Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vampire Counts - Black Knights in Progress.

Just a quick update to show the WIP on my 16 Black Knights. Spent the weekend assembling the last of them before they were based and primed. Also got my first unit of Skeleton Warriors based and primed as well. Now it is time for painting!

I mixed and matched bits from the Tomb King Horsemen, Skeleton Warrior, and Grave Guard sprues for these Black Knights. I like the lightly armored look they have. Hopefully they will look good next to the more heavily armored Blood Knights and Vamps in my army.

More WIP pictures to come as I slap paint on these bony bastards.


inanecourage said...

Nice work. Good to see you using actual undead models to make the Black Knights.

All I mostly see is poorly converted Bretonnian knights used as Black Knights. It's getting old quick.

Can't wait to see them all painted up.

Randroid said...

Thanks! I too grow tired of the Bret's converted into Black Knights.

One of our local players uses a mix of those and Skeletal Knights and it looks pretty good. I prefer to stick with the good ol Skeletons myself.

Trying to paint the horses to look slightly ethereal, mostly on the hooves and skull, as if they are coming out of or fading into another state.