Saturday, November 30, 2013

Progress Report 11/30/13 - Gettin' gingy.

Errr. Feel like I am getting into a rut here on the old Drinkin' and Modelin' blog. No real posts of content and then WHAM-O the month is over!! To be fair I haven't spent much time painting due to work and a back injury which put me out of commission for a couple weeks. The one thing I did manage to sneak in is a commission for a deathroller driven by a gingerbread man for a local Blood Bowl tournament coming up next week. Here it is in photos (from WIP to mostly finished). 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beer Review - Arcadia Brewing Company Jaw-Jacker.

Arcadia Brewing Company - Jaw-Jacker
Beer Type: Herbed/Spiced Ale - 6.00% ABV

Appearance: 12oz brown bottle with the spooky man eating pumpkin in a field with a scarecrow and bats! Very Halloween. Beer pours a pumpkiny-orange color with a thin beige head.  

Smell: Spices! Something sour! No "pumpkin" exactly but lots of assertive spice and malt aromas.        

First Drink: Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and a bunch of spices with some bitter hops and malt coming through.   

Mouthfeel: Kinda thin but also sharply carbonated? If that makes sense?        

Last Drink: The spices are still dominating but I get the hints of pumpkin pie too.           

Drinkability: I don't love this beer by itself but I do like it mixed with other dark beers. 

Notes: Not a bad pumpkin/fall brew and it's great mixed with Loch Down (Loch-Jacker) from Arcadia or Old Chub from Oskar Blues (Chub-Jacker).             

Verdict: 3 out of 5. Good enough to get you in the mood. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beer Review - Arbor Brewing Company Violin Monster.

Ann Arbor Brewing Company - Violin Monster Autumn Ale

Beer Type: Belgian Strong Dark Ale - 9.50% ABV

Appearance: 12 brown bottle with a freakin' VIOLIN MONSTER on it!! Some kinda werewolf looking dude playing a violin under a dark red moon. Awesome. Beer pours a dark pitch brown with hints of red (like the red moon AROOOWWWW) with a thin light brown head.

Smell: All kinds of sweet spices. A melange of autumn beer smells. Sweet brown sugar, malt, and all kinds of warming spices.          

First Drink: Nutmeg and clove come through strong with a nice brown sugar malted backbone. A little bit of booze on the finish. 

Mouthfeel: Not as sticky as you might expect from the sweet nose and flavor. A nice full bodied big beer.      

Last Drink: A bit more yeast and alcohol coming through now. Still plenty of spice. Where is the pumpkin!!?            

Drinkability: Not sure if this is a new seasonal brew or not. Never seen it until this fall but I dig it! A nice change of pace from the pumpkin ales.            

Notes: I really love this label and this is a great selection from the ABC catalog of brews. Now to try it on tap!              

Verdict: 4 out of 5. Big spice, dark flavors, and a kick ass werewolf on the label.