Friday, January 22, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms - new army book rumors.

I am not one to normally put much stock in rumors but the word of a new book coming out for Ogre Kingdoms has been coming up quite a bit on the net recently.

Came across a few choice bits from WHFB regular tipster Avian that have me quite excited:

In a topic about what "quick fixes" the OK army needed:
"Well, at least they are getting a couple of improvements in the not too distant future."
After mention that a bump to toughness 5 would never happen:
"No indeed, but a lot of other things will happen, including a few things that sensible people have dismissed."
And when pressed for more details Avian leaves us with this:
"Look for better equipment, the option to fight in a new formation and significantly fewer restrictions."

"Shame about the changes to fear."

"I'm quite excited, both with regards to timing (though I'll have to juggle painting my chaos AND ogres while changing diapers) and the book contents. And the models."

Remember when the Ogre Kingdoms were new?

There has been word that the new OK book will hit sometime this year although a specific date has not been mentioned. With the advent of 8th edition (probably the reference to changes in Fear above) likely in July, and Orcs and Goblins with that release, it seems we could be looking at the end of the year.

There is also the possibility of May as there is currently nothing announced publicly for release after the Blood Angels book in April.

Only time will tell - but I am getting quite pumped up for new Ogre love. I'll leave you with a few other highly unofficial rumors:
"Feel free to drop a ship of salt on them as my source likes to mix facts with fiction when telling me this stuff but most should ring true."

"First of all there will be a new book this year. But don't hold your breath as we are looking towards the end of the year."

"Hunters will be able to take up to 4 sabretusks, this will let them break ranks. Also been told he will get the option for a giant cave bear style pet instead of sabretusks. The idea of being able to pull monsters towards himself after a successful shot was also brought up but he has no idea how far he will be able to pull it."

"Leadbelchers will have a unit champ who can shoot grapeshot when charged."

"Gut magic will get alot nastier. Did not say how."

"Big names will become like Vamp bloodline powers and not have to be taken from magic items allowance."

"Finally a vastly improved magic item list, with a few different banners worth taking. (Rumour of one that turns ward saves of any enemies in combat into reg saves)"


Anonymous said...

I would like to see the Hunter change. For an Ogre skilled in movement and taking down targets by himself, the rules just don't seem to cut it. The Hunter should be a menace to larger monsters like Giants and Stegadons, and even Hell Pit Abomonations.

This might get your heckles up, but I wouldn't lament the loss of Yhetees either. To me, they just seemed a bit forced into the list, like the designer knew what he wanted the unit to do, but not what it was. They just seem so ininspired and generic.

Randroid said...

It won't get my heckles up - I can't stand the Yhetees. I traded mine for a unit of Blood Knights last year.

A lot of the original book reads like a cool idea list that was quickly stomped on with needless rules and restrictions. If they keep the flavor and remove the restrictions/bump up a few units I think the book will be excellent.