Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year (Hobby) Resolutions 2013.

End of year time! Last day of vacation time! Time to sit down and look at this year in review and throw out some (random) resolutions for the next year. So first let's see how I did this year on the resolutions I made in January 2011.
  • Update the Bellower blog with "real" content at least once a week all year - FAIL
    I think I updated the blog maybe 10 times all year. So sad! So much potential but I am busy maintaining this blog as well as my metal blog for the Grind. I guess two blogs at a time is my limit. I want to contribute but not be the person who runs the whole thing. Hope someone in the Ogre Kingdoms community wants to step up and take a crack at it! *hint hint*
  • Finish painting all of the Blood Bowl teams I have started - WIN/FAIL?
    Well I took a stab at it and probably would have gotten them all done if I had started a bit earlier in earnest. I "finished" my Chaos, new Necro/Undead/Human (wasn't on the list at the start of the year), Khemir (also not on list), and most of the Lizardmen but not the Orcs. Both the LM and Orcs are teams I want to look really nice and I stopped painting both earlier in the year when I realized my skill level wasn't high enough yet to get the results I wanted. I feel better about tackling them now so that is a success! Plus now I have a bunch of teams to choose from for both league and tournament play. So it's a mixed bag but mostly good.
  • Play some WHFB somewhere, somehow - WIN?
    I managed to get exactly two games in this year. The FLGS I was playing at really fell apart and wasn't fun to play at. I have a friend who wants to play, and there was a local escalation league going, but I just couldn't get my arse up to play. 8th has let me down a bit but I am feeling the urge growing again. I expect I will play a couple games this year and maybe even paint some unpainted models from my huge (and growing) collection!
  • Attend as many Blood Bowl tournaments as possible - WIN
    Was able to attend 7 NAF tournaments this year, two of which were large two day events. Felt like I was playing almost every month! Certainly more in with the BB scene now and it feels good to go to tournaments/events and see your friends even while you lose game after game after game.
  • Paint more models then you buy - WIN?
    I bought more models but I painted almost all of them. Not counting that insane Reaper Bones KS I got into (like you probably) I think I did alright. I did buy new VC stuff that sits unopened under my painting table...
Well done Randroid... you've pleased the giant skull cloud this year.
Here is a list for this year:
  • Update this blog at least twice a week all year: Been getting into the habit of posting almost daily while on vacation and I have found it helps inspire me to do more, paint more, and want to play more. Of course it's easy to say that when you don't have the time and energy suck of a 50+ hour work week waiting for you every day. Still... a goal worth pursuing!
  • Finish painting all of the Blood Bowl teams I have started: Lizardmen and Orc teams gotta get done. Also have a Dwarf team in route from a KS campaign. That's all I have on my table at the moment but I have been thinking I "need" some sort of "elf" team to represent Wood Elves and Dark Elves (the only ones I would ever consider playing ever... don't look at me that way I HATE ELVES)
  • Play some WHFB somewhere, somehow: Just for fun. Want to keep it going since I have thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of my time and money put into the damn game! Plus it is fun?? And new WoC book might help get me motivated too. 
  • Attend as many Blood Bowl tournaments as possible: 7 this year so I need to attend at least 7 again this year. First one coming up is my very own local tournament the Dog Bowl in Feb! Then Headbangers, then ....
  • Win an award in Blood Bowl league or tournament play: Going to try not to play terrible teams all the time so hopefully I can place or win some kind of award. This year I won a couple wooden spoons and also MOST BRUTAL but I would love to get a painting award or place somewhere in the top three at an event. We'll see... 
  • Complete 12 monthly painting pledges at the Ogre Stronghold: This "new" forum tradition seems to be coming along nicely. I finished about 75% of my pledges this year but I want to get 100% this next year!
All in all that seems pretty doable. Notice I removed the "paint more models" resolution. That's because of the Reaper Bones KS miniature BOMB that is going to drop on me. No way I can or want to get those all painted. Well I can't do much worse than I did last year, but that is still a pretty intense list. The focus is really on painting and playing games so it shouldn't be too hard to get done. We'll see how I fare when we review this again next year! What do you hope to achieve in your new year of hobby?


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Well I think those figs stand for themselves - attended 7 Tournies and got a Most Brutal, plus all those teams you finished? Big wins in my book! And the pics of you having fun at those tournies were awesome :-)

Best wishes for 2013 mate

Randroid said...

Thank you sir! Best wishes to your and yours for 2013 as well!

Looking forward to getting more games in with friends from all over the US and the globe!