Monday, November 29, 2010

Beer Review - Red Chair IPA

Deschutes Brewery - Red Chair IPA

Beer Type: American IPA

Appearance: 22 oz. brown bottle featuring an illustration of a red chair on the label. Shocking! tan/gold with blue and white lettering. Poured a sort of copper/amber color with a big off-white head that laced the glass quite nicely.

Smell: Wow! A lot of aroma here. Something herbal, something citrus, and something toasty. Smells quite good!

First Drink: Not as much initial flavor as the aroma would have you believe. The first thing I taste is some sour hops and sweet malt.

Mouthfeel: Easy on the carbonation, nice medium body with a smooth finish.

Last Drink: Something a bit earthy coming through along with what might be a mild berry flavor?

Drinkability: I really, really like this brewery and this beer is certainly one I will be drinking again in the future... if I have the chance!

Notes: There is a distinct lack of the bitter finish I would usually associate with an IPA present in this beer. It is replaced with a more upfront and lasting bitterness that makes this pretty easy to drink.

Verdict: 4.25 out of 5. A nice change of pace from the more hoppy IPA brews out there.


redmanphill said...

I want some... it is not fair having to read this in work and then dreaming about beer for the rest of the day...

Randroid said...

Sorry! If it makes you feel any better I can't get this beer anymore where I live now.