Saturday, November 6, 2010

Progress Report 11/6/10 - Preparing for a BRAWL.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I no longer have access to quality image editing software. In the meantime I am trying to make due with GiMP... the results have been less than spectacular. 

The colors aren't perfect but they are as close as I could manage with my current experience using this program. I've added a few highlights since this picture was taken but overall I consider him pretty much done. Going to be taking him and the rest of the Germs to a small one day "tournament" style event against other KUBBL teams (called the BRAWL). Should prove interesting!


inanecourage said...

Looks good. Like a kind of angry, stabby poo. Certainly not something I would like to try tackling!

Randroid said...

He just wants to give you a hug!!