Wednesday, December 28, 2016

...on to the next - 2017 Gaming/Hobby Resolutions.


This year will be a year that goes down as a fairly bleak one overall. In stark contrast my personal life has been quite good! While I managed very (very) little gaming and hobby time I did accomplish quite a lot in my first year in a new job, made time for creating and playing music, started pursuing a degree in art/illustration, and the bit of gaming and hobby time I did manage to squeeze in was quite fun.

I didn't make any specific resolutions last year though I did have a few I kept to myself. They were:
  • Make time for games and have fun while you are doing it:
    Seems obvious but sometimes even doing the thing you like can seem like a chore or a bother if you are not in the appropriate frame of mind. This happens to me more often with RPG games.
  • Paint as many minis as you can and don't buy more:
    Well that was a fail. It is truly a disease. I have quite the collection of unpainted but assembled minis now and I intend to start cranking through them in 2017. I'm hoping my new painting setup will help.
  • Attend all three Blood Bowl majors:
    Done! I did average/bad at Zlurpee and Chaos Cup but quite respectable at Underworld with Ogres. Looking forward to next year with new players and teams/rules coming from GW!
This year I  have a couple goals/resolutions I would like to achieve:
  • Play games more regularly:
    I don't have a group of regulars I can pester into playing so getting games in requires a bit more arm twisting of friends and family. Hoping to get at least one solid game in each month of 2017. This seems achievable.
  • Paint at least one miniature to tabletop standard each week:
    Worst case I end up with 52 painted minis at the end of the year. I am leaving this open as I tend to bounce around on projects and I want to allow myself the freedom to paint what looks like the most fun and fulfilling project at any given time.

  • Don't buy more miniatures than you paint:
    Best case I won't buy any miniatures but I know that isn't likely to happen. If I can paint quickly I can buy more otherwise... no way. 

Also have plenty of school work, band time, work, and general life stuff to accomplish during the year but these three goals seem reasonable. Here's to the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017! 

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