Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year same as the old? - 2016 Hobby Resolutions.

Hi. Randroid here.

Not going to go line by line on all the resolutions I made last year and failed. Let's just say I could have done better.

2015 was quite an odd one for me. I did a lot of stuff and also did not do a lot of stuff. Big things of note:

- Started a new job at the end of 2014 and opened a new business early in 2015.
- Almost exactly one year after starting the new job I quit and began a different job at another employer.
- Started working on my own pizza business in between all that and sold quite a few at various places around my town and the response was good.
- Did not update this blog. Did not attend any gaming events (only 2 Bloodbowl tournaments and one of them was an event I co-run with Furry). Did not paint many models (haven't really painted any since August). Did not play any games (with the exception of a stalled out group for Mordheim and AoS Warhammer).
- Started a band with my better half.
- Broke my computer and have been without one for 6 months or so.
- Failed to continue my weekly metal radio show the Grind in the process. Stopped broadcasting online as well as at the local community station.

All of that could signal a bad time, and there were bad times involved, but overall it was a year of building and getting things in order. Gaming is a huge priority for me still and one I want to have in my life but my previous job schedule kept me from having much of a social life (getting up at 4am daily tends to do that).

So on to 2016!

I still don't have a computer but I hope to remedy that in the next month or so. Most of my "extra" funds were going to musical equipment but we have what we need for our band now so that should slow down.

I have tons of models and games to play! Working on getting a bi-weekly RPG game rolling with some old gaming co-horts and I am really excited to pick that back up. Also have several new games I want to find time to learn and play.

So how does this blog fit into all of that? Not sure quite yet but I will keep posting here as much as I am able and desire to do so. Hopefully you'll stick around and if not... best of luck to you all in 2016 and beyond!!!

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