Thursday, November 22, 2012

Progress Report 11/22/12 - Give'n tanks

No tanks here... unless you count these bestial brutes for my Necro team! Still working on some details and highlights (and the bases) but I am pretty happy with where they are at right now.

And a couple of Ghouls in progress for good measure! 

Hope you are having a fine holiday (or regular day if you aren't here in the US celebrating Thanksgiving). Back soon with more WIP photos but for now I have to cook and paint!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Progress Report 11/18/12 - Crickets... chirp chirp

November!! Here we are two weeks in and I haven't posted a thing on the old blog! Time to change that...

Well the Gnoblar Groincrusher didn't win the Deathroller Build Contest but it did come in a respectable (for a Gnoblar) 4th place. Thanks to everyone who participated, Merry Mayhem News for holding the contest, and a special thanks to anyone who voted for my entry. Cheers!

In non-roller related news, I have been working on some additional pieces to go with my Zlurp-zombie pieces to build a proper Necromantic or Undead team. Here are some quick shots of the built, slightly modified, and primed models:

Working on the Flesh Golems first. Have some paint on them now and I will get some WIP shots up later this week! Until then...