Saturday, January 2, 2010

Word of Hashut - Issue #7 sneaks out in time for the new year.

The twisted stunties over at Chaos-Dwarfs online have released their latest vile creation on the unsuspecting populace of 2010.

Future and former slave masters can find it here!

Overall this is a continuation of the last issue in terms of layout, with some really solid content throughout. The issue kicks off with an interview featuring two of the creative minds behind the recently released Dwarfs of Chaos IGT list, followed by two really interesting how-to articles, good looking minis, a grudgey battle report, rules development, and yet more awesome models. A good issue that doesn't drag on, leaving the reader wanting more. Kudos to the WoH team and I can only hope the Bellower looks this good after 7 issues!

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