Friday, August 14, 2009

Painted mounted Vampire Count pictures.

Well I finished this guy a few weeks back but didn't post it here as I entered it into a recent painting competition on the Ogre Stronghold.

Without further ado - two crummy pics of my first painted Vampire!

Click to make em bigger!

Overall I am pretty happy with how this guy turned out. This was my first time painting any "real" armor so I had to learn a few new techniques on the fly. You can't see it well in my picture but there is more layering/shading on the cloth around the base of the mount and on the cape. I may go back and add some additional highlights before I seal the model but otherwise this one is done!


John said...

Very nice mate. Muted colours look great and give it a solid look. Nice tidy base work as well

Randroid said...

Thanks for the comments. I find I like muted colors but I am trying to add more brightness to my models. Can't really see it in the pics but the vamp has a bright red blood colored gem on his front.