Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Tournament here in Austin (for now??) - 2,250 Warriors of Chaos list.

Packing up and heading off to my last regular tournament here in Austin before I move. Goatboy was kind enough to lend me his Warriors of Chaos models to use for the event as all my models are packed up and ready to move. Based on the models he had access to I made this list to play:

LORDS: (400)
Chaos Lord – Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut, Rending Sword, Chaos Runeshield, Favor of the Gods, Soporific Musk, Bloodcurdling Roar (400)

HEROES: (726)
Chaos Sorcerer – Chariot, Level 2, Mark of Nurgle, Conjoined Homunculus, Black Tongue (310)
Chaos Sorcerer – Chariot, Level 2, Mark of Tzeentch, Infernal Puppet, Talisman of Protection (290)
Chaos Sorcerer(85) – Chaos Steed, Dispel Scroll (126)

CORE: (225)
Marauder Horsemen x 5 – Mark of Slaanesh (75)
Marauder Horsemen x 5 – Mark of Slaanesh (75)
Marauder Horsemen x 5 – Mark of Slaanesh (75)

SPECIAL: (485)
Chaos Knights x 5 – Mark of Slaanesh, Lances, Musician (245)
Chaos Knights x 5 – Mark of Khorne, Musician (240)

RARE: (410)
Hellcannon (205)
Hellcannon (205)

Total Points: 2,246 (of 2,250)

Pretty simple - run at enemy, bait with Marauders, kill with Knights and Chariots. The Hellcannons do all kinds of crazy stuff, usually eating something as they rampage across the board. I've played the list twice over the past two days and managed to win both games so I am looking forward to seeing what it can do against some of the nastier tournament lists today.

In other good (and exciting) news, I just received a call from the game store I am trying to secure a job at and they are interested in scheduling an interview for next week! Sadly it was for two days when I will still be in Austin or on the road to my new home in Kalamazoo, but after speaking with the owner he asked me to give him a call once I was back in town. Encouraging!

UPDATE:  It was a really fun last tournament here in Austin and the Warriors went 1-1-1.

First game was against High Elves with a lot of shooting and magic. Managed to squeeze out a Draw in the last few rounds with two great casts of Rot, Glorious Rot from my Nurgle Sorcerer.

Second game was against Vampire Counts and basically ended on Turn 2 when my Chaos Lord and Khorne Knights made it into his caster Vamp Lord's block. I finished off the Vamp Lord in CC and overran into his other main block with Lvl 2 casty Vamp. Meanwhile one Hellcannon kept a unit of Wraiths tied up while the other kept a nasty block of Black Knights with Hatred and Regen banners stuck on the far flank. Minor Victory for me in the end as he had a lot of points tied up in the Black Knight unit.

Third game was against the new Beastmen. It would have been an more interesting game but Slugtongue killed off half my army before the game began, dealing half wounds to the two Hellcannons, killing my Nurgle Sorc and severely wounding his Chariot, picking off some Knights, and erasing some Horsemen. The Hellcannons must have been pissed at this because on Turn 2 they misfired and I rolled the miscast misfire then used the Puppet to kill Slugtongue and another Level 2 Bray Shaman. Chaos Lord whiffed some important attacks on the Doom Bull and died in a challenge. Beware of Slugtongue!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Orcs & Goblins book spotted?

Those who frequent the GW website blog may have seen the pics from the recent "Mega Prize Winner Tour", but did you notice this?

If you look closely you will see what appears to be a new Orcs & Goblins book cover! Don't believe it? Compare it to the current book cover:

If you look at the bottom left of the book in the picture from the GW studio you'll notice the distinct lack of the "Warhammer Armies" font, and what appears to be a large yellowish bit of art. The background of the book is also black or some other dark color and not a bright blue as is featured on the current book. 

"Yeah well it is an older book cover" you say. Perhaps ... if you look closely you can see the telltale red outline of the current WHFB army book design and layout, but when compared to the 5th edition book cover for O&G there are similarities. 

Notice the yellow spiky bits which seem to line up nicely with the picture from the GW tour (also the Warhammer Armies font is missing). 

Is this is a new book? Probably not ... but still exciting to see! What do you think?

(edit: Looks like I jumped the gun, this is probably just the 6th Edition book cover as seen here...)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey! I'm the "Trader of the Week"!

Well will you look at that? The Trading Post made me their "Trader of the Week"! Pretty cool. Thanks Kuffeh!

If you are a first time vistor to the site thanks for stopping by! Sadly I am in the process of moving and I haven't had much time for blogging or hobby-centric posts - I hope to get back to that very soon!

As a special treat I leave you with this cruddy picture of my WIP Scraplauncher! It still needs final highlights and details, and I might add a few bits to the base too (some junk perhaps). 

Ready to drop a load of junk on your expensive Lord choice! Watch out!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The countdown begins.

You have no idea how hard it is for me not to make the name of this entry "the Final Countdown". I will spare you from that, although it may be too late for the song that is now stuck in your head.

Just about one week until the moving commences. Packing continues, working on my models and hobby stuff now. This leaves me with no time to paint or work on models. I would be more concerned about this but I dropped a unit of 20 Gnoblar Fighters from my Adepticon Team Tournament list so the painting pressure is lessened. I also recently got these objective markers/display board accessories "done" as well.

Argh! There are Gnoblars all over our Beer!!

I had fun assembling and posing these little dioramas, my favorite is the one levering a keg from the massive stack beneath himself. I need to finish the highlights and small details on the Gnoblars before I add some static grass - then they will be truly "done".

In other life related news, I still haven't managed to find someone to rent my house here in Austin, and I just applied for a Game Store Manager position back in Kalamazoo where I am moving. I would love to work in a game related retail environment, and hopefully build up a WHFB and tabletop scene in the area in the process. Here's hoping they like what they see from my resume and cover letter!

Until next time ... where ever I may be.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms - new army book rumors part 4!?

Well I wasn't expecting to have another one of these posts so soon but I just this post on WarSeer:

"Well, now that I've washed my hands of the Beastmen thread (and not a moment too soon, poor badly-written creatures), I thought I might as well share what little I've heard about the Ogre book, and hopefully provide a more obvious dumping ground for such rumors than the Rhinox thread."

Models, in order of plausibility (imo):

*New Rhinox Plastic Kit, accommodating a Rider, Scraplauncher, and another variant.

*New Gorger model.

*New Unit model (a shocker, given the trend in recent books).

*New Yhetees. May be plastic.


*Gut Barge is a standard Impact Hit upon charging, for all Ogres, not unlike Minotaurs.

*Butchers are more traditional in their use of "divine" magic, with regards to bound spells, etc. Not "wizards", as such, anymore.

*Rhinox Riders are in, in both forms, and as mounts.

*Bellowers are a mite altered.

*There's a new character.

*The Scraplauncher has a bolt-thrower variant, as well as a gnoblar-transport variant.

*More Gnoblars!

*Maneaters face some... interesting changes.
Also this a little later one in the post...
"Will Ogres be getting a new monster? Seems that all the recent army books have been given a large monster"
"Not including various iterations of Rhinox and Giant?"

I hope the new unit isn't made up of Ogre women! Actually that might be pretty cool...

A Gnoblar bolt thrower? New unit and character? Rhinox mounts and other units?! AWESOME.

So there you have it! More Ogre rumor madness! I'm getting quite excited, I can't imagine what I will do if/when GW confirms a new Ogre Kingdoms book release (aside from do a little jig).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms - new army book rumors part 3 (the rumorpocalyspe).

Holy crow! Been seeing a lot more rumors popping up regarding a new OK book, perhaps we will see it come May after all!

Hragged posted an excellent rumor round-up over on the Stronghold and I thought I would share it here with my thoughts on each. Some of these were previously posted.

So here we go, the rumors so far, in order of oldest to newest:

"No idea if this has been heard before, but I heard from someone in my gaming club at Warhammer World that Ogre Kingdoms are currently being worked on for release in 2010, and that - playtesting permitting - they might be getting a "Mammoth of the Plains" as a large monster (likely a mount/rare choice, like a stegadon)."

"Make of that what you will."
What do I make of this you ask? I highly doubt we will be seeing an Ogre Mammoth unit, but I do expect we'll see a Rhinox kit of some kind. I wonder if the King Rustbeard rules in issue number one of the Bellower had anything to do with this Mammoth nonsense? Hmmm...

"First of all there will be a new book this year. But don't hold your breath as we are looking towards the end of the year."

"Hunters will be able to take up to 4 sabretusks, this will let them break ranks. Also been told he will get the option for a giant cave bear style pet instead of sabretusks. The idea of being able to pull monsters towards himself after a successful shot was also brought up but he has no idea how far he will be able to pull it."

"Leadbelchers will have a unit champ who can shoot grapeshot when charged."

"Gut magic will get alot nastier. Did not say how."

"Big names will become like Vamp bloodline powers and not have to be taken from magic items allowance."

"Finally a vastly improved magic item list, with a few different banners worth taking. (Rumor of one that turns ward saves of any enemies in combat into reg saves)"
Not a lot of meat here but in my opinion this all sounds very reasonable. Looking forward to the Big Names being more like the Vampire bloodline powers but I am not sure that will actually happen. Recent books like Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen both have similar character specific things that cannot be duplicated and come out of the magic allotment. We'll see...

"T5 will never happen."

"No indeed, but a lot of other things will happen, including a few things that sensible people have dismissed."
This is in reference to the base Ogre toughness being increased from 4 to 5, which obviously can't happen. I do expect we will see some kind of included armor save and an overall increase in the potential armor save of troops across the board. Ironguts with a 4+ save for example would be amazing, especially if they received a bump up in WS.

"Look for better equipment, the option to fight in a new formation and significantly fewer restrictions."

"Shame about the changes to fear."

"I'm quite excited, both with regards to timing (though I'll have to juggle painting my chaos AND ogres while changing diapers) and the book contents. And the models."
From the same thread as the previous comment, the biggest thing to take from this rumor is "significantly fewer restrictions". About damn time!!! I wonder if we are talking about only 15 restrictions instead of the 22 or so the current book has?

"The army books being released nowadays are done so with 8th edition very much in mind."

"This is not the time for panic. Here, have an improve(d) gut plate."
Just a small mention, but it lends credence to the idea of a base "gut plate" armor save - something which should have been included the first time around if you ask me!

"Hunters will be able to take an upgrade so they become a moving bolt thrower. How this combines with the dragging monsters thing I do not know."

"Sabretusks will be able to be taken in packs of 5 or more."

"Bull charge will work the same as mino`s (almost a given I know) with no minimum distance."

"Scraplauncher no changes, maybe a slight points tweak."

"We WILL see rhinox riders. Same rules and points as the forge world rules more or less with small tweaks on both. He could not say how."
Posted these rumors a week or so ago, but since then there have been more mentions of similar ideas in the Ogre rumorville. Conflicting reports on the "move or fire" ability of the Hunter - hard to tell what the "truth" is at this time.

"OK is next and I've seen the work in progress butcher rules."

"unit upgrade, does different effects depending on who they eat. always have gnoblars effect of +1 to rally and tie breaker. ogre stats. two hand weapons. tooth gnoblar for one reroll."
GAH. Terrible spelling and grammar. I had to clean it up a bit with what I thought was the intention of the post - sorry but I do have some standards for this blog.

This is the first mention of changes to the Butcher and how Gut Magic works. I'll reserve my comments for later on in this rumorlanche.

"Just in from an inside source, GW will be creating a plastic rhinox kit when the new OK book comes out. (cant say when it will come out) With this kit you will be able to make a scrap launcher, rhinox ridden by a bull or a third variant that will be a gnoblar fighting platform. "
More Rhinox talk, this time with mention of a "gnoblar fighting platform"? Sounds pretty cool, maybe it will be something like a Stegadon for the Lizardmen (as Gnoblars are pretty similar to Skinks stats wise).

"yes there is a large 100+ piece, multi function kit for OK. it used a rhinox and its base. also the giant will have more than a "tacked on feel"
100+ pieces!? Dead lord, I hope they don't just turn the current Scraplauncher into a plastic kit and add some Ogre bits. I am all for this idea but I hope they don't increase the price of the kit too drastically by trying to make it the Rhinox "all in one" box.

Anything they can do to make the Slavegiant a better (and more Ogrey) choice is awesome in my book. Would love to have a second one but I have been waiting for a good reason!

"gnoblar hero choice, riding a giant"
While this could be really cool I just don't see it happening. Gnoblars are just too low in the OK pecking order to give them a Hero choice. Perhaps it will be a special character?
"a leadbelcher upgrade for tyrants, with grapeshot, worked out per warpthrower old rules."
This sounds reasonable to me and it echoes the mention of a similar upgrade for the Leadbelcher champions in an earlier rumor. I wonder if you can take this while mounted on a Rhinox? Hmm ...

"There will be no war mammoth in the revised book, this is just wishlisting by those not in the know. However rhinox will fill that role, sort of..."
Yeah, I just can't see a Mammoth in the Ogre Kingdoms book. They aren't really known to live in the mountains anyway, they are more of a great plains creature.
"2 uses rhinox kit, with one being a mount (with a irongut rider, with parts for a lord or butcher) and the other bieng a scraplauncher. the launcher also acts and a platform and chariot"

"hidden" rule for hunter and trappers. 4+ to see at long range"
Perhaps the "gnoblar fighting platform" is just in reference to changes made to the Scraplauncher? More chatter about the multi-purpose Rhinox kit, something that seems like a given for a new OK book no matter what.

Interesting mention of a "hidden" rule for the Hunter and Gnoblar Trappers. That would make the Trappers even more amazing!

"slavegiant 'barge' attack, d3 impact hits at s6 if charging father than 6 inches, plus 1 to roll on chart"
I have no idea what this "barge" attack means, but again anything to make the Slavegiant better is a great addition if you ask me!

"Will the giant be stubborn?"

"no. because they are beaten and broken."

"i do believe they get extra rules when near the tyrant..."

"Are the Rhinox riders (ruleswise) bought as a single model or is it a cavalry unit?"

"i see currently single"

"What do you think of the new models (i think you mentioned you had seen the greens)"

"Is there an Ogre Kingdoms pumbagor we need to look out for ?"

"i think the razorgor is a victim of bad paintjob and lighting. i rather like it. its different than anything else. i have to say that if you hate the razorgor then i fear you might hate the rhinox. i can say one thing. the scraplauncher will be a ***** better to assemble than the current one"

"Do you know, by chance, if OK are getting any new army wide special rule?"

"fixes to the ranking problem and a tighting to the spikefists. they have quite a few army wide rules"
Woah! That is a load of new "information" to digest. Let's take it from the top:

- New bonuses for keeping your Slavegiant close to the Tyrant? AWESOME. Who cares if they aren't Stubborn, they still have the highest Ld in the OK army.

- Single Rhinox Riders? That is a new one. I had always envisioned they would be in units like the Forgeworld/White Dwarf rules allow. Perhaps you will be able to add mounter Ogre characters to the "unit" of Rhinox?

- I am a little worried about the shaggy plastic Rhinox, but if the Forgeworld ones are anything to go by they will look great. I am all for an easier to assemble Scraplauncher - it would allow me to field more in my army!

- Not sure what the ranking comment means but the other must be in reference to the Ogre Ironfist. More on that later on in this rumor bomb...
"Are any of the current models other than the scraplauncher going to be replaced?"

"Lets just say if you wanted to start ogres before May, buy the battalion and a box of iron guts, you are gonna want to fill out the rest of your army with the new kits being released."
New kits meaning new character models? I really hope we see a plastic character kit but perhaps that is wishing for too much...

"dogs of war rule is in there. so far."

"i also might mention a certain halfling that got lost and now lives in an ogre camp, disguised as something icky no doubt"
Dogs of War meaning Ogres can still be included in other forces or is this some other rule known as "Dogs of War" instead?

I like the sound of this Halfling - perhaps it will be a special character of some kind.

"i can say that the battalion will change."

"bulls as of now are cheaper with more default gear. gnoblar are the same in points. a small change in int though. ironguts are now the elite unit of hungry ogres they are. new gorger, metal and disturbing. the magic items and big names are getting the same treatment as VC. butchers are getting overhauled completely."

"gutmagic is gone, replaced by bound spells that effect the unit the butcher is in, with a ranged spell. level equals spells known. they are bought (ingredients)as of now they also impart a MR equal to the level they are. lord is a level 3, hero can be 1 or 2. only one per unit. one item for lord causes enemy wizards to roll every dice they generate and lose them on a 6 (hungry maw) then the number eaten modifies the roll on the ogres miscast list. item last whole game and counts as an army wide rule. 100pts"
Apologies again but I have changed some of the typos and spelling mistakes - I am too OCD to let that stuff slide!

Another load of new "info" so we'll take it one at a time again:

- Changes to the Battalion would surprise me unless it includes removing some models to add the Rhinox kit or something else.

- Cheaper Bulls with more stuff is AWESOME.

- I can't imagine Gnoblars changing much in cost. I assume the mention of "int" is actually their Ini (initiative). Faster? Slower?

- Better Ironguts is almost a given but there is no information here as to how they got better. Increased WS? Increased armor save? Decreased cost? Are they Special choices now?

- I would love to see a new Gorger model as I really don't like the current one. I can't imagine a major change to their rules is in the works...

- Another mention of the Vampiric Powers-like Big Names. I will believe it when I see it.

- I think a re-working of Gut Magic was a must for the new book. I hope they manage to keep it useful and not too overpowered without shackling it with needless restrictions or increasing the amount of self-inflicted damage it can (or must) do. More on the power dice eating in this next rumor...

"it started out as a army wide rule. it was just there and on. it did nothing against dwarf armies or TK. it ham stringed PD heavy armies."

"now its current incarnation is a magic item at 100pts. it confers an army wide rule. like the warshrine. no roll at the beginning of anything. every turn the opponent rolls his/her PD or DD and throws away any 6. those are the maws now. dice held in items don't roll. unless they get used. the pool gets rolled. anytime your hot finger touches a dice to roll in the magic phase, on a 6 its gone, including MR. this does NOT effect the OK player. to be clear. for every 6 rolled you keep track of it. this modifies the roll on the miscast table. the new one you force the wizard to roll on. it looks like the OK one now.."

"of course I'm paraphrasing. and its subject to change or not even make it in. its one of the argued rules. they could leave it out and still be left with a very decent (fun) book."

So there was a special rule that ate power dice but it did nothing against two armies so they scrapped it and used it as a 100pt magic item that only the Lord level Butcher can take?

Could be interesting if they actually allow for the Slaughtermaster to be the army general. A magic heavy Ogre force?

"ill try to be more clear"

"your level equals the spells you can buy off a list of spells. the spells are ingredients. troll fat is an ingredient that gives regen. on a 2+ the butcher gets regen, takes a wound on a 6+, on a 6+ the units the butcher is in get regen, he takes a wound. each model takes a wound on a 6+ no saves, (maw is hungry)."

"once again paraphrased with the "anything can change at this point" disclaimer"

"to once again be clear"

"ingredients = spells bought"
This seems a little odd to me but then everything about Gut Magic is a little odd to begin with.

So instead of knowing all the spells from the Gut Magic lore the Butcher must purchase the spells by adding "ingredients"? It seems flavorful (pun intended) but I don't know that I like the idea of only knowing a few spells.

The example used for the Trollguts spell is quite confusing which leads me to believe this is a bunch of bunk.

"butcher will take a wound on a 6 when its eaten by him. always if its the unit. also its RIP as now. one effect a unit, at a time."

"i like the "headless thrashing gnoblar" MM myself"

"nowhere to run!" gnoblar rule that allows gnoblars to rally at the end of a flee move if they flee through ogres. they take d6 casualties."

"it has been also brought to my attention that there is 2 different sets of playtest rules out there. nothing too different."
This rumor source seems to "know" an awful lot. He claims the information comes from a set of playtest rules but I haven't known GW to outsource their playtesting in quite some time.

Still ... this is a rumor post so I will comment on what we have.

The Gnoblar rule sounds interesting and is something I can see actually having some effect on the game from a strategy perspective. They would need to remove the "Bicker" rule or increase the movement rate of Gnoblars to really make use of something like this though.

I have no idea what the "headless thrashing Gnoblar" bit is all about but it sounds like fun.

"no giant remake. no changes to plastics current. a *possible* plastic set for tyrant/slaughter master. i wont mention price but its on par with the minotaur lord, if it happens."
I would gladly pay Minotaur Lord prices for a plastic Ogre character kit. GW - make it happen!
"only few questions for you to clarify if you know....can characters ride a rhinox? do ogres have same base armour save for gut plates? and do leadbelcher change their fire rule? can the hunter shot and move?"

"yes, yes yes"

"and no but there is a few things that will make you feel better about that.
i don't think you will see a hunter without a few trapper units."
Some confirmation that we will see Ogre characters mounted on Rhinox, there will be some base armor save included for the Gut Plates, and Leadbelchers have changed how they fire. I sure hope they don't make the Leadies any worse ...

Another mention of the Hunter not being able to move and shoot, with a cryptic bit about Trappers being a mainstay with the unit. Perhaps a reference to this "Hidden" 4+ save?

Whew! That is a lot of rumors! Sorry this post went so long but I wanted to address all of this in one place. Going forward I will endeavor to only add/include new stuff as it comes up.

In the mean time, what do you think about these rumors?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life is boxes.

Just a little under three weeks left before I move and the boxes are already piling up everywhere. I was planning on leaving out my models to attend one last Fantasy tournament here in town but it takes place the week after I leave. Crud.

The current stack of packed boxes waiting for moving day to arrive.

So I started packing up my models, first with my Vampire Counts army. I wasn't able to purchase foam carrying trays for the infantry like I would have liked, but I did find a system that seems to work. First I placed all of the plastic ranked infantry in the bottom of a box, on their magnetic movement trays, leaving plenty of space on the edges of the box. Then I put a whole bunch of shredded paper down on top and around the models. After a couple layers of this I gave it a shake and nothing moved!

A thin piece of cardboard on top of the shredded paper and I began with the second layer of models. So far it seems to be working well. It will be a big mess, and a pain to clean up once I unpack them, but I think the mess is worth it. I would hate for all my models to end up broken or busted on the trip.

The only thing I have yet to pack is my Ogre army as I plan on moving them in my metal toolbox/transport case instead of in a box. I am also working on finishing up another unit of Gnoblar Fighters, some objective markers, and touching up my recently finished Gorger (who fell and broke). I need to get as much of this done as possible before the move - not sure how much time I will have in March to paint before Adepticon (which I plan to attend).

Blah blah ... boring life stuff. Who reads this blog for that anyway? How about a beer review?

Flying Dog Brewery - Tire Bite Golden Ale

Beer Type: Kölsch

Appearance: 12 oz. brown bottle with sketched cartoony dog thing on the green label. Beer poured a light golden color with a thick off-white fizzy head that quickly faded.

Smell: Not a lot of aroma, just a hint of sweetness and some floral hoppy notes.

First Drink: Pretty standard stuff, almost like Miller High Life but with a bit of hoppy bite.

Mouthfeel: A bit flat and crisp, maybe a little watery?

Last Drink: More sweetness and a nice end note of hops but there isn't a lot going on here.

Drinkability: Very basic and easy to drink but not mind blowing.

Notes: If I am honest I would rather be drinking a Lone Star. It would cost a lot less too.

Verdict: 3 out of 5. Take your classic "crappy" beer like PBR, High Life, etc and add some more sweetness and hops and this is what you get.

Links: Beer Advocate and Flying Dog Brewery.