Friday, January 8, 2010

Beastmen advance orders up on the GW site - new Beastmen sprues.

Well here we go - more Beastmen pics and info (this time it is official). From the GW site:

"There are a host of awe-inspiring new additions to the Beastmen range, which are all available to advance order from today.

Warhammer Armies: Beastmen is a 96-page army book with new background, rules, units and special characters. It replaces Warhammer Armies: Beasts of Chaos and - for the first time - shows the Beastmen as a completely stand alone army (just like Warriors of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos).

The Doombull and Gorebull are some of the mightiest leaders of the warherds. The Bloodcallers, Fathers of Rage, their blood-lust frenzy is so infectious that they pass it on to any unit they lead.

The Minotaurs are the shock troops of the warherd. Strong and tough with multiple Attacks, the sheer force of their charge inflicts damage on the enemy.

Ungors are spiteful, twisted beasts. What they lack in horns and stature, they make up for in malevolence, bitterness and cunning. Equipped with short bows they become Ungor Raiders, skirmishing and scouting ahead of the main herd.

Gors are the backbone of a Beastmen warherd. They form the bulk of any battleline, but their primal hunting instincts also mean that they can also flank, encirle and ambush the enemy during battle.

Bestigors are the biggest warriors of the Gor-herd, marrying heavy armour with double-handed axes to mighty effect.

Razorgors are the bigger, angrier cousins of the Tuskgor. Not only can they be used in herds to batter heavily armoured opposition, when harnessed to a chariot they become a truly fearsome weapon.

Ghorros Warhoof is a gnarled and ancient champion of the Centigors. The fact that he is renowned - even among Centigors - for his violent, drunken rages, is a sobering fact, indeed.

Malagor, the Dark Omen, Crowfather, Despoiler of the Sacred, Harbinger of Disaster. In a world riven by superstition, portent and Signs, Malagor is one of the most feared of the Beastmen - a living image of doom, damnation and the End of the World. His unholy magic power grows and grows throughout the battle spreading fear among his enemies and increasing the battle-frenzy of his allies."
Loads of pictures available on the GW site so be sure and check them out. Personally I am most interested in the new sprues so here they are! Click the image if you want to see the sprue larger and in more detail:

Minotaur sprue 1

Minotaur sprue 2

Minotaur sprue 3

Ungor sprue 1

Ungor sprue 2

Gor sprue 1

Gor sprue 2

Bestigor sprue 1

Bestigor sprue 2

Bestigor sprue 3

Disclaimer time - the above images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. I have used these without permission. Don't sue me!

So what do you think? One thing I have noticed is the massive price for some of the models. $40+ for the new Doombull!? What is it made of gold!?


Anonymous said...

Super high price for the doombull, I was thinking for a plastic model more like the $20's. At least it looks better than the minators.

Randroid said...

Is it plastic? That is even crazier!