Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dogs of War - Gold and Glory Issue #2 out now.

Gold and Glory Issue #2 has just been released by the salty seadogs over at Dogs of War Online.

The first thing I notice in this issue was an ad for The New Slayer Brotherhood. Neat. I really need to work on my Slayer army. I have been thinking about crafting a Dwarf Army Book list that I can use my Slayer models for and the New Slayer Brotherhood forum gave me a few ideas in that regard. I'm sure you can expect to see more on that later...

As for the rest of the issue's contents - well it certainly isn't as polished as the Chaos Dwarfs Online webzine Word of Hashut. The article that I took the most interest in was the Ogre Tactica, but I can't say I was overly impressed with the content of this article. Honestly it did not seem like the author really knew all that much about the Ogre Kingdoms. It was basically a run down of the army book with very little "meat" and some of the content was factually incorrect. I am disappointed.

Overall the issue has a "novice" look and feel, which is appropriate given that it is the first issue for this new editorial staff (the first issue was done by Willmark from CDO/WoH). Some good information, a few pictures and armies, a tactica or two, and one really long battle report. The rest is filler (mostly ads). Hopefully the look and quality of this zine can increase in the months to come, but I worry - are there enough DoW players and fans out there to keep something like this interesting for long? Only time will tell I suppose.


inanecourage said...

Cool, I hadn't realised this was out. Downloaded it and had a look. I suppose you did technically warm me.

Because they have bothered to actually put time and effort into making an ezine, I applaude and congratulate them. But that is just me essentially giving them a 'Participation Award'. Every player gets one, no matter how appauling!

Randroid said...

Yes. I hope to see a little more polish in future issues. I would rather the issues come out with more delay and the quality be higher.