Sunday, May 20, 2012

Progress report 5/20/12 - Zlurp Zombies in progress.

Been working on my all Zombies FTLotG Zlurpee roster which will also double as a Human team. I have done a lot of work on this team but I only have one WIP photo from about a month ago before my computer died to share right now.... this guy!

Grahhh Zlurpees!
I'm trying for a very bright, neon colored painting scheme for these guys. Still not 100% with how this one turned out but as a test model it helps me get an idea of where to go from here. More to come!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Special K Cup II results.

Computer is back up and working now! Still have lots of tweaking and re installation to do but in the meantime I thought I should give my neglected blog some love. 

I attended the second ever Special K Cup here in Kalamazoo yesterday. This is a one day event hosted by my league the KUBBL. This year we had a few more coaches and a damn fun bunch of folks playing 4 rounds of cereal-themed Blood Bowl action. 

The rules for the event included:
  • 1150gp for your roster (this buys everything)
  • One of three skill packs (6 standard skills, 3 standard and 2 doubles, or 1 +MV or +AV, 1 double, and 3 standard skills)
  • A stunty bonus of +AG on one piece and a free Dirty Player
  • Our own Special K star player “Seary” Al Schifler who shapeshifted into one of six random "Champions of Breakfast" - players who represented cereal mascots. 
I brought out my Ogres for the day... this time known as the Killogg's Breaknuts. My roster consisted of 6 Ogres with Guard, 5 Snotlings, and 3 rerolls. I gave the +AG boost to an Ogre and Dirty Player to a Snotling for my stunty bonus. I won the casualty award last year (the Cereal Killer award) and came out looking to hold on to my title with lots of Ogre smashing.

First game was a beatfest against Khemri. I managed to only sustain 2 casualties against Snotlings and killed 4 undead dudes before walking away with a 1-0 win. Not a bad way to start the day!

Second game was against Skaven with a one turn scoring Gutter Runner and Skitter played by the Zlurpcast Main Guy. Managed to kill all of the Gutter Runners, along with most of the rest of his team, and held the Skaven to a 1-1 tie. Still a pretty strong showing for an Ogre team!

Third game was against Dark Elves. This game started poorly with the DE killing an Ogre on the first block of the game (a one die block no less). I managed to bounce back and score at the end of the first half to tie up the game with a dodging Ogre, ball pick up, two GFI, long pass to another Ogre who had to catch the ball, dodge away, and make two more GFI to score. I did it. It was awesome. Second half I killed a few DE but nothing too crazy and they score again. I had a really good shot to tie it up but fell down on a GFI one square from the endzone on Turn 8 of the second half. Lost 2-1 but it was a crazy fun game!

Fourth game was a massacre. Played against Chaos who killed three Ogres on the first three blocks  of the game. In the second turn he killed another Ogre and 2 Snotlings. At this point I was down to one Ogre and two Snotlings. I bravely hung on and managed to kill three Chaos players, including a Minotaur, before being beaten into the pitch and cleared in the second half. Brutal, brutal game but congrats to the winner DarkOrk20 for taking the Cereal Killer award from me in a most fitting style!

Here is what the last Ogre looked like right before he died...

What a way to go...
Congrats to the winners of the Special K Cup and thanks for all the great games! Already looking forward to next year's event.

Wooden Bowl Winner Valdric

Most Casualties DarkOrk20

Most Touchdowns Falcon

Second Place Flyingdingle

First Place Pillow Biter Delevus

First Place Delevus

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Technical Difficulties.

Computer got fried by a electric surge. Working on getting it back up and running. In the meantime I have nothing new for the blog... sorry! Hope to be back soon with some progress on my ZlurpeeBowl team and an update on Special K Cup II!