Sunday, December 4, 2016

Progress Report 12/4/16 - Pestilence spreading

Picked up a large base for my new GUO and decided to purchase the Start Collecting box of Skaven Pestilence as well. Why? Probably some form of illness I have that has me buying and building and priming miniatures instead of painting or playing with the ones I already own. Also I have always wanted to collect and paint them and have been waiting for a reason. That reason is here with my AoS Nurgle force! What better allies could a pox spewing rat man ask for??

Plague Monks with some Nurgle bits added.
Plague Monks with more normal (and a few other) bits.
And the rest of the staff wielding Plague Monks. 
I haven't touched the Plague Furnace or Plague Claw Catapult yet but I look forward to seeing what comes of building those. I'll likely magnetize the rats to use off of the warmachines as well. After I built these 20 Plague Monks I remembered I had a treasure hidden away in an old blister pack...

Plague Lord Skrolk 
The lovely Plague Lord Skrolk! No idea when or where I got him but I love the look of this mini. It's all ratty, nurgl(itch)y, and just oozes character. Looking forward to painting him up! Next purchase will be some Censor Bearers which I also really want to paint. This time around I purchased the last Nurgle named hero I didn't currently own:

Based him on a bigger base so I could use him as a Blight King or Nurgle Lord/etc. Pretty creepy sculpt! I'll have to be in a particular state of mind to paint this one up. Speaking of creepy things to paint I managed to get the big boss man put on a base as well:

Who you GUO call?
I was thinking of adding some more loud "NURGLE" bits to him but decided I liked the gross simplicity of this Max Mini sculpt. You can see he is quite the big boy (Plague Monk added for scale) and he is a solid chunk of resin as well. Good for self defense if you need to knock someone on the head during or after a game I guess. Speaking of knocking heads check out these bad ass ladies I also got from Max Mini for use in TNT:

Do what the say and nobody will get hurt (much).
I  may still add a few bits and details to make them more "Wasteland" looking but overall I am very please with their look. Thinking about using them for an all female Raider warband with a few others from my collection.

That's it for now! Hoping to get paint on a few minis this week in between classes and working but if not this week I have a bit of time coming up for the holidays and plan on getting a lot of productive painting completed on my many projects. 


Paul O'G said...

That illness which demands figure purchases is quite common actually!

Randroid said...

I was afraid it might be!