Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot time in the city... summer Blood Bowl action.

I will spare you with the "blah blah blah I have been so busy" bit this time around. It is summer and that means getting outside and seeing people. It also means a new issue of the Bellower is (slowly) in the works. These things take time away from my modelin' hobby.

Lots of stuff has occurred in the world of WHFB 8th edition - new rules, new models, new FAQs, and so on. I'm not going to go back and cover these things retroactively but I have been keeping up with these new developments over the past few weeks. I did pick up a copy of the rule book and I have been going over it in preparation for some future Bellower articles. I am hoping to get in a game or two this weekend so perhaps there will be some WHFB related posts in the near future. In the meantime...

Finished up my first season of Blood Bowl this week with another loss. Final record for this season is  pretty crappy but here is a detailed look:

My biggest hurdle overall during the season was just straight up bad luck. It seemed I failed 80% or more of my Bone Head rolls, rarely got block dice, never broke armor, and only occasionally managed to cause a casualty against the opposing team. Ever single team I played was better skill wise and coached by people who (seemed to) know how to play the game.

My biggest frustration with the overall performance of my team wasn't on the pitch though - it was at the table. Being a new player who jumped head first into this game I am still not 100% on how many of the rules and rule interactions work. I tended to default to the voice of a more "experienced" coach during my matches and this caused problems:
  1. Players taking advantage of my lack of rules knowledge to "forget" certain rolls that needed to be made during the course of the game (dodge, interceptions, etc).
  2. Getting multiple different rules explanations for how Throw Teammate works cost me untold touchdowns and draws/wins on my record.
  3. Sideline coaching was a cause for at least two losses by listening to and acting on poor advice from observers. 
I don't mind losing a game or two (or three or five) but the combination of bad and incorrect rules information, horrible dice rolls, and constantly being outmatched by the opposing team has created a real sense of anger and bitterness in me. In short ... it wasn't fun. I am hoping next season is a bit better for me.

Here is a look at my final roster for the season to date (still have to play the loser's bracket tournament):

It wasn't until my 6th game that I was able to purchase a 5th Ogre for my team - who was promptly knocked out, failing to be rolled back in for the rest of the game (even with a Bloodweiser Babe). My two star player are my captain Trubb Headbuster and his wing man Argut Bloodgulper - these two are really the only ones who have managed to do anything on the team. The worst Ogre by far is Gutsplitter who has spent 90% of the season laying on the ground.

Among the Snotlings (Gnoblars) there is also one standout player - Nibbutz. This little green horror managed to score a touchdown as well as cause a casualty... not sure how that happened. Kneez has also been a constant contributor with two touchdowns and an interception. The others are mostly fodder and I am (not so) secretly trying to get a couple of them killed off before next season starts. 

Well that's it for now! First post of July and the month is almost over ... what can I say? I'll do my best to get some interesting posts up here after I get in some more games and paint some models. Thanks for reading ...