Saturday, August 15, 2009

1,500 point Dwarf "Slayer" list.

Shortly after I started collecting my Ogre Kingdoms army I went a little bit insane (I am not ashamed to admit that). I decided it would be an awesome idea to collect a Slayer army of Karak Kadrin from the Storm of Chaos. In 2008. When nobody still played with the list.

Seeing as I am the proud (and crazed) owner of about 1,500 points in pewter Dwarf Slayer models, and inspired by the discovery of the New Slayerbrotherhood, I thought now might be a good time to craft a "Slayer" army based on the Dwarf Army book. With a little imagination, and some help from my friend Thane Demolira, I have done just that! Here I present to you 1,500 points of Dwarf "Slayers".


HEROES: (316)
Thane - Great Weapon, Shield, Rune of Stone (76)
Thane - BSB, Strollaz's Rune, RoCourage, RoSanctuary (190)
Dragon Slayer (50)

The first Thane is my "Slayer" army general. He has a "Slayer" save, its not armor... honest! The BSB is my close approximation and making the unit of Longbeards (and the surrounding units) act a bit more like Slayers. Strollaz's Rune of "Look Snorri, Trolls!", MR1, and immunity to Fear and Terror. The actual Dragon Slayer is there just so I can take the second unit of Slayers. Maybe he will live near the Warriors behind the Longbeards.

CORE: (380)
Warriors x 11 - Shields, Musician (104)
Longbeards x 18 - Shields, Musician, Standard, MroGrugni (276)

"Warriors" are there to allow for the "Longbeards". All of these will be represented by Slayer models. The Longbeards are filling in for the Brotherhood of Grimnir and I have tried to approximate their special rules with the Banners of the BSB and the unit.

SPECIAL: (585)
Troll Slayers x 20 - Giant Slayer (235)
Troll Slayers x 20 - Giant Slayer (235)
Miners x 10 - Musician (115)

Slayers! The real ones (plus a unit of Slayer "Miners" who will drunkenly stumble on the board at some point). These will flank the unit of Longbeards to benefit from Strollaz and Grugni.

RARE: (219)
Long Drong's Slayer Pirates x 12 (219)

I would rather take the Goblin Hewer but that requires an additional Hero slot. Perhaps at 2,000 points (or as a counts as "Organ Gun"). Slayer Pirates are fun though, especially when you deploy them in a straight line of 12!

Total Points: 1,500 (of 1,500)

So there you have it - my first attempt at making a "real" Dwarf list that utilizes my collection of Slayer models. As a Dwarf list it is certainly lacking in some areas but I think it may still do well given the right situation and opponents.

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SC John said...

nice idea, I am looking at doing slayers with pirate models as thunderers as the core.