Monday, August 10, 2009

Battle Reporter - Inviting New Members!

I frequent many different WHFB related news sites and forums (probably too many if I am honest) but one site in particular has caught my eye as of late - Battle Reporter (aka Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming but I think Battle Reporter sounds cooler) .

In addition to having a fairly unique and interesting site, Battle Reporter also has a WHFB-centric forum. I think Sigmar (owner/founder of Battle Reporter) explains it best with the following comments:

Battle Reporter
Our members are amongst the best Warhammer Fantasy Bloggers you'll find online. We have new players to experienced veterans from all corners of the globe. Everyone is welcome. We have just one rule... be friendly.

We have expert painters and gamers who will happily share their ideas with you. Get involved and improve your game, your painting and your enjoyment of Games Workshop products.

Get your miniatures on our forum slideshow, give us your own tips, show us your army lists, share your battle reports and any other gaming projects you want to publicise. You can win karma, respect and rank just by being yourself !

We cover:

  • General Warhammer discussion
  • All Warhammer Fantasy Armies
  • Warhammer Rules Questions & Answers
  • Painting Competitions
  • Interactive Fantasy Roleplay games
  • Konrad's army builder project
  • Sigmar's Nautican Army list project
  • Miniatures trading
  • Wargame Clubs and a thread for meets
  • General chit-chat about anything on your mind

  • We are mainly a Fantasy Battle forum but we also cover 40k and have also recently added Battlefleet Gothic, Bloodbowl, Mordheim and Lord of the Rings forums.

    So, what's the catch? There is none, we're just enjoying ourselves!
    So there you have it! As long as you aren't a jerk, stop on over and check out the site and the forum. I have been made the Moderator for the Ogre Kingdoms sub-forum if it is OK-centric posts you are looking for. Don't let that stop you from giving it a go, I'll try and keep my other ramblings relagated to this site.

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