

I'll be taking my Ogre Kingdoms as I don't have my Vampire Counts fully painted nor do I feel fully confident in my abilities as a VC general yet. Anyhow, here is the list:
LORDS: (321)
Tyrant – Cathayan Longsword, Heavy Armor, Luck Gnoblar, Sword Gnoblar x 2, Beastkiller, Wyrdstone Necklace, Greedy Fist, Greyback Pelt (321)

HEROES: (579)
Bruiser – BSB, Heavy Armor, Luck Gnoblar, Sword Gnoblars x 2, Gnoblar Thiefstone x 2, Sword of Might (224)
Butcher – Bangstick, Dispel Scroll (180)
Butcher – Skullmantle, Dispel Scroll (175)

CORE: (525)
Bulls x 3 – Bellower (115)
Ironguts x 3 – Bellower (154)
Ironguts x 4 – Bellower (202)
Gnoblar Trappers x 9 (54)

SPECIAL: (405)
Scraplauncher (165)
Leadbelchers x 2 – Champion (120)
Leadbelchers x 2 – Champion (120)

RARE: (180)
Maneaters x 2 – Heavy Armor, Great Weapons (180)

Total Points: 2,010 (of 2,010)
The now "classic" Tyrant build for smashing characters and monster will be joined in the Maneater unit with the Bruiser BSB and possibly also the Skullmantle Butcher. The Bangstick Butcher will join the unit of 3 Ironguts with the other Ironguts and Bulls supporting the flanks of the Maneater unit.

The rest of my army is made up of diversions/support with a Scraplauncher and two units of Leadbelchers for dealing with Fast Cav and Flying units.

Pretty straight forward stuff. Not a lot of Ogres on the table but with any luck I will have my Gut Magic buffs up and running on them to keep them alive.

Previously I was toying with a Brahmir Statue/Skullmantle list for the -4 to Leadership tests against Chaos and Skaven forces but I dropped that at the last minute. I would rather rely on my abilities as a general and not some cheesy -4 to Panic/Terror tests to win me games. Also there is a ton of ItP/Frenzy/MoS troops out there that simply wouldn't care (and knowing my luck I would play nothing but Elves for the duration of the event).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Bestmen model pictures and info from the web.

Came across a few pictures of the new Beastmen models on WarSeer.

Full poster ad






Also this picture of the new Razorgor from the same thread:

Disclaimer time - the above images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. I have used these without permission. Don't sue me!

And this bit of new information from the Beasts over at the Herdstone:
Ok, just had a quick 5 minute convo with my mate who's had a 5 minute read thorough the new book.

Herds have split , both ranked up but ungor get the option to skirmish
Unruly has gone
New rule for "herds"- when in combat take a leadership check.
If passed the unit gets hatred, if you roll insane courage you get hatred and frenzy. Didn't seem to be a downside if you failed.

Bestigor capture standards if they simply win a round of combat, get to add it (and any others they capture) to their combat res.

Minotaurs get frenzy if they win a round of combat, for every round they win they get a cumulative extra attack! Minos can only ever pursue or overrun 1d6 (they can now overrun)


Centigor, still special not fast cav. No drunken every turn, instead roll a dice at the beginning of the game. Effects range from +2 I, to -1 movement to something else he couldn't remember.

New unit Harpies

New unit. Some kind of jabberwoky thing. Enemy units in 12" take Ld check, for every number they fail by take a wound no armour. seemed to be 5's across the board. If it takes a wound in combat enemy takes a S5 hit. 275 points.

Think he said about a gorgon thing, mainly 6's.

There was a normal giant, then there was a cyclops giant which was basically a giant with only Ld8, but armed with a stone thrower and every (enemy?) wizard within 24" has to pass a leadership check or not be able to cast spells.
So there you have it - a slew of Beastmen info for better or worse. I'm not sure I love the new models but I am still getting pumped up about the new monstrous gribbly things lurking in the woods. We'll see them in the flesh (or plastic and pewter) soon enough.

UPDATE: More rumors from the Herdstone ...

More rumors:
Got to have a look at the Beastmen book today. I must say that the Minotaurs shown in it look much better than the ones on that poster.

Ungor skirmishers (with bows) look pretty good too.

There's a fair few rare choices, 3 giant things and the spawn. Jabberwocky is in there, with a slightly different name. Stonethrowing cyclops with ghostsight and a Gorgon.

I didn't see any Shaggoths at all. Sorry.

Harpies are in (pretty sure it was the same picture as in in the dark elf book..)

Didn't see dragonogres either.

Jabberwocky thing is a large target. No idea on the base size but probably large monster.

Spells - There was a movement one, something to make mounts attack the riders and one that was something like 16+ to cast and summoned one of the rare choices from a board edge.

Rules - a sort of hatred rule that becomes better with a beastlord. Minotaurs become better if they keep winning the combat they are in.

And these...
Gorgon ( i think it was) looks like a giant minotaur, and eats people

Cygor is a cyclops giant-gor that gets rerolls to hit against undead, daemons (I think) and things with ward saves. Tragically WS2. Stone Thrower.

Jabbersclyth is the jabberwocky thing. Flying, poison, terror, largetarget, 12" tounge attack, strength 5

Doombulls have D3 impact hits, normal minos have 1 each. Each round of combat won gives minos an extra frenzy attack for that combat (lost if combat ends or you lose a round).

Beastlord allows a reroll on the beastial roll when fighting against humans (Empire and Bretonians) which basically means it's likely the unit will get what is effectively eternal hatred. Something to do with insane courage adding in Frenzy to the unit he's with with that in-combat-roll thing

Great Bray Shaman are T5.

The Wild Lore has a spell that summons either a Jabber, Giant, Cygor or Gorgon from a board edge of your choice. Not RIP, but may aswell be from the desription. If the monster takes a wound then the caster takes a T test to see if they take a wound. If the caster dies then the monster disappears.

First spell of the lore was something like all friendlys within 6" get to move D6 towards nearest enemy in sight or forward. Not too sure on that one.

There's another that makes the mounts of a unit attack the riders.

2 chariot types, ungor and gor. Ungor one is core, not sure about the gor one, but is pulled by razorgors from what I was told (didn't see that page)

No gargoyles, but we do get harpies.

Ambush yes. Need to confirm who has it and how it works. Pretty sure it was just gors and ungors for it.

I think the bestial roll is for gors and bestigors.

Sadly I didn't get a thorough look at all the stuff, moslty brief glimpses.

The rare choices all looked to be 200+ points each, giant 205(?) the others 275ish and the spawn at 55 or so.

As for the Bestigor stealing banners, pretty sure it just adds an extra combat res to the unit and doesn't confer special rules. Would need to check though

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Word of Hashut - Issue #7 sneaks out in time for the new year.

The twisted stunties over at Chaos-Dwarfs online have released their latest vile creation on the unsuspecting populace of 2010.

Future and former slave masters can find it here!

Overall this is a continuation of the last issue in terms of layout, with some really solid content throughout. The issue kicks off with an interview featuring two of the creative minds behind the recently released Dwarfs of Chaos IGT list, followed by two really interesting how-to articles, good looking minis, a grudgey battle report, rules development, and yet more awesome models. A good issue that doesn't drag on, leaving the reader wanting more. Kudos to the WoH team and I can only hope the Bellower looks this good after 7 issues!

The Bellower - Issue #1 Out Now!

The first (and only) unofficial webzine dedicated to the Ogre Kingdoms has been released! The Bellower rings out loud from the Mountains of Mourn - will you answer the call?

Issue #1 available now:

If you have feedback, praise, suggestions, or contributions for future issues let the Bellower team know about it! You can email us at or leave your comments here.


Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Hobby Resolutions - 2010.

The new year is upon us! Thank goodness... I am not sure I could have taken much more of 2009. Now we live in the mystical future known only as 2010.

The new year means new things for me and my Warhammer hobby. This year I am making a few resolutions for myself, hopefully I can stick to them.
  • Be a better sportsman: I have a bad tendency to get caught up in the moment and take things personally. Gotta remember it is just a game and win or lose I play it for fun. I've been working on this for several months now and I would like to think I am doing better already. I know I have been having more fun playing as of late at least...

  • Finish painting my Vampire Counts army: This one might be difficult as I have no intention of using them in any upcoming tournaments or events and I have had really bad luck with them in my games as of late. I know the list I am playing is not the best but I keep stubbornly trying to make it work. Still, I am not assembling/painting anything else until I get these undead goons done.

  • Begin work on my Warriors of Chaos/Beastmen armies: I have a good amount of WoC models just sitting on my shelves waiting for me, and a list I want to build. Beasts are something I can see myself wanting once the new book is released but we'll see.

  • Learn 40k and start or don't: I've been wishy-washy with 40k for too long. I either need to start playing it (and learn how to play in the process) or give it up and focus on WHFB. I have no idea what my gaming community will look like after I move in a few months. My hand may be forced on this one if I can't find fantasy players in the area (at least until I convert a few).

  • Build some terrain: The few bits of terrain I have for my table are quite sad. I need to spend some time crafting terrain I actually want to use and like the look of - especially if I want to get people into the game (nobody is impressed by green foam).

  • Release four issues of the Bellower this year: This one isn't entirely dependent on me, but as the current editor/layout slave a lot comes down to me being on time. First issue should be out soon so we are well on our way!

  • Attend as many tournaments as possible: Winning is nice but I really like the social aspect of tournament events. It is always nice to meet new nerds, see new armies, and play a bunch of games. I know there are a few events in the midwest so as long as I can find the time to go this shouldn't be a problem.
There are likely a few things I am forgetting but these few things should keep me pretty busy in the coming year. One thing I left off the list is including more beer reviews on the site. It's the first word in the name of this blog! I shouldn't have to make a resolution to include more beer coverage, so here is a review of a rather tasty beer from a few months back.

Lagunitas Brewing Company - Lagunitas IPA

Beer Type: American IPA

Appearance: 12 oz. brown bottle with an off-white label and a typical Lagunitas label. Beer poured a light amber color with a medium off-white head that quickly faded.

Smell: Sweet malts followed quickly by a sharp citrus-hoppy aroma. You can really smell both the sweet and bitter qualities of this beer.

First Drink: Sweet carmel malt quickly overcome by a grapefruit like bitterness. Not much of the "pine" flavor I have come to associate IPA's with.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a little oilyness from the hops. Overall this is a smooth, well carbonated beer.

Last Drink: The sharp bitterness mellows out and is replaced by a sweet roasted aftertaste. Nicely done.

Drinkability: I'm not always a fan of IPA style beers (although I am growing to like them), but this is well crafted and does not have a severly bitter aftertaste. I may have to drink a few more to be sure...

Notes: Drinking this right now just makes me want the Lagunitas Cappucino Stout! I hope I can get that again soon!

Verdict: 4 out of 5.

Links: Beer Advocate and Lagunitas Brewing Company.