Monday, January 11, 2010

Let the (Ogre) good times roll?

A bit of a random post today as I wanted to collect the Ogre related news and information I have into one post. It is all good news, something I don't mind getting more of!

First up - the new Waaaghcast episode is out. It is an Ogre Kingdoms army review episode featuring .... me! I've been listening to the show for a couple months now and when Joe and Chuck said they were looking for help to review the OK book I jumped at the chance to run my big mouth.

You can download the episode here or head over to the site for links and more information on the show. I have experience rambling on the airwaves but this is my first time on a podcast ... go easy on me (which starts at around 26 minutes in).

Second - I got my first ever (well second if you count 'Ard Boyz) tournament placement yesterday, coming in third at a fundraiser for Capital City Carnage. Three tough but fun games against three good opponents and placing third is probably the third best thing to happen to me this month. As a prize I took home a box of the old pewter Bloodletters which I actually quite like and I am sure they will find a home in either my Warriors or Beastmen armies (if and when I get those going).

If you are in or near the Austin area, or you are just looking for a really good WHFB event to attend, I highly recommend Capital City Carnage. It is a great tournament held in a big and comfortable location downtown in the heart of Austin, TX. I would love to come back and participate again this year but with my future being a bit ... open ended ... I doubt I can make that happen. Don't miss out like me!

Third but not least - a lot of positive feedback coming in for the first issue of the Bellower. As of yesterday the first issue had been downloaded 1,287 times and it also appeared on the WarSeer news page.

I've included a few bits of the feedback I have seen (and trust me the team takes it all into consideration):
Very well put together I must say. Wonderful artwork, great writing with a sense of humor, and I even loved the little adds for the other e-zines currently running. I think the best part was the ‘Ask Aunt Doreen’ section, much like a dear Abby, but really funny. There’s an original story inside, a look at one of the members armies, some pros and cons to Ogres and much more great material. The only thing I’d like to see more of or different would be a battle report (as common as they are) and some more modeling/painting advice or tutorials. Very well done guys, and I can’t wait to see the next one.

I haven’t really poked around the Ogre Stronghold but it looks like a well designed site, and from the intro of The Bellower, sounds like a wonderful community.
Something I always enjoy is reading the fanzines out there for various factions, or for any Warhammer experience, really. I've really liked reading The Stronghold's Bellower, an online magazine devoted to the hotness that is the Ogre Kingdoms. Check out the the almost 1200 point Special Character in there (with his mammoth), and some great artwork.

Babel Fish translation:
Graphically beautifully made, even if naturally in the file size settles, but contentwise it gives not as much, as most E-Zines (mostly however still more than the White Dwarf…). But they are in vain and worth a view for players of the army concerned at least.
Not sure what that means exactly but it sounds good?

So there you have it, three things which equal good times for me and my Ogres. I managed to get some painting done last week but it was mostly my Vampire Counts - expect some new pictures this week (if the sun comes out).


Helm said...

Hah, the other day I heard one of the episodes of the Waaagh cast where they were talking about someone they had in mind to talk about Ogres. Again, gratz on your placing!

Randroid said...

Thanks! Still not quite sure how that happened ... I scored max points for my losses though and I think your game coming up a draw had a lot to do with it.

It was fun though! Glad you came out, hope to see you at the other events in town before I move next month. Maybe we can convince some of the other folks to join in.

Next one is 1/23 and the team event is 1/30. Maybe we'll have to team up? That could prove interesting ...