Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Library announce new Warhammer Fantasy series - Warhammer Heroes.

I suppose this may be old news to those paying attention (or anyone who isn't me), but I just read about the new Warhammer Fantasy book series starting this year from Black Library. This new series is called "Warhammer Heroes" and the books in this series will feature stories written about some of WHFB's special characters. From the BL blog:

"The Warhammer World has the most incredible, rich history, full of wonderful heroes, villains and epic events. What better than to devote a whole series of books to characters we already know and love? But how will this series differ from Time of Legends, I hear you ask? Well, while Time of Legends deals with people and events that formed the Warhammer World, this new series focuses on contemporary heroes, characters who still stride the battlefields today, in our imagination, and as models on the tabletop."

"When we read Chris Wraight’s story Premonition, one of our short story competition winners way back in 2007, we knew we had found a very special talent. He has an intrinsic, sensitive understanding of the Warhammer background, he’s great at characterisation, and always comes up with good plots. Chris’s name was on our shortlist for authors to write for the Warhammer Heroes series, and when he sent us in his proposal – a set of stories about Ludwig Schwarzhelm, the Emperor’s Champion – we loved it. In fact, we thought it was so good that we decided it was perfect to launch the series with."

"The Empire army is the core of what Warhammer is about; knights are the core of the army; and special characters such as Ludwig epitomise the knightly ideal. Sword of Justice takes that special character and turns him into a living, breathing person, full of fire and glory; a dangerous man, a man who will never give up, who will never fail to discharge his duty to the Emperor and the Empire."

"The story of Ludwig, and his arch rival Kurt Helborg, will continue at a later point in Sword of Vengeance. The subject of the second novel in the Warhammer Heroes series could not be more different – Black Library stalwart C L Werner is penning the tale of Wulfrik the Wanderer, the exiled Chaos warrior."

Most exciting! While the first books sounds like it will be an enjoyable read I am far more excited to read a tale about one of my favorite Warriors of Chaos special characters Wulfrik the Wanderer. I also really like the new book design for this series:

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