Thursday, August 13, 2009

Re-thinking Greasus Goldtooth - A crazy 3,000 point list.

There are many reasons not to take Greasus Goldtooth in an Ogre Kingdoms army. As one of only 4 Lord choices (and a named character at that) the other 2 viable sub-3k choices seem much better on paper (Tyrant and Skrag).

I just can't find anything that is "good" about Greasus given the cost and options. Here is a quick run down of his special rules and my thoughts on each:
  • Greasus counts as a BSB. Damn I would better well hope so for the cost and two slots! You could get a BSB for much cheaper that would be more effective in many ways.

  • Greasus has US6. Well okay but two Bulls gives you that or two Leadbelchers. If you wanted a special char with a higher US Skrag does that and he brings magic to the table as well. If anything US6 is probably more of a detriment as he can be more easily targeted by shooting.

  • Is carried around by a bunch of Gnoblars. Who cares!? It gives him M4 and 5 Sword Gnobs. It increases his Bull Charge to D6 but it says nothing about decreasing the range needed so you still have to have it least 6 inches on an 8 inch charge to make use of this benefit. The idea of an Ogre with M4 just makes me want to die inside.

  • Greasus gives +1 CR to units he can see. Not terrible but Ogres don't win combats with static CR and if you are paying almost 600 points for a unit you most likely want it in CC. If you wanted the +1 CR you could just take a few banners.

  • Greasus can give D3 units within LoS Stupidity. Probably the only somewhat decent ability he has but it still requires LoS. With a M4 his fellow Ogres will be moving 6 and most likely blocking his view. Also this ability doesn't work on ItP units (due to the gimped version of Stupidity it grants). Seems like it would be hard to use in any effective way.

  • Must field two units of Ironguts with Greasus. This is on top of the required one Bull unit. Don't we have enough army restrictions without paying to add more?

  • Greasus has a S10 D3 weapon which allows units to auto rally. Not bad but you have to get him into CC first for the S10 to matter and the auto rally is LoS only. He also only has 3 attacks on his profile which is 2 less than a normal Tyrant and no options for real survivability.

  • Greasus has a Crown that gives him ItP and a 4+ Ward Save. Not terrible but ItP isn't that great on a Fear causing model to begin with as you really only need to worry about Panic checks and Terror causers. The 4+ Ward Save is only vs shooting. After that Greasus has to rely on his T6 to keep him safe throughout the game. One good cannonball from an Empire Great Cannon could kill him on turn 1. BOOM. There goes your two lord choices and almost 600 points.
It doesn't seem like I need to list anything else about the fat beast. For the points spent you could get more units that do most of the things he does only better. But who cares!? I feel bad writing off anything in the current OK book until I try it so with that in mind here is my "crazy" 3,000 point Greasus Goldtooth list. In addition to Greasus I also added things I would normally never use such as ranked Ironguts, Standards, Champions, and so on.

LORDS: (565)
Greasus Goldtooth (565)

HEROES: (566)
Bruiser – Heavy Armor, Brace of Handguns, Sword Gnoblar x 2, Tenderiser (206)
Butcher – Siegebreaker, Skull Mantle (180)
Butcher – Bangstick, Dispel Scroll (180)

CORE: (1,283)
Bulls x 4 – Champion, Bellower, Additional Hand Weapons (186)
Bulls x 4 – Champion, Bellower, Additional Hand Weapons (186)
Bulls x 4 – Champion, Bellower, Additional Hand Weapons (186)
Ironguts x 4 – Champion, Bellower (222)
Ironguts x 6 – Champion, Bellower, Standard, Rune Maw, Lookout Gnoblar (363)
Gnoblar Fighters x 20 (40)
Gnoblar Fighters x 20 (40)
Gnoblar Trappers x 10 (60)

SPECIAL: (260)
Leadbelchers x 2 – Champion, Bellower (130)
Leadbelchers x 2 – Champion, Bellower (130)

RARE: (325)
Slavegiant (175)
Gorger (75)
Gorger (75)

Total Points: 2,999 (of 3,000)
So what's the plan you ask? Hell if I know! I have never played a game past 2,250 so I assume this would be one giant mess. Greasus goes in the ranked up unit of Ironguts with the Rune Maw banner, Bruiser, and Siegebreaker Butcher. Gnoblar Fighters flank this unit, with Bulls on either side of that. Leadies and Slavegiant cover the flank while Gorgers hopefully take out any Warmachine threats. Champs have been added to help increase unit survivability by adding more randomization to the units being shot or magic'd.

Will it work? I have my doubts, but I would love to give this a try! What do you think?

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