Friday, April 18, 2014

Progress Report 4/18/14 - Twice in one week?!

That's right... two posts in one week. Can you even handle the excitement?! Okay, part of the reason is I will be out of town and out of touch with my hobby for the next two weeks and I wanted to get these photos up before that. Also I remembered that posting photos and getting positive feedback is totally addictive and helps make me paint more minis which is something I want to do!! With that in mind here is the stuff I worked on here and there over the past couple days...

More progress on the Skullkrushas!
I like how the skull paint on the face turned out.
This guy is looking damn tough and stuff.
This is "Tiny" and that is his gun.
Started working on an Ogre conversion for a friend.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Progress Report 4/13/14 - Progress Delayed.

Been a few weeks since I posted anything. Don't feel great about that. I have reasons... numerous ones. The usual mix of work, hobbies that don't involve miniatures, life stuff, video games, and general lazy times. It hasn't been totally non-productive though! I finished up my first oil painting class (though I do not have a finished painting to show for it I do have new skills and experience) and I got a bit of paint on a few minis too. 

First I built a couple Deadzone minis.
Then I put on some skin tone for... ELVES.
Then I started on a test model.
The skin is driving me crazy.
I like the look overall though.
And there you have it. Progress of a sort. Spending the rest of the month out of town on the road for various work functions so I doubt I will get back to much painting in the next couple weeks. Too bad... I need to figure out what I am bringing to Headbangers Ball in May!!