Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Progress Report 2/29/12 - Thank goodness for the leap year.

Managed to finish up the details on my crocodudes in time to complete my February painting pledge! Yeah! Now I need to work on finishing the bases with some paint, water effects, and swamp scrub. 

I'm liking how they are turning out. I keep trying to hold myself to a really "clean" painting style that I just don't enjoy painting much. When I "cut loose" and allow myself to be a bit messier I have a lot more fun. I tried to keep that in mind while painting small details which are always tricky. 

Who knows? Perhaps I will take these bad boys to Headbangers Ball II next month if I can finish their Skink friends?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Progress Report 2/27/12 - Feb Pledge Fail?

Spent a bit of time painting today. Wanted to get some lighter "belly" shades on my Lizardmen Blood Bowl team. I pledged to complete them for the February Stronghold painting pledge though it looks unlikely at the moment. Here is a quick before pic (from a couple weeks back - the last time I did any painting):
And here is where they are at today..
I think I am happier with them? Still learning so much about painting... every day. I think a light wash might bring the transition in line a bit better but I am worried about crapping up my already crapped up paint job to the point of frustration. Instead of working on the skin more I started painting more of the details and bases. I was going slow... perhaps because I was listening to this while painting:

I forget that I enjoy painting. I need to do it more often so it is fresh in my mind. Being healthy helps too of course. Oh yeah! I'm just one follower away from 100! I think that is important or something? Until next time..

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beer Review - Dark Horse Perkulator.

Had intended spending today at the Michigan Winter Beerfest (even had tickets to the sold out event and transportation to and back in a bus) but instead I spent it sick as all hell here at home. Not sure the cause... woke up this way. On top of that one of my favorite bakeries in town burnt to the ground this morning. They made a really nice Brewers Bread so I will dedicate this review (of a local Michigan brew) to them.

Dark Horse Brewing Company - Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock

Beer Type: Doppelbock

Appearance: Came in a 4 pack of 12 oz. brown bottles with two different labels - the one above (which is awesome) and one with a moonscapes and percolator rockets launching. Beer poured a dark red/brown with a thin beige head that quickly settled but left nice lacing.

Smell: A strong coffee scent and something smokey mixed with something bitter. Overall it is a fairly nice aroma.

First Drink: Coffee up front (just like the scent) but followed quickly by some very grainy flavors.

Mouthfeel: Overall this is pretty smooth and I didn't really taste the alcohol coming through for such a high gravity brew.

Last Drink: The taste now is less "fresh cup of coffee" and more "used coffee grounds" but the overall flavor is still a good one.

Drinkability: Good for one or two but I am not sure I would make a night of drinking this beer.

Notes: I have really enjoyed the other Dark Horse beers I have had but this one wasn't my favorite. It wasn't bad but it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for either.

Verdict: 3.25 out of 5. Made well but could perhaps be a bit more refined in the flavor department.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Liquitex ink vs Citadel wash.

Yesterday I picked up a couple dropper bottles of "Transparent Raw Umber" Liquitex ink from a big hobby store chain as it was on clearance for about 50% off. They carry a large range of other colors as well but this one looked close to the color of "Devlan Mud" by Citadel. 

As I am always on the lookout for new painting techniques and tricks (and I am cheap) I sprung for the last two bottles they had in the hopes of finding a suitable fill in or replacement for the foul smelling crud found in the mud. Did a super quick (as in 15 seconds each before I had to run off to work) wash of two skeletons as a comparison and the results are interesting:

Your basic Devlan washed, bleached bone based, skeledude.
The skeledude washed with the "Raw Umber" Liquitex ink.
The direct comparison, Liquitex on the left and Citadel on the right.
One thing I noticed after applying the ink was a layer of particle matter (mostly pigment) on the bottom of the bottle. The skeleton is a bit darker and a little more... metallic? Perhaps that is the floating pigment rearing its head. I have to say I am happy with the results (and price) and I will experiment more with these types of ink on my miniatures. The ink has a different consistency but it doesn't seem to take as much to get the job done, meaning these 100 or so skeletons I need to paint won't break the bank in little wash pots. 

What do you think? Have you used the Liquitex, or another brand of ink wash, before in your painting?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Progress Report 2/11/12 - Slowly but surely "Saurus".

Nothing new to report. Haven't been painting much. These Blood Bowl "Saurus" have really slowed me down. Having a hard time finding the motivation and desire to paint them but I don't want to start a new project until they are done. Here's where they are at right now:


Also been stressing with this test model for the "Skinks". I was hoping to paint them a light off-white color to stand out from and brighten up the rest of the team. Not sure if I like this first guy (who isn't done yet). 

Comments, critiques, tips, tricks, hoots, and hollers are all welcome. I am hoping to get the "Saurus" done this month and the "Skinks" too if I can manage it. We'll see...