Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BoLSCon Wrap-up.

Well I made it out alive! The first annual Bell of Lost Souls Con for me by the numbers: 2 days - 7 games - 2 wins - 5 losses - several beers. Overall it was a really fun and memorable event and I am already looking forward to next year when I will hopefully be able to take a slightly more "competitive" army (if I ever finish these damn Vampires).

I did not find the time to create any extensively thorough battle reports (honestly I can't say I want to remember most of my games with a few exceptions). Here is a quick run down of the games I played last Saturday and Sunday during the tournament:


Saturday - Game 1 (vs Patrick's WoC)
  • This WoC list was led by Valkia with a force of Maruders, two units of Chaos Knights, Exalted Hero on Juggernaut, Hellcannon, and a level one Nurgle scroll caddy.

  • Turn 1 the Scraplauncher scored a direct hit on the unit of Marauders with Valkyia directly in the center. She failed here Look Out Sir roll and I rolled a 6. BAM. Valkia is dead.

  • Tyrant charges out of the Bullstar unit to run down a pack of Chaos Warhounds, then pursues into a unit of Marauder Horsemen who flee off the table.

  • Bruiser BSB goes on to smash an the Exalted Hero in a challenge and run down the unit of Khorne marked Knights who were baited into a nearby woods by Trappers.

  • Bruiser BSB continues his smashing streak by crushing a Hellcannon that has pursued a fleeing unit of Ironguts.

  • Game ends on Turn 5 - a Massacre for the Beer Gut Tribe with only one unit of Marauders left on the table.

  • Great game, Patrick was a really fun opponent and dealt well with the terribly lucky (for me) Scraplauncher kill of his Lord on Turn 1.

Saturday - Game 2 (vs Mike's HE)
  • This HE list was led by Teclis in a block of Spearmen, flanked by two units of Dragon Princes, a unit of Archers, two chariots, Great Eagle, two level 2 casters, mounted HE character with super bow, and three Repeating Bolt Throwers.

  • Scraplauncher was the MVP of this game as well - raining pointy death on the HE pointy ears.

  • Leadbelchers obliterated one chariot in a stand and shoot, then holding their ground and smashing the other remaining chariot on a charge.

  • Characters and Bullstar stalled out behind a hill in an attempt at avoiding the massive amounts of shooting and magic coming out of the enemy. Never actually left the deployment zone and did nothing all game.

  • Slavegiant almost Terror checked Teclis off the board after he left his unit to attack him with magic. Tecilis rolled a 10 and stayed put only to Pit of Shades my poor Slavegiant off the board.

  • Scraplauncher took 4 wounds from Bolt Throwers but managed to survive until the end of the game, slowly taking it's toll on the HE units but failing to do enough (damn high scatter rolls!).

  • This game was a little frustrating (as Mike's list was meant to handle Daemons, VC, WoC, DE, etc.. not Ogres) but it was awesome to jump to table 2 before having my ass beat. I expected something like this to happen so I still had a fun game overall.

Saturday - Game 3 (vs Zach's WoC)
  • This WoC list did not have a named character (it used to have Sigvald until Zach realized how crappy he was), but it still had plenty of magic and WoC scary stuff. Big block of Knights with Sorc Lord, Exalted Hero, and level 2 Tz caster inside. Another level 2 was flying around on a disc. The rest of his army was Marauders, more Knights, Chaos Warhounds, and a Warshrine.

  • Game started off good for me with some excellent deployment and first turn moves. Managed to charge the Tyrant out of his unit to smash through some Horsemen and overrun into some Marauders.

  • Shortly after that Zach rolled 12 on the Eye of the Gods table making his big block of Knights practically unkillable - with a 1+ armor save and 3+ ward save.

  • The rest of the game was a series of really bad movement phases on my part, allowing the WoC forces flank charges on all of my units.

  • Bullstar was run down and killed and the rest of my units fell shortly after that.

  • This is the worst game of WHFB I have played in my life. I don't know what happened to me but I vow to never play that poorly again. The game went from a win/draw to a horrible loss in the space of one movement phase due to some really bad choices (not thinking).

Saturday - Game 4 (vs Will's VC)
  • This VC list is the one you don't want to play. Mounted Vamp Lord with Frostblade, Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Beguile, etc, in a big unit of Dire Wolves with two other killy Infinite Hatred Vamps, and a Wight King with the Dickenhoff regen banner. The rest of the army was comprised of three minimum units of Zombies, a block of 6 Blood Knights with Hatred banner, and a huge unit of Wraiths (6) with Banshee.

  • This game was the splitting point between the championship and consolation brackets for the second day of the event.

  • Horrible game - my army was wiped off the board by the end of Turn 3.

For those keeping score at home that put my record at 1 win and 3 losses for the first day. I score a total of 24 points on day one and left the event really frustrated and unhappy. Was day two better?


Sunday - Game 1 (vs David's HE)
  • This HE list did not feature Teclis but it did have a Star Dragon with "unkillable" Lord on top. The rest of the list was standard 2,250 fare with three Repeating Bolt Throwers, a unit of Archers, two units of Dragon Princes, Lion Chariot, Great Eagle, and a unit of Swordmasters.

  • Scraplauncher landed several direct hits on HE units only to scatter 8 to 10" away each time.

  • Tyrant charged out of the Bullstar to crush a unit of Dragon Princes, followed by a unit of Swordmasters, and did not take any wounds.

  • Star Dragon attacked the flank but was flank charged itself by a march blocked Slavegiant. Slavegiant took one wound from the Lord before Headbutting the Dragon and tying combat.

  • This allowed a unit of Ironguts to charge in, whiff all their attacks, pass their Break Test after losing one Ogre, and stand in place for a flank charge from nearby Dragon Princes.
  • Slavegiant is killed, unit is wiped out, and the nearby Scraplauncher passes it's Ld test and stands.

  • Scraplauncher charges the Star Dragon and whiffs all of its attacks before taking one S7 wound and exploding.

  • Meanwhile the Bullstar rampages across the board and panics off the unit of Archers and a Bolt Thrower crew but takes heavy losses as flank shots from the other remaining Bolt Throwers take their toll.

  • Game ends with the Bullstar dead by Dragon charge and the Tyrant hiding in a woods.

  • Fun game even though it was my second hard fought game against High Elves.

Sunday - Game 2 (vs Mike's HE)
  • Hey look it's Teclis again! (same list as before)

  • Mike went "easy" on me, selecting lores he would not normally use like Death and Heavens.

  • His goal this second time around was to destroy the Scraplauncher.

  • Bullstar ran up the farthest flank only to be march blocked by a Great Eagle for 3 turns before a unit of nearby Leadbelchers were able to blast it off the board.

  • Tyrant ran out to destroy two Repeating Bolt Throwers before being magic'd and shot to death by characters with just as much movement and 360 line of sight (stupid single model rules that Ogres don't get).

  • Scraplauncher misfired on Turn 5 allowing Mike to roll a shot of his own. He rolled another misfire and then a 1 - removing the Scraplauncher from play.

  • A fun but futile game that resulted in yet another loss for the Beer Gut Tribe.

Sunday - Game 3 (vs Sam's WoC)
  • WoC force led by ARCHAON in a big unit of Knights surrounded by Throgg and Trolls. Also had Wulfrik in a large unit of Marauders coming off the board, and a level 2 Tz Sorcerer on disc.

  • We decided to play "beat face" in the center of the board and left all the terrain on the far table edges.

  • Archaon charged the Bullstar and challenged - Karnov (my Tyrant) accepted.

  • Greedy Fist proceeds to eat after failing two ward saves. Karnov punches Arcahon in the face and knocks a wizard level out of his head. Bruiser BSB smashes three knights and the combat is a draw.

  • Next turn my Ironguts charge the flank while Leadbelchers blast off the Trolls (who fail to make any mutant regen saves). Karnov survives his challenge again taking no wounds and dealing another two.

  • Archaon lose combat and flees 11" with his unit of Knights.

  • Bullstar and Karnov pursue 12" when I roll box cars.

  • Game ends as a victory for the Beer Gut Tribe on Turn 2.

All in all it was a great event and I am glad I attended. It would have been nice to not play the same player twice, but the general lack of Fantasy players made this almost unavoidable. I blame you (the reader) for not coming out and playing some WHFB! Perhaps next year will be a better turn-out.

Until then I have a ton of Skeletons and other Undead nasties waiting for paint. Back to the painting table...


corbechev said...

if it wasn't the length of north america away i would have gladly gone.

Boss Salvage said...

Sad to hear about the rough games, but congrats on your victories and for taking ogres in the first place. Also props to the scrappy for that first shot Valkia tag, that's epic stuff.

- Salvage

Randroid said...

Thanks. I love my Scraplauncher, makes me wonder how I ever got along without it!

Now to find a way to build a second one ...

inanecourage said...

Nice work. Good to see Ogres being competitive in a tournament setting. Not overly successful... but competitive all the same.