Sunday, October 9, 2016

Progress Report 10/9/16 - Dakk Ulves n' Masks ahoy.

Welcome intrepid reader(s) to another short "what the hell has Randroid been doing" update. In short... homework!! Started working on obtaining some type of Art/Illustration degree and it has kept me busy with paintings and digital editing/creation.

Also managed to get my arse kicked in at Chaos Cup. Finished 1/2/3. Still hate elves.

Me losing Game 1 (I think)
Me losing Game 6
My team losing every possible painting award

Some additional photographic evidence of my terrible team is needed? Ask and ye shall receive:

Game 1 vs Vampires. They just felt like beating me not eating me.
Game 2 vs Lizards. So much Strength and Movement!! Lost the tie on the last turn.
Game 3 vs Undead. Snuck away on Turn 8 for my only win of the event. 
Game 4 vs Orcs. The Assassin finally managed to CAS someone with a stab!
Game 5 vs Dark Elves. Just a tie (this coach dropped out after this game)
Game 6 vs Chaos Pact. I just realized all these games are in the wrong order.
Things I learned - Dark Elves can pull some Elf shit when they feel like it. Witches with Blodge and Side Step are filth and were worth every GP I spent. Assassin was fun and soaked up a lot of blocks and attention (keeping them off my Witches) but Stab (even Multi-stab) didn't do a lot. And finally my dice luck is still incredibly bad. 

I also spent a good chunk of change on a pile of old pewter GW/etc miniatures (some Oldhammer stuff and other assorted things) from a long time collector who was selling off some of his collection to help pay medical bills. A sad thing but I tried to give some of his collection a good home! Look for them to appear here as I find a use for them. 

While at the tournament I also finally tried out the SRG Super Show wrestling card game that folks have been playing for a year or so. Turns out it is fast to play and fun to boot! Furry and myself have already started up a card wrestling league here back home. The KCWF. You can read about it here. 

Who is the masked man???
And the past few weeks I have been working on my This Is Not A Test 2x2 terrain squares in preparation for the hardbound rules book which should be arriving any day now. Got my first tile built and primed and I am working on my second now. And there is a Tale of X Warlords Age of Sigmar event going on at the local game store which I am participating in with my Nurgle forces. No photos of any of that at the moment so you'll just have to take my word for it. Til next time...