Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Progress Report - Painted Vampire Counts models.

It has been awhile since I updated my poor blog with photos of painted models, and since I have been painting up a storm as of late I am here to rectify this problem! Behold! Painted miniatures!!

First up is my completed unit of Dire Wolves. I bought and painted 10 and I don't plan on buying or painting any more of these! I am not a fan of this model although they do look better with paint on them (of course).

I think they look pretty dead.

A slightly different angle to make out the gribbly bits better.

And for completion's sake - the moldering rears.

Those with a keen eye (or creepy randroid-centric blog memory) will notice the terrain under their rotting paws - that is a display board I recently threw together for my armies. I got tired of not having anything for the events I go to. This one is a sort of "neutral" rocky/grassy theme for all my WHFB armies. I need to sand and stain the edges but otherwise I consider it "done". I plan on adding army specific pieces of terrain that can be used as objective markers to make it look more "themed" for each force.

Next up we have six mostly finished Black Knights. They still need some highlights and the weapons and armor need to be dirtied up a bit but otherwise I consider them good.

Fear the undead skeleton dudes!!

The skeleton horses look a bit goofy.

I gave up on trying to make the horses look ethereal as it wasn't turning out the way I had hoped. I might go back and give it another try but for now it is on the back burner.

Speaking of ethereal...

One unit down, one to go.

For those who made it through the entire post I have one last picture - the WIP state of my Vampire on foot (one massive undead brute).

Not 100% sure what I am doing with this fellow. The shield in particular is giving me headaches but I am still throwing colors on the model. What do you think? Does it look decent?

I am working on some Zombies at the moment and after that it will be more Black Knights and Skeletons. The undead horde never ends!

Comments, critiques, kudos, and suggestions are welcome and encouraged as always.


Frogfu said...

Ethereal horses? I always see the "Blue or Green tinge" trick done, somewhat like the wraiths. If you wanted to get, "crafty" try adding little bits of tattered material to simulate ghostly barding remnants by the neck or other "classic" I am a ghost! kind of things.


Randroid said...

Well the test model I did was sort of a fade from bone to the blue/green of the Wraiths. It looked okay but it also looked a bit off.

I'm not gonna sweat it too much. I just want them to look good on the tabletop for the most part!

Anonymous said...

I am not a big fan of the blue/green horses, so I particularly like your standard bone coloured steeds.

The range of plastic undead horses really needs a revision. They are starting to look a bit dated.

Nice job on the painting, though.