Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BoLSCon or BUST - 2,250pts of Ogres!

Surprise! Last minute convention attendance ho! I've decided to make my way out to BoLSCon this Saturday and Sunday here in Austin. I put together a somewhat competitive list based on the models I have the most paint on. I would have liked to take Skrag but I haven't even finished applying a base coat to the fat monster and I don't have the time to get him and the rest of the list fully painted by Saturday.

With this self-imposed "painted or mostly painted models only" restriction in place here is the list I will be taking with me.

LORDS: (316)
Tyrant – Heavy Armor, Luck Gnoblar, Sword Gnoblar x 2, Longstrider, Wyrdstone Necklace, Greedy Fist, Siegebreaker (316)

Longstrider is there to worry the Fast Cav and Knights that will threaten to harry my big block of Bulls, while Siegebreaker allows me to smash Steam Tanks and gets my Tyrant to the dreaded S7 chariot smashing territory. Greedy Fist is just too much fun - nothing like eating your opponent's high cost magic weapon or punching a wizard leevl or two out of an unlucky caster.

HEROES: (574)
Bruiser – BSB, Lookout Gnoblar, Heavy Armor, The Tenderiser (214)
Butcher – Gnoblar Thiefstone x 2, Skullmantle (180)
Butcher – Bangstick, Dispel Scroll (180)

Bruiser BSB and Thiefstone Butcher go in with the Bulls. I hate running the Bruiser with so little protection but hopefully his unit will have Trollguts or Toothcracker on it for some added protection.

The Bangstick Butcher will run behind the main block or the flanking Ironguts; popping out to blast away at choice Bangstick targets (mmm Fast Cav and Skirmishers). Debated dropping the Bangstick for a second scroll but hopefully the Thiefstone's MR2 will keep the main block safe from most magic leaving me 4 DD to counter other threats.

CORE: (779)
Bulls x 7 – Bellower, Champion (275)
Ironguts x 4 – Bellower, Champion (222)
Ironguts x 4 – Bellower, Champion (222)
Gnoblar Trappers x 10 (60)

Champions allow for randomization of hits for the magic and shooting attacks that will be flying my way. Hopefully all 4 Ironguts can make it into Close Combat as that is 13 S6 attacks - nothing to sneeze at even with a crappy WS of 3.

SPECIAL: (405)
Scraplauncher (165)
Leadbelchers x 2 – Champion (120)
Leadbelchers x 2 – Champion (120)

Same again here; Champs allow for randomization which is great as people just love to shoot at Leadbelchers! Assuming them survive they will be used on the Flanks - great and busting rank bonuses with their smaller frontage.

RARE: (175)
Slavegiant (175)

The big pincusion himself. 175 points of "Shoot me! Shoot me!" and if he makes it into combat against smaller things he is usually good for a laugh. I love the model, although this is one that still needs a lot of paint to be up to snuff for this weekend.

Total Points: 2,249 (of 2,250)
And there you have it - my BoLSCon list for better or worse. This list hasn't been approved as of yet but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be. I don't expect to win it all but I do expect to have some fun, get some pictures, and maybe win a prize or two. Comments, questions, and suggestions on the list are welcome and encouraged!

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Boss Salvage said...

I like the list a lot, and it's funny how similar it is to what I used to run - siegebreaker tyrant, bullstar, slavegiant ... I've since moved on to the tenderizer tyrant, though I've got the same butchers exactly as back up (with a hunter for fun, though frankly I'd really like a BSB at this point, can't roll Ld worth a damn).

Your champion idea is ACE, way smart way to try to get some more ogres into combat. Leadbelchers especially, I honestly didn't think there was a single reason to take a thunderfist!

- Salvage