Friday, August 27, 2010

Progress Report - 8/27/10 (now with crappy lightbox)

Look! It is a model with some paint on it! I found a little bit of time to work on my test Ogre for the Bultimore Bullies and that is the result. Still needs some highlights and details, and I am probably going to add some blood and gore to the Ironfist and maybe around the mouth as well (this player is named Ardgut Bloodgulper). I took this picture in my crappy cardboard and foil "light box" and I have to say the results aren't too shabby. Almost makes me look like a competent painter!

Played my first game of the KUBBL II season this week and lost to a High Elf team. I just couldn't keep them from dodging around me. Even with half their team being knocked out they still managed to score on me. In the end it was only a 0-2 loss so I suppose it could have been worse. I scored 4 casualties in the game, one of which came from a Snotling. I need to get an Ogre or two with Tackle to help deal with all the high Agility and Dodge teams in my division. Next week is a good ole fashioned bash-up with an Undead team.

I've also been toying with starting an Amazon team in our KUBBL Open League (kind of like a semi-pro league). I plan on ordering the Nun team from Shadowforge which can be used for Amazons or Humans or ... ??? I really like the models, and playing something different from Ogres should be fun. 

On the WHFB side of things I am getting ready for a short campaign that is going to kick off at my game store - trying to decide between running Ogres, Vampire Counts, or assembling enough WoC for the 1,500pt requirement. I expect to see a lot of High Elves and Skaven as the campaign is to support the new players coming into the scene thanks to the Island of Blood so perhaps Ogres wouldn't be the best choice. 

Speaking of Ogres, I am frantically trying to finish up the third issue of the Bellower to get it out this month (probably right down to the wire - sometime early next week). Even with a major drop in contributions I think the issue will still have something for everyone. Not what I had hoped for but overall I think it will do. In fact... I need to start the final layouts right now!


Helm said...

great to see some painting! Ever experiment with rare earth magnets? I was wondering if you knew a good size that would fit flush with a standard gw base?

Randroid said...

Hmm. I haven't used them too much. I have some 5mm x 1mm ones I have used but they tend to pop off the bases. You don't need a huge one, even these small ones are really powerful.