Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Progress Report - mass delays due to mass effect.

Painting progress has slowed down due to the timely arrival of Mass Effect 2 and moving preparations. I signed a lease for a massive 2 story, 3 bedroom house (with attic and basement) - located directly between a huge old cemetery and an abandoned asylum. At least I have somewhere to live/store my models when I move!

I wanted to post something that would be appropriate for my new life as a " victim soon to be killed by the axe murdering pyschopath" so here are some pictures of my first Gorgerspawn!

I added the third arm, tail, and hook blade/tentacles. My Gorgerspawn (and Skrag) models come directly from the Great Maw which is close to/inside of the Chaos Wastes. Spending time there has given them a few ... additional features.

I didn't take any photos from the back of the Gorgerspawn but he has some growths sprouting from his shoulders. They look quite gross the way I have painted them. I love it! The victim on his base is the running man from the Giant sprue - slightly repositioned and repurposed (as lunch).

I also finished my first (of two) unit of Gnoblar Fighters. I had some help painting these from my missus. We went for the red shirts as an homage to the classic cannon fodder of Star Trek. I like the look of these guys all ranked up and painted and I might go back and give them some more detail and extra finish (right after I finish another unit of 20).

Aside from these two units I also completed a Paymaster Maneater model which I use as a Bruiser, and my one Ogre standard bearer. I will try to get pictures of those added as soon as the sun comes back out. I'm now working on my Skrag model, 20 more Gnoblar Fighters, touch ups for all my Ogres (especially the bases), and my Corpse Cart for the VC. Lots to do!

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