Sunday, December 11, 2016

Progress Report 12/11/16 - Rats Ahoy!

You want rats? I'll give you rats....

First up we have the Plague Catapult. What could make a catapult better? How about slinging some rotting remains and plague goo at your enemies! Fun for all ages and historically horrifying to boot!  

This plague goo ain't gonna shovel itself!
Old ratty half skull knows a thing or two about contagion. 
But why be content with just standing back and slinging plague and contagion at your enemies when you can roll right up and start slinging it around on a giant rusty death trap full of crazed plague addled fanatics?! Get the latest and greatest in putrescence with this thing!

Clever rat-like viewers will notice the Plague Priest is missing from the front of this engine of war and that is intentional. I put him on a base so he can run around with his other half dead friends while having a grand old time. Speaking or grand times... who doesn't like bits and leftovers for conversions?

I wanted a menacing and slightly goofy Rat Ogre to throw in the mix. Gave him a big censer to swing around and a comically sized gong/banner so he feels important and powerful among the smaller rat folks he is surrounded by. Will probably use him as a counts-as Plague Censer Bearer. 

More leftover bits! These mostly come from the Screaming Bell things left on sprue with a few other Skaven and Nurgle additions. I wanted a crazed Plague Priest surfing on a flaming pit of contagion and warp stone and by golly now I have one! 

And last but certainly not least we have the Plague Priest from the cart. He's too cool looking to simply stay glued to any one warmachine/mount so here he is stuck to a base for painting. Him and all of his buddies from this post (and the previous one) are primed and awaiting paint. And paint they will get! As soon as I determine how I want my rats to look... more on that soon! 

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