Friday, August 28, 2009

Ogre Kingdoms "Gut Magic" Cards.

Came across these somewhere on the web but I can't recall where. My thanks to the creator of these Gut Magic cards themed after Magic the Gathering - they look nice and can really come in handy! Perhaps one day I will get around to printing these out and laminating them for use on the tabletop. For now here they are for my fellow Ogre Kingdom players - enjoy!


Sigmar said...

Nice find Randroid. Do you recall if the site had magic cards for all the other Warhammer Races or was it just Ogres.

Thanks for sharing,

Randroid said...

No, it was strictly Ogre Kingdoms but I think I have seen some for the base book Lores elsewhere.

Randroid said...

Here are the Warhammer base lore Magic Cards.

John said...

Ive also seen guys make up little cards detailing what each spell does that they can place with their units i.e., +2S use the big cards to cast spell, then place the other markers with each movement tray