Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beer Review - Unity Vibration Triple Goddess Ale.

New Brew Thursday! This time we have a local "brew" from the archives - a cross between kombucha and beer. Woah.

Unity Vibration - Triple Goddess Ginger

Beer Type: American Wild Ale

Appearance: 22oz brown bottle with a "Unity Vibration" logo on a die cut label. "Beer" poured a hazy pale yellow color with no head but plenty of carbonation.

Smell: Spicy ginger and some mild lemon aromas, plus the sweet and sour smell of kombucha. 

First Drink: Very tart and a little sour like kombucha. Not getting as much of the spice from the ginger as was present in the aroma.  

Mouthfeel: Very sticky with lots of carbonation. Not something you will be able to slam. Reminds me a bit of sparkling wine or champagne.  

Last Drink: A lot more kombucha flavor coming though now with the ginger bringing up the back.  

Drinkability: Not really sure? If you are in the mood for a kombucha and you also want to get a bit drunk then this is the drink for you!

Notes: This is brewed here in Ypsilanti, MI. Unity Vibration makes some higher alcohol level kombucha as well. I like their "beer" better I think.   

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5. Something different, and something local. Can't really complain. I think the beer elements of this brew could be amplified a bit.  

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