Sunday, June 26, 2016

Progress Report 6/26/16 - Flying away!

We've got a problem round here... a fly problem!!

Finished these guys up yesterday. Still need to add some goop and a little detail on the bases but otherwise they are ready to fly the friendly Nurgle skies. Really happy with how they turned out. A couple firsts for me here - first time painting a model this big, first time painting something on a flying stand, and first time painting things in pieces before assembling them. 

Speaking of firsts... how about those Plaguebearers I started working on way back in the Spring?

Painted and ready to go! 11 of them anyway. Still have another 9 sitting on my desk in various states of basecoating. But small victories are important too! Had to balance my time on these guys as I really wanted to give them lots of gross detail but also know they will get blasted off the 40k table pretty quick in most games. At least they will look good (gross) while doing so? 

And last but not least we have a bit of basecoating progress on the two bigguns in my 750 list - the Soul Grinder and Daemon Prince. 

Nothing too fancy just getting the color scheme going. I've since made quite a bit more progress on the two of them and I am getting closer to washes and details. Hope to have them done this week. Then I just have a mess of Nurglings to get painted before my first 40k tournament in July. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Progress Report 6/10/16 - What's in a Daemon?

Played my first game of 40k (of the current edition) last week. Had a good time vs Eldar?! I think I surprised myself with that. It was a learning game/testing out a scenario for the upcoming escalation campaign tournament at 750 points. Here is my current list:

Daemon Prince
- Daemon of Nurgle
- Greater Daemonic Reward
- Daemonic Flight

Herald of Nurgle
- Lesser Locus of Virulence
- Psyker Level 1

Nurglings x 3
Plaguebearers of Nurgle x 11

Fast Attack
Plague Drones of Nurgle x 3

Heavy Support
Soul Grinder of Chaos
- Daemon of Nurgle
- Phlegm Bombardment

Total Points: 750 (of 750)

Game started off with a fantastic Warp Storm roll turning the Eldar Warlord (a Farseer I think?) into a Herald of Nurgle who proceeded to dance in front of his former allies before getting shot into many pieces. 

In general there was a lot of shooting nurgle forces into tiny pieces but with the power of the Daemon Prince (who is just downright nasty all around) and some fire support from the Soul Grinder the Nurgle forces managed to sneak out a win... until they gave it up on Turn 8 when another roll on the Warp Storm table had Khorne reaching down and crushing the one remaining troop in the Eldar deployment zone the nearby Plaguebearers and Herald needed to charge and kill for 2 VP.

It was surprisingly fun to play the game! Even though there are a lot of rules I don't know (and frankly don't feel like learning all these damn weapon types) I managed to hold my own and outmaneuver the Eldar while rolling a lot of 5+ saves in the process. 

I think the fantasy model will work well for my Soul Grinder but my Daemon Prince was certainly not the right size. After purchasing the Daemon Prince kit with the intention of heavily nurgle-fying it I picked through my bits box and started slapping some parts together...

I filled in some of the holes with plastermold (kinda like a soft plaster of paris mix I use for bulking out sculpts and filling things) and then wondered what a head might look like on this guy. 

Kinda silly and gross! Perfect for my Nurgle force. With the basic forms in place I started the GS sculpting and detailing on the front. 

And you gotta have some tiny wings for a flying Daemon Prince right? That gaping maw/jetpack won't keep you suspended forever. 

Still going to add more details to the front and finish up the filling and scuplting on the back but so far I am very pleased with how he is turning out. Should be a glorious rotten Warlord for my Nurgle army moving forward.